Omni Directional WiFi Antenna – 15dB Long Range


WiFi Omni Directional Antenna – 15dB gain – RadioLabs powerful commercial series, thin-wall fiberglass omni antenna, radiates a signal in a 360 degree pattern, allowing the maximum signal transmitted directly out the side of the antenna, sending the signal the maximum distance possible. This incredible antenna, is durable, rugged and when people ask how strong are they, well, our’s went through 7 long hours of Hurricane Florence, bending over through powerful 100+ MPH winds and withstanding huge gusts that broke all nearby trees off, of pushed them over at the base. This antenna is as durable as they come!

WiFi Omni Antenna – 15dB Omni-Directional Wireless

The Omni Directional 15dB WiFi antenna, is the highest power omni-directional outdoor antenna we offer. It’s also Hurricane Proof! Read below, our story of this antenna, going through hours and hours of the highest intensity winds from Hurricane Florence, September 2018, and how this antenna was a champ! Our Commercial Series 15dB WiFi omni antenna, is a large, very high quality antenna that will significantly boost any outdoor WiFi Access Point or Client and boost your WiFi Signal in all directions (360 Degrees) for a HUGE boost to any Access Point or Router. Built out of flawless gel-coated thin-wall fiberglass, with a CNC machined aluminum hub, integrated N-Female coax connector and high quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware, our omni antennas are built to last for decades, and thanks to our customer’s long term feedback, they really do!

Highest Gain Omni Directional WiFi Antenna

If you wish to transmit the highest power WiFi Signal possible in all directions from your existing WiFi Access Point, or router, this robust and very long omni directional antenna is the highest gain omni antenna we sell and can easily be adapted to your existing WiFi equipment. You will simply need one of RadioLabs high quality, very low loss coaxial cables we make, made to the exact length. The high quality aluminum mounting hardware, tube and clamps in our kit make installation a breeze. Due to the brilliant way our omni directional 15dB WiFi Omni antenna mounts, you will simply need a mounting pole or offset mount, a coaxial cable and your preferred access point. RadioLabs highly recommends our brilliant o2Surf high power outdoor Access Point and our omni 15 antenna for the highest signal coverage possible on the 2.4 GHz WiFi band.

With the high gain transmitted by our 15dB omni antenna and one of our highly sensitive, high power o2Surf radios, rural wifi access exceeding 5 miles is easily possible and ranges of over 10 miles have been reported to us connecting rural homes with this amazing wifi antenna.

Highest Gain 2.4 GHz WiFi Antenna on the market

This high gain WiFi Antenna from RadioLabs, is as high gain as they come. Powerful, hand made, stacked dipole elements, combine inside of the thinwall fiberglass tube, to provide you with a true 15dB gain. This antenna has 15dB of actual gain, not fabricated gain results. These are the most powerful, 2.4 GHz omni directional antennas manufactured, using a true multi-element, stacked dipole design. The internal elements are very high quality, hand tuned brass stacked opposing elements. (What does this mean?) Simply put, this is the very highest quality antenna you can purchase, for an excellent price. You cannot build an omni directional antenna using better construction method.

Hurricane Proof Omni 15dB WiFi Antenna! – Hurricane Florence and our Omni 15 Story

Hurricane Proof WiFi Antenna - Omni 15dB WiFi Antenna

The RadioLabs omni antenna kit, withstood 7 hours of brutal hurricane force winds from Hurricane Florence – Sept 2018

Yes, we can quite literally say that our 15dB, 2.4GHz omni-directional WiFi Antenna is Hurricane proof. On September 14th, 2018, Hurricane Florence, a very powerful hurricane which had momentarily turned into a Category 5 but, which was later downgraded to 1 MPH below a Category  2, made landfall here at our new office location near Wilmington North Carolina. Even though it was downgraded, the primary problem is, we were literally on the northern eye-wall, where the most powerful winds of the hurricane made landfall. This hurricane started hitting us with relentless winds. Days and days of preparation, removing trees from surrounding structures, preparing fuel, food, emergency supplies and all necessities one would need for a Hurricane of this nature. We were forced to close the company to completely prepare for this hurricane and were closed down for almost a month. What we didn’t prepare, was removing any of the WiFi Antennas around our commercial property, our homes or surrounding structures. I mean, with so much going on, it’s the last thing that goes through your mind is protecting the WiFi Antenna system.

RadioLabs has been using our popular WiFi Omni antenna system, to cover 5 + Acres , connecting phones, cameras, laptops and other devices across the entire property since we arrived. This antenna and WiFi Access Point system has been used to bridge our commercial shop, dozens of computers, cell phones, cameras and every WiFi Enabled devices including the central WiFi Internet / Intra-network hub that is quite literally the central “Hub” to our entire network system.

Hurricane Florence makes landfall – During the early morning hours, Friday, September 14th. Some live video of this was filmed by one of our engineers when the storm initially started, but the main part of the storm hit us HARD, starting at around 2AM, pushing down trees, powerlines and what would later be called “The most powerful storm to hit NC in a lifetime.” 7 long hours of intense winds, which dropped 4 trees down onto the back of our own house, destroying the rail, ruining our entire roof, smashing our rain gutters and completely inundating our entire property. Throughout the night, the omni antenna continued to sway, bending over. But after the intense winds, followed by some of the worst winds, the Omni 15 antenna, plus 2ft WiFi Cable and RadioLabs o2Surf – Outdoor WiFi Access Point / Bridge Radio not only survived the storm, but literally once the power returned, our entire network system came up operating flawlessly.

Customers often ask us how our products do outside. Well, this was surely a testament to our equipment, durability and structural strength of our products. Not 10ft from where this omni 15dB antenna and o2Surf Access Point were installed, was a Lexus SUV, parked there backwards facing away from the wind with the back window into the wind direction. Sadly, this poor Lexus did not make it. The water and rainfall from the storm completely bypassed the seals, flooding the entire interior of the vehicle and destroying it. Multiple other vehicles, equipment and even a brand new 40 ft trailer was completely destroyed by a “Spinoff”, otherwise known as a tornado, which crushed our trailer. This 6 month old trailer’s roof collapsed, flooding the contents and destroying thousands of dollars worth of engineering products, machining equipment and networking equipment. The tornado however did not hit destroy or even phase our GS-3000 WiFi bridge System, or any of our WiFi Barn / Shop Connection Systems on all the surrounding buildings. It was either incredible luck, or just another testimony to the durability of RadioLabs WiFi Equipment!
After seeing how well our omni 15dB WiFi antenna did, we have zero doubt that the 12dB Omni Directional WiFi Antenna, as well as our Omni 8dB WiFi Antenna will have zero problem going through the same storm, or even higher wind rating and rain.

RadioLabs does not sell any low-quality antennas made of materials which will hinder or attenuate the signal, such as PVC or low-cost plastic. We refuse to sell these. We were looking at low cost options for consumer based antennas and manufacturing some lower quality, but low cost alternatives, but we simply cannot sell this stuff to our customers. We tried selling some samples more than a decade ago, and even after informing our customers of this very low cost, but lower production quality antenna, we just could not put out name on low quality antennas.

Additional information

Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 72 in


Model #
Omni 15 WiFi Antenna
Frequency Range
2400~2485 MHz
<= 1.5
50 OHMS ±5
15 dBi
Omni directional
Horizontal 360°
Vertical 6°
1 lb 12 oz.
64 inches
Guide Pipe
Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum Alloy


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