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RadioLabs designs, manufactures and offers numerous directional wifi / wireless antennas, with different gain, radiation patterns and power for a variety of point to point, and point to multi-point applications.
No other device in your WiFi system makes as large of a difference on range, than choosing a high quality antenna, with the exact characteristics for your intended application.

What is a Directional WiFi Antenna?

A directional antenna, modifies or “directs” the signal, towards a very specific location, not only increasing the gain, but also reducing unwanted reception or interference from surrounding Wireless devices. Sometimes, a directional antenna is used even in situations where the customer doesn’t necessarily need to broadcast a signal at an exact area, but more to reduce or eliminate nearby interference or WiFi / Wireless signals on the same channel. We manufacture and produce directional WiFi Antennas for the 2.4, 5.8, 900 MHz band, as well as other frequencies for data and telecom.
Long range wireless bridge systems, require a directional, high gain antenna, to allow increased signal at one single location, while also increasing the receive signal. This rating is stated in “dB” and is an engineering term related to the antenna’s gain and performance. This specification, is rated against a “dipole” antenna, and generally expressed as “dBd”, or, dB gain when referencing a dipole element. Note: Be careful when purchasing a WiFi / Wireless antenna and buy from a reputable dealer. Often times, competitor’s antennas and gain ratings show grossly over-rated gain specifications for the size and shape of the antenna. Companies can easily reference another dB rating, known as dBi, or, over an isotropic antenna, making the customer think they are getting a much more powerful antenna than they really are.

Backfire 2.4 GHz WiFi Antenna


BackFire Wifi Antenna- The backfire antenna has very good gain for such a small antenna. Performance on 2.4 GHz is excellent!! The 2.4 backfire is the antenna we recommend for extended wireless coverage or building to building links.

Dual Band Directional MiMo WiFi Panel Antenna 2.4-5.8


Directional, 2.4 and 5 GHz MiMo WiFi Antenna, with excellent gain, two antenna connectors and great band separation. This amazing antenna takes two cable input from a router, Access Point or Repeater, then adds excellent forward gain for 802.11AC bridging, connect and repeater mode, or simultaneously pushing both bands of WiFi through walls, buildings or creating fast and easy network bridging on both WiFi bands at one time. Our low price on this antenna makes it a n0-brainer for short range AC Speed bridges.

WiFi Antenna Mounting Pole – Large Mount


The RadioLabs LAM ( Large Antenna Mount ) is a 24 inch pole, with heavy duty steel bracket, powder coated for long life. These adjustable poles can swivel or mount to any surface, and adjust to literally any position. Whether it’s rooftop mounting, wall mount or any imaginable mounting position, these sturdy, weatherproof poles can be installed in a snap for long life and easy deployment of your WiFi System.

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