12dB WiFi Omni Antenna – 2.4 Ghz Wireless

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Omni Directional 802.11 Antenna – 12dB WiFi
If you have an outdoor access point and need a tremendous boost to your outdoor wireless system, or just want the best 12 dB omni-directional wifi antenna, our commercial series omni is for you!

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WiFi Omni Directional Antenna – 12dB wifi antenna

The 12 dB WiFi Omni Antenna is sleek and effective addition to your wireless network. This antenna is very popular with wireless installers, setting up outdoor commercial networks to extend the range of access points, bridges and routers.

This antenna is excellent for extending the range of hotspots to provide better wireless service for their customers. However, a lot of people

Omni WiFi Antenna patterns vary by gain and downtilt

Higher Gain Omni WiFi Antennas, transmit different radiation patterns – WiFi transmission examples

are using the RadioLabs 12dB commercial omni antenna at home to extend the range of their wireless network to reach a great distance from their home. If you try one of these on your average consumer wireless router or access point, you will finally realize the potential of wireless communications.

This Antenna, pairs perfect to all outdoor WiFi access points, such as RadioLabs o2Surf, or, to the Bullet, outdoor high power Access point.  RadioLabs manufactures and offers numerous wifi access points for indoor and outdoor use. This 12dB omni, is the highest quality antenna offered, and is a commercial series, outdoor, fully waterproof thinwall fiberglass, multi-stacked dipole antenna, with excellent signal quality, excellent range, and no other antenna we offer has such high quality specs. RadioLabs has tested this antenna for over a decade in an outdoor coastal environment, and no hardware rusted. There was some corrosion on the threads of the U-Bolt, but easily came off with Steel wool. The aluminum mounting tube, is made out of high quality anodized metal, and is built overkill for its intended purpose.

RadioLabs History with WiFi Omni Antennas

When we opened our shop downtown back in 2002, RadioLabs originally bridged our shop, to our secondary location here in our small town. This was before the wifi band was cluttered with hundreds of access points and home routers. Two of these antennas provided a dedicated wireless bridge system for years.  Wifi has become so popular now, RadioLabs could no longer use omni-directional antennas for point to point wireless bridging, inside of our town, so we were eventually forced to go with a dedicated wireless bridge system.

How Far will WiFi Antennas go?

We are often asked on an almost daily basis, how far one of these antenna will reach. Well, there are a number of factors involved in this, mostly due to the wide variety of specifications with WiFi / Wireless equipment, the amount of power on both ends, and, even more important than power, the receiver capabilities on both sides of the link. Generally, the limiting factor for all wifi / wireless systems, are dependent on Well, it’s safe to say, with 2 of RadioLabs o2Surf outdoor radios

Installing a WiFi Omni-Directional Antenna

We recommend a 2-Foot LMR-RL-400 Coaxial cable (or longer depending on your requirement) , to connect through the mounting tube to the top of the outdoor Access Point. The coaxial cable

To really maximize your wireless bandwidth an antenna is vital, and this antenna is one of our most effective for extending your signal in all directions. You can easily set this antenna up and create a multi-point wireless network, or to distribute your high speed throughout your neighborhood.

The High Gain 12 dB Wireless Network Antenna is constructed from sturdy, tight-weave fiberglass and enamel coated. If mounted properly on a sturdy mast or tower, the 12dB commercial omni can withstand extreme wind speeds in excess of 130 ++ MPH.

By simply looking at this antenna, you will realize that this is the finest quality 802.11 omni antenna on the market. The mounting bracket is constructed from machined aluminum and the “U” clamp are corrosion-free stainless steel.

Mounting Tube, aluminum brackets and U-Clamps included!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


Model #
Omni 12 WiFi Antenna
Frequency Range
2400~2485 MHz
<= 1.5
50 OHMS ±5
12 dBi
Omni directional
Horizontal 360°
Vertical 10°
1.7 pounds with mounting hardware.
(800 grams)
Copper stacked dipole constcution
poly insulators and support.
Brass internal center conductor
Wrapped Fiberglass construction
Gelcoat smooth outer surface
Zinc – Chrome plated construction
Guide Pipe
Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum Alloy Mounting


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