CaptiFi || High Power RV – Marine WiFi Antenna kit – with Repeater


The best, complete, WiFi Antenna System for your RV or Boat. The popular CaptiFi Ultra, USB Antenna, has incredible range, blazing fast speed and the ability to connect to signals at far distances that our competitor’s antennas only dream of achieving. This powerful yet compact antenna, coupled with RadioLabs new WiJacker v2  repeater system, achieves speeds and long distance connection to remote WiFi signals never thought possible. This kit includes the CaptiFi USB WiFi Antenna, the new WiJacker v2 USB WiFi Repeater, our universal rugged Marine Antenna Mount and a 16ft extension cable giving you a robust, powerful WiFi system. You’ll never have to install any software. System is 100% Plug and Play

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Long Range WiFi RV / Boat Antenna – USB Antenna with WiFi Repeater Kit

RadioLabs remarkably high power RV/Boat WiFi System, allows you to connect to any public or private WiFi within a massive radius. RadioLabs has engineered and manufactures the highest power, robust WiFi solution, allowing you to connect to any WiFi Access Point, and rebroadcast the signal inside of your RV or Boat, at full speed. Newly redesigned USB WiFi Repeater system, controls the antenna, and allows you to connect to any public access point, even miles away, and establishes a dedicated, private access point while travelling. New repeater system is faster than ever. One single USB Connector, allows our customers to power, control and connect in one simple step, using a cell phone, tablet or PC. No software is ever required, because everything you need is inside of our repeater.

RadioLabs – CaptiFi – USB WiFi Antenna – With new Wijacker v2 Repeater Kit

The NEW CaptiFi USB / WiJacker V2 USB Repeater kit allows you to connect to a distant wireless network/access point, and rebroadcast your own private WiFi network into your home, RV, or boat. Setup is a breeze, and the performance is world-class!

The most popular WiFi System for RVs and Boats

New CaptiFi Gen 3, High Power WiFi Antenna – With new WiJacker v2, USB WiFi Repeater

RadioLabs new and improved CaptiFi Gen II, the highest power, speed and output available. Our latest 3rd Generation Antenna system, connects at B/G/N speeds, in a fully weatherproof, purpose built WiFi Antenna system. RadioLabs is the only manufacturer, who incorporates a 100% weatherproof, fully encapsulated design, incorporating the most sensitive, high power USB Module into a rugged, well tested design. Our antenna provides up to 150 MBPS wireless throughput, and our USB Repeater, rebroadcasts this signal at a blazing fast 300MBPS networking speed. This is much faster wireless speed capabilities than the RV parks or Marinas even allow their guests to connect at. However, in the last few years the demand for streaming video, larger websites, FAST gaming and all internet activities has increased. The RV parks and Marinas have all provided more bandwidth to their customers. RadioLabs had realized this huge demand for bandwidth a couple of years ago, and in response, we fully redesigned the CaptiFi, 3rd generation antenna, as well as our WiFi USB Repeater system to give our customers huge bandwidth never before seen in the industry.

RadioLabs is proud to introduce the simplest kit available to repeat any WiFi signal, turning a public hotspot into your own private wireless network. Sets up in minutes. There’s simply nothing like it on the market. We see time and again, our competition using off the shelf items, throwing it together with a mass of cables, wires, home-built brackets and oddball antennas, taking low cost consumer based items, and trying to sell it as a kit. RadioLabs has never done this. We have very high quality machining here and we purpose build every antenna for one specific purpose.. keeping our customers connected while traveling, without having to worry about water leaks, destruction from the sun, cheap cables that aren’t UV grade and a system designed and built so well, that our WiFi Circuitry, cables and CNC machined hardware lasts longer than most customer’s own their RV or Boat. Customers call us all the time, who bought their RV second hand, and they’re using our antenna and repeater. We hear all the time that our antennas and repeater systems still look like brand new! Nothing makes us happier as a company than to hear our antennas are used by customers for well over a decade and it’s still performing like new! 

WiFi – Designed for RV and Marine applications – Rugged, Waterproof and FAST!

