Outdoor WiFi High Power Access Point – o2Surf-HP Client

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The NEW RadioLabs O2Surf, and an antenna, are the only wireless tools you will ever need. Quite simply stated, this is the most versatile, general purpose WiFi device ever invented. Virtually any wireless function can be performed with this WiFi Access point, Repeater, Client Bridge radio. We have used these for bridging, RV parks, Marinas, or just extending wifi to a shop.

The O2Surf-HP, is a weatherproof WiFi Access point, bridge, client from RadioLabs!

802.11 B/G/N – 150MBPS Bridge, outdoor wifi Access Point, Repeater, Client – The only WiFi tool you need!

The Best High Power, low-cost outdoor wifi radio made.

The o2Surf-HP, is a highly refined 3rd generation wireless device which can do any possible function WiFi Allows. This key member of the RadioLabs family of cutting edge wireless equipment, has robust features to create any imaginable WiFi – Wireless combination or function. With robust features, the o2Surf-HP is the all-in-one, High Power outdoor wifi device designed to solve many of the networking issues individuals and companies face today. These high-performance, Outdoor WiFi access point/client/bridge/repeater, have their own integrated N-Male antenna connector. The o2Surf-HP radio, connects directly to any 2.4ghz antenna offered by RadioLabs. Simply select an Omni Directional WiFi Antenna, or a Directional Wifi Antenna from our online catalog, which we have universally matched our antenna connectors, so any N-Female cable or antenna will screw directly onto the 02Surf’s wifi connector. Furthermore, in the instances that a coax cable is necessary, users can deploy their equipment with the confidence that signal loss will be minimal. This means optimal speeds, increased stability, and extended coverage of their wireless networks. The “HP” variation is the same o2Surf that RadioLabs has offered since 2009, but is a highly refined, high power version, with excellent receiver performance, latest encryption standards, power over Ethernet and offer a tool kit that can’t be beat. No, these are not a “Bullet” but do bare a resemblance to them. This was by design, but we know the performance and features of their products and created our own variation, but did it right. We started with the best WiFi chipset in the market (Atheros), and continued by offering the stablest operational modes in the industry and even making our own unique, industry complaint variations of operational modes, making any WiFi mode, repeat, client, client with router and functions that simply didn’t exist except on the highest name-brand access point systems costing 10x more than the little o2Surf. For its size, nothing in the WiFi industry can match our specifications, capabilities and robust features.

Long Range - High Power Outdoor Access Point - Bridge - Client

The o2Surf, high power wif Access Point – bridge – client – repeater is a multipurpose wireless radio used for long range wifi applications

The O2 Surf can be configured to operate in several modes:

WiFi Access Point Mode:

The o2Surf, is designed to work as a high speed, high power  outdoor wifi Access Point. It is suitable for RV Parks, Farms, Home internet, Marinas, Parks and Recreation, Zoos, Large Scale deployment of public wifi or anywhere you need to install access over a broad open area. The features in the o2Surf radio, are perfect for use where dozens of wifi enabled devices need to connect and pass traffic through the network at high speed. The receiver sensitivity is excellent, for receiving low power devices, and allow for distant connection to weak wireless devices. Our WDS + Access Point mode, allow for small to medium size point to point, or point to multipoint operation, where repeaters or dedicated clients can seamlessly and permanently connect to the o2Surf radio. The o2Surf can also act as a Wifi Router and Access point, and a simple incoming internet connection can plug in. The o2Surf can then be programmed to operate as a WAN gateway, and issue IP Addresses to all devices on the network.

WiFi Client Mode: which the device receives its signal through its antenna port, exporting it to the Ethernet port
Access Point Mode, where your device creates its own powerful, secure wireless network by simply connecting to one of the LAN ports on your existing router.
Bridge Mode, in which two of the devices are used to form a seamless point to point link at a distance of several miles (using properly aimed directional antennas). The o2Surf can even be used as a router, with the proper configuration.

