Flat Panel Directional WiFi Antenna 19dBi – 2.4 Ghz


RadioLabs – WiFi Flat Panel antennas, are an extremely low profile, high gain wireless antenna, allowing very high gain in a very moderately sized array. Similar in comparison and gain to a Parabolic, The only reason why these antennas are physically possible, is because this antenna operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. The Flat Panel design, allows extremely high gain in an antenna that’s not only thin, but has excellent reception and transmission. A whopping 19 dB gain is achieved on both the transmit and the receive side and unlike a WiFi Parabolic Grid antenna,. Take for instance this 19 dB, high gain Panel. If this antenna was designed for the much lower frequency FM Radio broadcast band for example, the wavelength is so long, that this antenna would be approximately 36 foot tall and 36 ft wide.
The 19dB WiFi Panel antenna, is one of RadioLabs engineer’s favorite antennas for size, performance and huge forward gain, excellent characteristics and can be used with excellent success on the majority of WiFi Bridge, Client and even AP links.


Directional WiFi Flat Panel Antenna – 2.4 GHz – 19dB Gain

One of RadioLabs favorite antennas, are flat panel type, stacked dipole array, reflective counterpoise style antennas. Since that’s a mouthful, let’s just call them a WiFi Panel Antenna. These ultra powerful antennas, have a narrow beamwidth, allowing you to send a directional signal at a specific spot and maximize your WiFi signal. RadioLabs’ Chief Engineer, has traveled the world with this very antenna, and is one of the primary pieces of equipment when flying to and from site surveys, while integrating WiFi for military and government organizations. The huge gain potential of these antennas allows for rapid installation, maximizing your WiFi signal into one specific area.

One of RadioLabs’ biggest projects with the 19dB Flat Panel antenna, is completely saturating one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas, where all 100 + floors of the hotel, is covered, top to bottom with these antennas. If it weren’t for the huge saturation levels obtained by the 19dB flat panel antenna, and the high gain and receiver performance, the hotel would have had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more on access points. These antennas, allowed the installers to reduce the number of WiFi Access Points by about 1/2 and provide excellent coverage throughout the entire Hotel.

What is a Flat Panel WiFi Antenna?

RadioLabs - WiFi Panel Antennas - High gain, low profile.

WiFi Panel Antenna’s have excellent gain and sensitivity – RadioLabs’ uses these high gain wireless panels in situations where traditional lower power antennas just do not have enough gain.

A WiFi Panel Antenna, is a One of the major benefits of a WiFi Panel antenna, is it’s ability to eliminate signals to the sides, and behind the antenna, allowing you to easily create a high power, point to point wireless bridge, in crowded areas where other WiFi bridges would be impossible. With the WiFi band getting more and more crowded every day, the need for extremely directional, high power WiFi antennas on your bridge system are becoming necessary. Another major trick RadioLabs’ engineers use, is true polarity change.  We will discuss more on this later.

Best Wireless / WiFi Bridge Antenna?

These flat panel directional WiFi antennas offer a high gain in a very thin profile package, allowing you to put them up against a wall, or, at the top of a tower and with a narrow beamwidth, you can almost point your WiFi signal like a laser beam, straight at your bridge. Might be a bit of an exaggeration, but they truly do have a remarkable directional capability. These flat panels, are made out of a UV resistant, weatherproof ABS plastic Radome, which will not discolor, and the backplane (rear metal frame and groundplane) is made out of a solid sheet of aluminum. RadioLabs Flat panel, 19dB gain antennas are very rugged and completely weatherproof for extremely long life in the harshest of environments. The radome is manufactured from a special UV resistant plastic to reduce the effects of solar radiation which can degrade normal plastics. Like all RadioLabs antennas, a heavy duty, built-in N Female connector on the back of the panel antenna, ensures water will never leak into the antenna, and the gold-plated center pin on the N Female Connector on the back, ensures that corrosion never forms on your coax connectors. They truly are a remarkable design. RadioLabs used a pair of 19 dB WiFi Panel antennas for many years in our old California warehouse, to provide a high speed bridge link between our locations. These antennas never required service, weathered even the worst storms, and were essentially a zero maintenance link. When the WiFi band became crowded and we were picking up over 150 WiFi signals from the surrounding area, literally seeing people’s home routers at over a mile, we decided it was time to simply modify polarity. More on that below.

Vertical / Horizontal Polarization WiFi Panel Antenna

A truly good WiFi antenna design, includes the ability to have true polarization changes. Our 19dB Flat Panel WiFi antennas feature a TRUE Vertical and Horizontal polarity, allowing you to do

The tight beamwidth and good front to back spec help to minimize interference in the microwave link.

True Horizontal and Vertical radiation patterns, mean that you can rotate the antenna into the horizontal domain, by rotating it 90 degrees on it’s mount. This decreases the surrounding signals, which are mostly generated in the Vertical domain, and puts the antenna into Horizontal polarization. This is a tremendous feature, because in a point to point bridge, in areas where there are a lot of WiFi signals and interference, rotating your antenna 90 degrees, simply decreases all surrounding WiFi signals by 22dB, while keeping the transmit and receive gain at 19dB. For people in Urban areas, this is a make or break feature which our technicians have used many times in the past, to fight surrounding WiFi signals and create a reliable bridge link.

The mounting system is die cast aluminum for greater strength and stability. It allows for pole mounting or surface mounting to a wall or side of a building. The antennas can be mounted in Vertical Polarization or Horizontal polarization by a simple change to the bracket mounting. The all stainless steel fasteners and aluminum bracket resist corrosion for extended useful life.

These antennas are designed to be used in installations where aesthetics and high performance are key factors.

These WiFi Antennas come with an N Female Integrated Connector. If you need to order an extension cable or Pigtail to connect this antenna to your WiFi device please see our WiFi cables and WiFi Coax Connectors page for RadioLabs to create a customized coax cable to match your specifications.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 in


Model #P19-24
19 dB Flat Panel Antenna
Frequency Range
2400 – 2483 MHz
Panel19: 19 dBi
Horizontal Beamwidth
Panel19: 17.5°
Vertical Beamwidth
Panel19: 17.5°
Panel 19 Antenna Pattern
Front to Back
Panel14: 20 dB
Panel19: 30 dB
Cross Polarization
20 dB
1.5:1 (very low)
50 OHM impedance
Input Power
100 Watts maximum
Direct Ground (not required but advised)
Operating Temperature
-40° to 70° C tested
Pole Size
1″ to 2.5″ pipe or pole
Panel19: 60 oz with hardware
Dimension (Dia x Depth)
Panel19: 15.5” Width  x 15.5” Length x 0.8” Deep
Bracket Tilt
Panel 19 Wind Loading
163 sq inches
41 lbs @ 100 mph
64 lbs @ 125 mph
41 lbs @ 100 mph w/ 1/2″ radial ice


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