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The NEW CaptiFi Ultra, Ethernet WiFi antenna not only has the high power and long range our customers have learned to enjoy from all RadioLabs antennas, but is now 10x faster, easier to use, and no software to install on any device, ever. Our CaptiFi Ultra, is a fully weatherproof high power design, with integrated Ethernet design, allowing for the maximum throughput of 150 MBPS, simple Power Over Ethernet and full 12 VDC or 110 VAC compatibility.

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The Ultimate WiFi RV – Marine Antenna – CaptiFi Ultra

The New CaptiFi Ultra antenna, will give you the same bandwidth and throughput in your RV or boat, as connecting straight to the Access Point, for streaming live video, Netflix, Kodi and even the most demanding video streaming website. The CaptiFi Ultra, provides straight through internet connection, without delay, getting the most throughput of any WiFi system on the market.

Connect easily through our new ethernet interface, allowing for instant connectivity while travelling. Our new processing speed allows for direct connect to our interface, no software hassles, and instant connectivity to any WiFi signal, whether through a paid service, or right to free internet services, the CaptiFi Ultra treats all internet access points the same, then creates your own private sub-network on the go. Run unlimited amount of WiFi devices off our internal access point, one easy connection interface and even saved access point log, to instantly connect and activate older saved access points you’ve connected to in the past immediately.

RadioLabs knows wifi. In 2002, RadioLabs was the first company, to introduce any form of a WiFi RV or Marine antenna to the industry.
In fact, we developed our original WaveRV WiFi RV antenna at a time where there were no USB WiFi dongles on the market. The original WaveRV USB WiFi RV Antenna, was the first of it’s kind, with unmatched power, excellent speed and a revolutionary design, which has been highly refined over the years. Today’s line of RV WiFi and Marine products from RadioLabs, are simply unmatched. Numerous videos on YouTube and around the web, show range and results of our products, reaching over 5 miles in congested cities, and we often have customers call who are getting greater than 8 miles coverage.
RadioLabs has continuously improved on our incredible design over the years, and fine-tuned our RV and Marine WiFi antennas, to the point where we simply couldn’t perfect it any further.. so what do we do? Make a new, simpler, higher performance model.

Introducing the CaptiFi Ultra RV WiFi RV Antenna!

The NEW CaptiFi Ultra, is a new, 150 mbps, complete wireless solution, utilizing “Smart WiFi” technology, allowing for the simplest interface possible in the wifi industry. Our newest programming, requires NO SOFTWARE INSTALL, and literally works with any wifi enabled device that includes a browser.

Simple connect, guarantees the fastest possible throughput, with no overhead, lag and a minimized reboot cycle. Our new IP Structure works right out of the box.
Our new Localized Access Point, works off of either 12 volts, or, easy plug and play with the included 110 VAC power adapter, giving you the flexibility to work right off of your RV or Marine battery, allowing you to operate while traveling. This new interface, completely operates off of CAT-5 Ethernet connection, allowing power, plus data to make it’s way out to the CaptiFi ultra, delivering power right where you need it.

  • Simple, Fast, Ultra Long-Range connection
  • No Software to install – EVER
  • Fully 12 Volt compatible – Runs on 110vAC or 12vDC
  • Works on any WiFi device with a browser – Smart Phone, Tablet, PC or MAC, or Linux.
  • Easy browser connect and select wifi system, makes it easier than ever for long range wifi
  • Ethernet wiring, allows for up to 330 ft of Ethernet cable
  • Built-in Power Over Ethernet design, allows flexibility on installation.
  • Pre-Encrypted – Users do not have to install anything. Simply type in Pre-Configured password.
  • No accidental connection loops – Smart Programming design, keeps users from connecting to repeater
  • The very best WiFi system developed for any type of travel –
  • 25 Ft. Pre-Wired cable, allows users to route cable inside, then use Ethernet coupler to extend cable up to 300 feet farther if needed, to literally get wifi into any area.
  • Works on all Public and private WiFi systems, delivering long range power and connectivity.