Wireless Client - Access Point Manual

Click here to download the Advanced o2Surf User Manual

WiFi Client Router Mode: This is a brilliant mode, which allows the o2Surf to connect to ANY access point, on any local IP Address, such as public hotspot or gateway, xFinity Hotspot, Verizon Hotspot, or literally any network, and the o2Surf acts like a single computer connecting to the system. Then, in a brilliant pass-through mode, the o2Surf receives an incoming IP address from the public hotspot, then turns around and starts passing out it’s own privatized IP Addresses, acting like a simultaneous client and router. This amazing new Client / Router mode built into the o2Surf, is perfect for permanent connection to xFinity or similar hotspots, where you want to use one of our high power routers to connect all your devices, yet maintain a permanent gateway to the internet. RadioLabs offers full kits utilizing this mode, and have hundreds, if not thousands of customers connect to public hotspots using this amazing new mode. Client Router mode, can also be used to permanently connect to any wifi connection, then re-issue your own private, firewalled gateway, capturing the internet, then completely and securely privatizing your own internet. Call us if you have any questions about using this mode in any application.

Repeater Mode: is a special operation mode which allows the o2Surf to seamlessly receive and rebroadcast any o2Surf or RadioLabs outdoor Access Point product and rebroadcast it with another broadcast signal name (SSID) or with the same SSID. This all happens in a special mode called “WDS Repeater Mode” setting, and is quite seamless across our entire outdoor wireless product line.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are buying the o2Surf by itself to save money, instead of purchasing our “Extend WiFi to Garage-Barn-Shop kit, trying to save money and want to use your own WiFi Router, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS unless you are skilled or have IT Experience. While the o2Surf is capable of doing anything possible in WiFi, we cannot help you program this device, unless you are on a paid Remote Support to configure it, if you cannot figure out our Manual. Yes, it’s possible to do this, but remember, we make things look MUCH Easier than it is. We have 24 years of Network Engineering experience, and our WiFi Systems are Highly refined, programmed using Propietary programming methods we do not publish, and we do not even charge the customers for doing this. If you are using the o2Surf for any other reasons and are familiar with basic WiFi Programming methods, you will enjoy our incredibly good interfaces, simplified WiFi Programming modes, and enjoy how easy these high power WiFi Access Points / Client or WDS Bridge radios are. They’re quite simply, the best outdoor, RELIABLE radios, that are the “Little Tanks” of the WiFi Industry!

Outdoor Wifi – In any WiFi Mode

With the flick of a software switch, you can configure the o2Surf to receive and transmit wifi from any remote building within range. This is the perfect wireless tool and can perform any wireless function! Maintain ultra fast speeds with the 802.11 B/G/N connection modes, with up to 150 MBPS wireless speed! It’s a full tool kit of wireless options to convert the O2Surf literally into a High Power Access Point, a Client to connect to far away access points, a repeater, to repeat any access point out there, or even set it up to put in a permanent connection to the mother in law’s building, your garage, out-building or leave it up to your imagination.  These make excellent outdoor wifi access points

High Power Outdoor Access Point - Client - Bridge - Repeater

WiFi Outdoor Access Point Client – Multi-Function WiFi Radio – Client – Bridge – Repeater – o2Surf

Running RadioLabs proprietary streamlined user interface, setup and integration is a breeze. Simply attach your RadioLabs antenna, power up the device and connect it to your computer, login and make the necessary changes, and your network will be up and running in no time. Due to the O2 Surf being powered via POE (Power-Over-Ethernet), you don’t even need to run a power supply to the bridge, just use the included power injector and your bridge has power and data transmitted over CAT-5 cabling! Plus, with its robust, weatherproof casing designed to withstand the harshest of outdoor elements, the O2 Surf is the perfect solution for almost any networking solution.

Ethernet adapter - High Power Access Point - Client

Outdoor Access Point Connector – N-Male and Ethernet – o2Surf operates as an ethernet to wifi converter for high power Access Point, bridge or client use

Just add an antenna and ethernet cable! This is the only outdoor wireless tool you need to perform virtually any wifi task. With a simple mode change, the O2Surf can be changed to a bridge, to link two buildings for internet for miles around, a repeater to light up any RV Park, Marina, Camp, or literally saturate any area in wifi. They can repeat, or “daisy chain” together, to form a network of almost unlimited size, while retaining low overhead and FAST speed.

