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Create your own personal WiFi Access point on the go. This amazing USB WiFi Repeater controls any RadioLabs USB WiFi Antenna for RV or Marine. Newly redesigned 300 MBPS WiFi speeds, create your own instant personal Access Point. Simply plug your RadioLabs RV or Marine WiFi Antenna into the front of the repeater, connect with any WiFi enabled laptop, phone or tablet, scan and select your desired WiFi Signal at the campground or marina, and enjoy high power, long range WiFi signal in the comfort and privacy of your own RV or boat. Share your signal with up to 200 or more devices, either hardwired, or simple WiFi connection. Works on any RadioLabs USB WiFi Antenna for RV, and can instantly program with any tablet, phone, laptop or PC. Rugged CNC Machined chassis, 12v connect, instant plug and play and hotswap USB port, is a fantastic redesign of our original USB WiFi Repeater, just highly refined. New user interface, added antenna and universal power makes this the best WiFi solution for RVs and boats on the market, period!

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RV WiFi Extender – USB Repeater for RadioLabs USB Antennas

After 10 years on one of the most successful and significant designs ever in the RV or Marine WiFi Market, RadioLabs has finally given our famous USB WiFi Repeater a complete and much needed face-lift. The original USB WiFi Repeater we invented back in 2007, gave our customers the ability to repeat the signal captured by our USB WiFi Antennas for RV or Marine to share their WiFi Signal with multiple devices. Simply plugging the USB Connector from our antennas, into this beautiful CNC machined aluminum repeater, instantly re-broadcasts and shares your internet connection with as many computers, tablets, cellphone or any WiFi enabled device.


  1. Instant plug and play any RadioLabs WiFi RV or Marine USB Antenna
  2. Software instantly recognizes and controls the WiFi Antenna
  3. Auto-opening interface, redirects browser to window for setup. much simpler than previous design.
  4. 10x faster wireless speed. New 300mbps interface, plus, no limit broadband, guarantees much faster speeds than original WiJacker
  5. Upgraded circuit board, allows faster internet, video streaming and maximizes USB Re-Broadcast transmission.
  6. New redesigned, Billet Aluminum chassis, radically improves performance and heat sink, as well as 100% shielding away from critical components.


RadioLabs was the first company in the WiFi industry to design a weatherproof and rugged antenna for the RV market. customers always experienced long distance WiFi connections on the go. However, due to the USB nature of these antennas, the internet connection could only be  used with one single laptop or computer. Due to a tremendous request to allow more than one internet connection off of our antenna, RadioLabs developed one of the most popular products in our inventory, the original USB WiFi Router / Repeater. Customers loved this device and at the time, it was an amazingly fast WiFi sharing tool, and we were far ahead of the curve. Now, a decade later, technology changes, as well as demand for streaming video, cellular connect and people’s dependency on the internet in our daily lives, broadband speeds at most RV Parks and Marinas has slowly increased. To keep up with the ever-changing technology, RadioLabs has completely redesigned this amazing WiFi Repeater, to increase the speed, the maximum number of users, as well as the entire interface. All of the small customer requests over the years have been fulfilled in what can only be described as a Brand new leap in RV or Marine WiFi Technology.

Connects to all RadioLabs USB WiFi Antennas

If you have any of our USB WiFi Antennas, whether it’s the CaptiFi RV / Marine WiFi Antenna, (USB) The WaveRV – RV / Marine USB Antenna, the WaveXL – Long Range USB WiFi RV / Marine antenna, o2Connect USB Directional WiFi antenna, or even some of our USB High Power WiFi Cards, this USB Repeater will allow you to fully control the USB antenna, and “steer” it right to the internet connection you want, then share it with your whole family. This repeater, turns 1 single internet connection, into as many as you wish.

