Yagi Directional WiFi Antenna – 16 Element Weatherproof


This antenna is perfect for extending the range of your wireless network. If you are trying to choose a WiFi antenna this is an excellent choice.

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High performance WiFi 2.4 GHz Yagi Antenna – Waterproof

WiFi Antennas, radically increase both gain and receive of the WiFi signal. This is accomplished through distorting the signal pattern, by reflecting and directing the signal forward, into one specific location. This distortion of the signal, results in a high forward gain, excellent received signal strength and a narrow footprint on the mast or pole. Sleek, UV rated ABS housing, ensures weather will never affect the performance, keeping water off of the elements and achieving maximum performance at all times.

Some customers do not like the shape of style of RadioLabs WiFi Backfire Antenna, or, cannot mount the backfire in a location due to size or physical location issues. These yagis, have slightly more forward gain, do not require as large of a footprint and can easily be mounted on poles, under the eaves of a roof, or directed

Yagi antennas, can be affected by dirt, debris, bugs, webs, water trapped on the antenna. These factors can affect the performance of the antenna, especially if debris or bugs gather around the main element on the antenna, where the feedline (Coax) connects. RadioLabs high quality WiFi antennas ensure your performance is always excellent.

Pointing this yagi antenna, will transmit and receive the signal, with substantial gain, at any location it is aimed. The radiation pattern of the antenna can be pointed directly at a signal source, to connect as a point to point bridge, or, “Receiving” WiFi from a lower power access point.

If coupled with one of RadioLabs o2Surf, multi-function outdoor WiFi AP / Client / Bridge devices, you can literally perform any function imaginable in WiFi.

This is our highest gain 2.4 GHz yagi antenna. With 16 elements and over 15 dB gain, this is a true performer. It provides a narrow 28 degree half power beam width for long distance wireless linking and interference rejection. The Radome cover ensures your performance will not change due to weather conditions. It is important to remember that 2.4 GHz is subject to interference by weather conditions. If your antenna gets wet, performance will suffer. This antenna’s Radome cover is specifically designed to keep moisture out and your antenna performance like new.

Please see complete specifications below.

Comes with FREE pole mounting bracket (pictured).

This WiFi antenna comes with an N Female connector. If you need an extension cable or Pigtail to connect this antenna with your WiFi device, please see our WiFi cables and connectors

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 3 in


Model #
16 Element Weatherproof Yagi
Frequency Range
2400 – 2500 MHz
50 Ω
15 dBi
Half power beamwidth
Front to Back Ratio
Max. Power input
100 Watts
Direct Ground (not required but advised)
Connector type
16 elements – UV resistant ABS Radome
2 pounds (.95kg)
Max wind velocity
130 mph
18.1″ (460mm)
Supporting pole


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