The O2 Surf provides more than 800mW (+ 29dBm) of output power and delivers:

  • Most sensitive chipset in it’s class. Output power is no longer critical because O2Surf uses one of the most sensitive receiver chipsets on the market!
  • 150+Mbps real TCP/IP throughput traffic at 802.11 B, G or N speeds. Selectable via software interface.
  • Weather-proof and powered via POE (Power Over Ethernet). Run power plus data up to 330 feet from it’s power source.
  • Updated simple and intuitive user interface for effortless navigation. Easy configuration modes, make programming simple.
  • Easy user manuals allow for step by step programming to easily setup your O2Surf to connect, repeat, or virtually any wireless function imaginable. No more looking for what device to buy, the O2Surf will literally do anything.
  • Compatible with any 2.4 GHz wifi antenna
  • Can be utilized in Point-to-Point (PTP) bridging or Point-to-MultiPoint applications. Made to seamlessly bridge two locations, almost like you dug a trench and ran cable.

Will perform virtually any wireless mode through firmware setup.
NOTE: This is not a Bullet. The WiFi Bullets we offer are available here:

The O2Surf is much more sensitive, easier setup and configuration, lower cost and ability to broadcast multiple SSIDs. There are many other differences, but the RadioLabs O2Surf is a superior product to the WiFi Bullets. (If you have an existing install using our Bullets, these will still communication with them, however, it is best if you already own our first generation and want seamless WDS, please purchase the Bullet)

  • Coming soon … Instant bridges, Repeaters, Client kits and more.. If you would like to use this radio for any function, please call us. We will set up a customized kit for you on the phone! There’s nothing lower cost on the market that will perform so many wireless functions inside one device!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.25 × 2 in


O2Surf – High Power Multi Use WiFi Transmitter
Frequency Range
2400 – 2500 MHz
11 Channels in US, or can be configured for international frequencies and power outputs.
IEEE Compatibility
802.11B/G/N (150MBPS Throughput)
50 Ω
Virtually any wifi antenna can be connected to the top of the o2Surf. The gain will depend solely on the antenna connected to the top of the O2Surf.
RF Power Output up to 800mw (28.5 dBm) Variable depending on operation mode. Highest power output 802.11B, Lowest power output 802.11 N. Software configurable from 3dBm up to 27 dBm. Available in 5.8GHz special order.
Max. Power Output
800mw (29dBm)
Frequency Band
2.4 GHz ISM Band
Data Rate 802.11bg: Up to 54 MBPS
802.11n: Up to 150 MBPS
LED Indicators Power / Link / Ethernet / Signal
Ethernet Interface One 10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
Receiver Sens. -95dBm @ 802.11 b/g
-91dBm @ 802.11n
N-Male External Antenna Connector
Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Data Encryption
Dynamic WEP Key Exchange
WEP 64/128 , WPA, WPA2, 802.1x
WPA and WPA2 Enterprise Radius auth
Direct Ground – DC Ground through POE Injector
Connector type
N-Male connector on top, Standard CAT-5 Ethernet cable on bottom.
24V POE (Power Over Ethernet) supply included
Operating Temperature
-20°C – 65°C
Storage Temperature
-10°C – 70°C
Height x 6.5″ Width x 1.35″ circular
6 oz for o2Surf. Entire Product kit 1.2 lbs
Power Consumption
less than 10 watts
Enclosure Construction
UV Stable ABS Plastic and Silicone sealant


WiFi Operational Modes:

  • Internet (WAN) Router / Access Point Mode – Can be used as direct Router for internet for any location. Can be hooked directly up to Cable modem, for full function, creating complete wireless router from broadband to remote bridge.
  • Access Point / Bridge Mode- High power Outside access point – o2Surf working as AP from Router, to provide high speed wireless access (DHCP Disabled) to provide internet access for any one of the following:
    1. RV Parks and Marinas
    2. Public Gatherings and events
    3. Farm and Rural Access Point over large areas
    4. Campgrounds and public rest areas
    5. Worksites and Construction trailers
    6. Full City WiFi Hotspots and Free public WiFi
    7. Military Base and public housing
    8. Public Parks and Recreational Area Access Points
    9. Zoos, Museums and Aquariums, etc
    10. Anywhere large public WiFi Access is needed
    11. Factories and large indoor production facility plant WiFi
  • Client Bridge Mode – Wireless Client – Works in conjunction with Access Point / Bridge mode above, creating a dedicated, full time link to remote areas, for instant WiFi Client connection, tethering to another o2Surf or any router/access point and providing internet or network connectivity for:
    1. Dedicated Video Camera and Security Wireless connectivity
    2. Boosting the range of your home or business video security system and connecting long range remote cameras to your NVR or DVR.
    3. Boosting the range of your home WiFi router’s network and connecting to long distant WiFi Cameras spread out over your property.
    4. Provide Network connectivity to any access point, providing a CAT-5 dedicated line output to any device requiring a network
    5. Print Server or remote PC Connection for any printer or device requiring network connections.
    6. Data monitoring and switching for wired factory ethernet equipment
    7. Wired Automation equipment, requiring Network connection to controller
  • Client Router Wireless Mode – This amazing new mode, allows our o2Surf, to connect to any WiFi Signal, public or private, regardless of the IP Address, treats the WiFi Connection as a public or private network, then starts providing DHCP (IP Addresses) out the Ethernet port, to create an entirely new private or public network. This amazing new wireless mode is simple to program and the o2Surf creates a complete wired / wireless network, providing internet or network connections to over 250 devices and handles all NAT traffic internally. This mode sets the bar for the newest generation of wireless devices and performs tasks that all other competitor’s wifi devices cannot achieve. Hundreds of o2Surfs can be used, tethered to any public access point, then act like your own router, creating a massive internal network on a completely new IP Address Mask. The possibilities of this mode are literally limitless.
    1. Connect to ANY public or private WiFi access point, then create your own personal, private network, supplying internet to your entire home.
    2. Connect to public wifi network, then issue IP addresses to as many internal devices as you wish.
    3. Connect to a remote wireless network system, then continue to add over 250 additional remote devices onto any network (bandwidth limited) creating virtually unlimited amount of data switches or network devices.
    4. Connect to a private access point, then allow another wifi access point to be created, controlling hundreds of remote low bandwidth devices to capture monitoring data to and from a control or command center. Perfect for providing data capture for power and utility companies to read meters or read water, power usage over widespread areas.
    5. Virtually unlimited possibilities for Wireless Internet Service provider use.

The o2Surf, literally can perform ANY WiFi function. If you don’t exactly know what you want to do with WiFi and unsure what to buy to connect to the internet, or connect to a remote network, provide added wifi coverage around your home or ranch, or even create a HUGE wifi system for your entire farm or ranch, the o2Surf, and one of our large selections of WiFi Omni Directional Antennas, or Directional WiFi Antennas, allows you to literally perform any task.

  • 802.11 B/G/N High Speed Ethernet Adapter
  • High Power output for longest range wireless signal possible.
  • Power Over Ethernet – for simple one wire installation
  • Very Sensitive Receiver – Capable of wireless exceptional wifi performance.
  • Universal N-Male connector – Attaches to any of RadioLabs WiFi Antenna products
  • Easily configured software – Can perform virtually any wifi function – Access point mode, Repeater mode, Client/Bridge mode.
  • Simple software and easy setup modes for easy step by step configuration. Simple, step by step instructions to make the O2Surf operate in any wifi mode, quickly and easily.

Package Content:

  • QTY (1) – O2 Surf  Wireless Unit
    QTY (1) – Power-Over-Ethernet Injector
    QTY (1) – Power Cable
    QTY (2) – Mounting Zip ties


Access Point, Client and Bridge Guide for the o2Surf WiFi multi-function device

The following manuals and guides, will step you through the various programming of the o2Surf. These manuals, are pre-written for customer’s who have a router, with an IP Address of

If you are unsure what your router’s IP address is, we have written a manual to use your iPhone to determine your router’s IP Address.

2 reviews for Outdoor WiFi High Power Access Point – o2Surf-HP Client

  1. Amy

    Excellent wifi product. Expanded my wifi range over my entire property and created a network bridge over my entire farm. Thank you Radiolabs techs for a fast and stable system.

  2. jessebroadwater (verified owner)

    First of all EXCELLENT customer service! Very knowledgable and helpful staff! And the product…. Its awesome! I have the O2 Surf hooked up and pointed to a wireless game camera that is about 150 yards from my house, and I can easily log into it at any time and view wildlife! Highly recommend the Radio Labs company and products!!! Thank you guys!!

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