Our new, completely weatherproof, cable-free design, allows for a direct interface with the antenna, allowing for high speed wireless communications with the CaptiFi Ultra.

You can literally connect to any open wifi system, public or private, and RadioLabs new CaptiFi Ultra, complete wifi system, will instantly create your own private, secure local network, allowing our system to act identical to your home or business network. In a nutshell, we take any remote wifi signal, bring it in, and make the incoming wireless signal act identical exactly like you ran cable or DSL internet right into your RV or boat from home.

Waterproof RV and Marine WiFi Antenna

The CaptiFi Ultra, is the latest example of how far RadioLabs has gone to ensure your antenna stays dry inside and keeps water, especially salt water out of the antenna and off critical components, like the circuit board, antenna port and other areas which need to remain perfectly dry! Our antennas are designed for use in Yachts, commercial and sport boats, as well as RVs, which stay outside year-round. We have gone beyond our normal level of waterproofing. As an example, the top of the antenna isn’t just sealed from moisture by a simple o-ring. Nope, our custom CNC design, has not one seal, but 5 waterproof seals inside the top assembly alone, keeping the entire top of the antenna sealed from moisture.

Proven WiFi reliability and Excellent range!

The new CaptiFi Ultra, long range WiFi RV – Marine Antenna Kit, is not a new concept. Our famous CaptiFi USB version, has not only set the standard for long range wifi connections, but now, with longer range.

RadioLabs has been specializing in high power, long range WiFi kits for both RV and Marine use since early 2002. We not only specialize in it, we developed the market, giving tens of thousands of boaters and RVers the best possible WiFi range and connectivity not only inside RV parks and Marinas, but allowing high speed stable connections, line of sight up to 8 miles with our long range extended kits, to high power access points.

Back in 2002, when we developed the first ever, USB WiFi antenna, and the first design ever introduced for the RV and Marine industry, USB dongles had not even been developed yet. Well, several generations of products later, WiFi different long range travel antenna designs, Travel Repeaters and a decade in a half of experience, RadioLabs is proud to introduce a whole new concept in travel antenna design.

Ethernet powered WiFi system with Ethernet FAST SPEED!!

RadioLabs CaptiFi Ultra, long range antenna, works off of high speed Ethernet connections, allowing not only the simplest connection in the industry, but also seamless sharing, virtually unlimited amount of download and upload speed (depending on the primary internet WiFi speed) allowing for up to 150 MBPS wireless throughput, as many simultaneous WiFi connections as you desire, instant hard wired connections, a simple, connect and select approach and a new WiFi utility that is so easy, anyone could do it in seconds. No software or drivers ever required and works on all PC, Tablet and Smart Phone browsers.

Yes, this same level of connectivity was impossible just a year ago, but our engineer’s approach to simplicity, gives you the long range, high gain connectivity our customers have come to expect from RadioLabs products, but with unprecedented levels of range, simplistic

With the RadioLabs CaptiFi Ultra kit, there is ZERO coaxial cable line loss. Why? Because power and receiver is in the CaptiFi antenna. Our customers will never lose connection range because they are forced to run longer coax cable. Power is delivered right at the base of RadioLabs famous CaptiFi antenna element, delivering high power at the antenna. This is what made our original antenna work so well.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 in

2 reviews for CaptiFi Ultra | WiFi RV – Marine Antenna

  1. Henk K

    Good day,

    I recently purchased the marine Ultra CaptiFi WiFi antenna for my
    My marina’s wifi signal has always been a challenge with a poor signal. Ever since I installed your system those troubles are long gone. I am even able to stream movies! Just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with your product, it works great. The previous weak marina signal has been boosted and provides me an excellent signal. I am spreading the word, you should do the same. Publish my feedback if and how you wish.


  2. richb (verified owner)

    This was a great investment! I love it. It was such an easy install that I think my 6 year old Grandson could do it. I did have an issue with that was not the fault of the product but was on my end. I contacted the online support and Chris was able to fix me up. Great guy.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. And I have to other boaters in our marina.

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