Note: This Repeater is not required for use with RadioLabs new ULTRA Series, Ethernet WiFi Antennas for RV or Marine

Connect your Video Security cameras, TVs, all computers, phones, literally anything that requires and internet connection, can hook-up to our new USB WiFi Router/Repeater in mere seconds. Supplies your own, custom, secure WiFi broadcast signal, and top level WPA2 WiFi Security, as well as a hard-wired ethernet connection on the back, for Playstation, XBox, Smart TV, Hulu, Kodi, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or anything that does not have a WiFi card and requires an internet connection but hooks up to internet through a cable. Customers are even using our amazing WiFi Antennas and Repeater to connect to their Family’s internet router or WiFi when visiting and our system will supply internet to our customer’s entire RV.

This NEW USB WiFi Router / Repeater, is an amazingly simple, high performance access point, which controls any of RadioLabs USB WiFi Antennas, allows you to easily select individual access points or WiFi Connection from our interface, all within a simple browser window.  In just 2 simple steps on any Tablet, Cell Phone, Laptop or computer, regardless of operating system, you can administrate and connect to any WiFi Access point you desire in seconds. New, simple, easy interface, quickly opens your browser for you even, to allow simple control. With zero experience in WiFi, following our simple 3 steps, can log in, configure and control this newly designed interface in seconds. All the customer recommendations over the years, have been addressed, and we’ve added these features into this flawless new design. To top it off, the USB Repeater can be used from any 12v or 110VAC power source, and our repeater powers our antennas.

Describing this amazing product is simple. First, think of our USB WiFi Antennas, as simply an internet connection coming into your building. Attach our antenna to your RV or Boat, then run the USB Cable inside. Next, think of our USB WiFi Router / Repeater (The Wijacker V2) as the Router in your home. The only difference, is that our system obtains the signal via WiFi, then re-distributes this signal via WiFi. Since you don’t want to run a cable internet connection to your RV, nor is it practical, we must connect to the internet via a single WiFi connection.

To perform this function, it’s simple. Our Custom, long range high power RV and Marine WiFi USB Antennas, have a cable coming out of them. You route this cable into your RV, then simply plug it into the USB port on the front of the USB Repeater. Next, we must connect a device to this USB WiFi Repeater, to be able to log in and control the antenna. Special software has been written, which allows you to control the antenna, connect to a distant WiFi Signal, select it, enter a password if necessary and connect our USB WiFi Antenna system to this signal. Last, this USB WiFi Repeater system becomes a WiFi router (Access Point) and broadcasts your own personal signal inside of your RV, allowing you to connect all of your WiFi enabled devices to the repeater.

This system allows you to do the following:

  1. Plug into a power source, either 12 volts, or the supplied 110 VAC power adapter.
  2. Plug any RadioLabs USB WiFi Device into the port on the front of the USB WiFi Repeater
  3. Next, connect your cellphone, tablet, laptop to the USB WiFi Router/Repeater through a WiFi connection
  4. Open any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc)
  5. Enter an IP Address (this now happens automatically in most cases)
  6. Log into the USB WiFi Repeater (this happens automatically in most cases as well)
  7. Select the option to control the USB WiFi Antenna in the utility.
  8. Scan for surrounding Access Points – This is a one button function, to automatically find all available RV or Marine WiFi access points or any hotspot.
  9. Once Selected, you simply enter a password if applicable or it will automatically connect.
  10. Connect all your WiFi enabled devices to this wonderful little local access point and surf the web, watch videos, or whatever your heart desires on the internet.

Will This WiFi USB Repeater work with my older RV/Marine WiFi antenna?

Upgrading from a previous Gen1 USB Repeater? If you purchased your antenna from us, since 2016, yes, this is a direct drop in replacement for your original single antenna USB Repeater. Simply plugs in to your original antenna. Easy way to tell if your antenna is compatible. Original BLUE model antennas that are compatible, will have engraving on the side, with the model of the antenna engraved into the side. If your WiFi antenna from RadioLabs is engraved, this new, much faster 

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


1 review for USB WiFi Router Repeater – Marine – RV WiFi

  1. davr101 (verified owner)

    Excellent router. Easy to set up and use and very reliable. Just finished a 4000 mile, 8 state trip and used it everywhere we went. Can’t go wrong with this router.

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