Wireless – WiFi Parabolic Grid – Dish Antenna – 24dB – 2.4 GHz


RadioLabs’ 24dB Parabolic Grid antennas, are a highly directional, 2.4 GHz antenna, which focuses the signal and reflects the power off of the dish, creating very high power in a highly directional beamwidth. You can think of the radio signal beam of a high gain parabolic dish / grid antenna as shining a high power flashlight directly at your target. The higher the parabolic grid’s gain, the narrower the beam. The 24dB Grid antenna, is a simple, tested and excellent light weight design, now made out of aluminum and powder coated for years of use. 2-piece dish assembles in minutes, includes all hardware and pieces for assembly.

WiFi Parabolic Antenna – Wireless Grid – 24dB at 2.4 GHz

Parabolic grid / dish antennas, are an incredibly high gain, powerful, highly directional WiFi antenna, which works as a focused reflector and director at the same time. Our original Parabolic Grid antennas, were originally like a BBQ grill, and we often joked that you could cook a hamburger on them. Today’s design, uses a cast molded aluminum, 2-part reflector and they will not rust, corrode or deform.

This parabolic WiFi grid antenna, consists of a Dipole transmitter/receiver element and a parabola reflector. A small dipole element is the main driven antenna, and transmits / receives a signal by critical spacing and focusing that signal at a very critical point in front of the Dish, similar to frying bugs on a sidewalk with a magnifying glass. This highly focused grid array, the shape of the parabola and the designs vary greatly, but even the curvature of the dish itself can result in either an excellent, directional antenna with good characteristics, or a horrific nightmare of an antenna, that doesn’t perform, lousy hardware, bad design and less than half of the gain advertised.

At RadioLabs, we physically test and know every product we design, manufacture and sell to the world. Our antennas are physically tested on a “Standards” antenna and gain measurements taken from the antenna itself. We will never sell anything which does not perform and make it through our standards testing. This includes everything from our high power commercial Omni WiFi Antennas, to these excellent Parabolic WiFi Antennas.

24db Directional Parabolic Grid WiFi Antenna

This Directional High Gain WiFi Parabolic Grid antenna, offers 24dBi of forward transmitter gain and a tight 8 Degree beamwidth. The high gain wifi antenna is an aluminum die cast which is then powder coat painted for added environmental protection. Because of its grid design the antenna offers excellent wind loading characteristics.

The durable wireless antenna is constructed of 2 separate die cast aluminum pieces which are assembled together during installation. This saves significant money in shipping costs because the shipping size is much less than other types of 24dBi antenna systems.

The antenna comes complete with the die cast grid, dipole(feed) and heavy duty mounting bracket with stainless steel hardware for up to 2 inch diameter poles. The bracket gives up to 45 degrees of tilt angle. The antennas can be installed in Vertical or Horizontal Polarization.

Note: This parabolic grid WiFi antenna comes with your choice of the following connectors:

  • N-Female – The N Female connector has threads on the outside and a center socket.
  • N-Male – The N Male connector has threads on the inside and a center pin. N Male connectors can connect directly to outdoor radio equipment with N Female antenna ports.
  • RPSMA – The RPSMA Male connector has threads on the inside and a center socket.
  • Integrated N Female – The integrated dipole has an N Female connector mounted directly to the dipole (feed). There is no pigtail on this model.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 4 in
Connector Type

N Male, N Female, RP-SMA Female, RP-TNC


Model # RA-24G24P
“The Grid” 2.4 GHz Parabolic
Frequency Range
2400 – 2500 MHz
50 Ω
24.5 dBi
Vertical or Horizontal
Half power beamwidth
10.5 °
Front to Back Ratio
Max. Power input
100 Watts
Direct Ground (not required but advised)
Connector type
31.5 inches
6 pounds

Wind load area

Side –
2.691 feet square or (0.25m2)
.829 feet square or (0.077m2)
Maximum wind velocity
 130 MPH (210 km/h)


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