RadioLabs has been in this industry since 2002. We were literally the first company to develop a specifically designed WiFi system for RVs. Just a year later, we made a significant design change, and decided the Marine industry was just as important as our RV customers. At that point, we went to the drawing board, and developed a completely weatherproof antenna, that allows for the fastest connection speeds, but our antennas needed to not only have a strong signal, but also needed to be designed to handle full time outdoor weather, salt water, thrashing around on the deck of a sailboat 1000 miles offshore. We know the demands of our customers and designed all of our travel antennas, to not only provide a powerful, long range WiFi connection to the RV park or Marina, but also be brutalized outdoors for years. We custom design, machine and build all of our antennas in the United States and this allows us to control every aspect of our Quality control. Even the anodizing we use on our antennas, is designed to last decades, keeping the quality machined aluminum in excellent shape for years, even in the harsh salt water environment. 

Interested in trying our best selling USB WiFi Router Repeater, but don’t know where to start? Well now, RadioLabs has brought our two premiere products together into one kit. The CaptiFi USB Antenna has proven to be the most reliable and compact marine antenna, and pairing it with our USB WiFi Router Repeater allows anyone to set up their own personal hotspot.
Works on ALL operating systems, even cell phones, tablets.. anything WiFi enabled!

4 simple steps to surf the web seamlessly on your own independent WiFi Network:

  1. Plug in the CaptiFi antenna to the USB Repeater.
  2. Locate and Capture the desired public or private WiFi signal.
  3. Name SSID of your own personal Access Point ex: “Bobs House”
  4. Surf the web on your own 100% independent network!

The USB Router Repeater works by bringing in distant wireless signals through a USB antenna, then re-broadcasting those signals so local devices can connect. This allows phones, tablets, laptops, and virtually any other WiFi enabled device to receive a strong and consistent signal without having to each have their own powerful antenna.

The CaptiFi USB Antenna has stood the test of time and strength by being one of our most reliable weatherproof antennas. It can stand up to frozen rain, broiling sun, high winds and still be a highly reliable long distance wireless solution. At distances of up to 1 mile, the CaptiFi outperforms most any standard consumer wireless card.

The CaptiFi uses a 1 inch standard threaded marine base, making it simple to attach to any boat or RV. The 15 foot attached cable then plugs directly into the USB Router Repeater and with simple set up through the installed firmware, repeat any signal as your own personal, private WiFi gateway.

There are no software or drivers required to setup and use the USB Router Repeater, just a computer with a standard web browser installed. The Easy Setup configuration tool connects the USB Router Repeater to an access point, then allows you to set security and a personalized name for your hotspot.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 10 × 4 in


Model # USBCAP
– CaptiFi USB Wifi Antenna-
Bus Type USB Version 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus)
Maximum USB Cable Length 31 feet with Active USB Extension Cable
Wireless Standard 802.11b, 802.11g – Super G
Operating Frequency 2400 to 2484 MHz
Data Rate

802.11g – 54Mbps to 11Mbps 802.11b – 11Mbps to 1Mbps

Modulation DSSS (Direct Sequence
Spread Spectrum) & OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing)
Operating Power 5.0V (USB Only)
Average Current 355 mA
Peak Current 500 mA (USB Compliant)
Transmit Power (EiRP)

1200mW (31dBm)

Receive Sensitivity -88dBm (typical) at 11Mbps
-96dBm (typical) at 1Mbps
Working Range Outdoor: Up to 1500’ (450m)
@11Mbps, 3960’ (1km) or farther, condition dependent @
Security WPA, WPA2 and 64/128-bit WEP (Wired
Equivalent Privacy) Encryption
TKIP & AES Pre-Authentication
Antenna 8dB External Commercial
grade Omnidirectional
Antenna. Anodized CNC Aluminum
Antenna Vertical Beamwidth 35 degrees
Antenna Horizontal Beamwidth 360 Degrees
Operating Temperature -20 deg C to 45 deg C
Storage Temperature -30 deg C to 70 deg C
Humidity 10-95%, Non-Condensing
Dimensions 9.5” x 3/4” x 2.0” (241mm x 19
mm x 51mm)
Weight 1 lb. 3 oz.
Color White/Blue
Certifications FCC
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer warranty



  • The only adapter / antenna combination that will work on any computer; MAC, PC (with any version of windows) or even Linux
  • Automatic gain control to minimize the signal distortion on all access points
  • Over 30dBm (1000mw) EIRP!
  • 5-Volt power supplied via USB PC connector
  • Industry standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector. Works with USB 2.0
  • Sturdy one-piece aluminum/ABS Plastic construction
  • Hardwired 15 foot USB cable
  • Software CD included for PC and Mac


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The CaptiFi – High Power RV Marine USB WiFi Antenna


The CaptiFi – The Single best RV / Marine WiFi Solution available
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