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Extend WiFi to your entire property, and radically boost the range and WiFi signal to your Security cameras. Boosts WiFi range to all outdoor WiFi enabled security cameras, including Google Nest, Ring, Blink, Lorex, etc. This kit, not only allows you to connect all of your exterior WiFi cameras, it also gives you a very powerful, long range WiFi signal, saturating your home, plus all surrounding areas up to 2000 ft from our antenna to any standard cell phone. This amazingly high power, very sensitive kit also gives you a powerful long range WiFi signal outside, to provide Wireless access to all tablets, phones, etc. This kit comes with instructions, or, fully configured by one of our technicians for out of the box, plug and play satisfaction. Select your IP Address of common router’s from the list. Unit will arrive working, secure and broadcasting. Simply plug it into your router!
To find your router’s IP, simply follow our guide to find your router’s IP Address on iPhone here, or look on the back of your router. THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE PROGRAMMING UNLESS YOU CHOOSE THAT OPTION. A Fully configured bridge system, comes with RadioLabs’ guarantee it will work, plug and play!

Outdoor WiFi range extender Access Point - Video Cameras or all Wireless Devices

Extend your WiFi outside, to all WiFi devices, including Security Cameras, Phones, Gates, and any WiFi enabled devices with the RadioLabs Outdoor Omni Access Point kit

Extend WiFi Range to your Wireless Security Cameras – WiFi Access Point

Let’s face it. Most home WiFi routers are weak! When you buy a Security Camera and want to connect it to your home network, you simply don’t have enough WiFi power or range to get a solid signal back to your home router. This can be frustrating and at RadioLabs, we get calls from customers every day, where their home router, can’t penetrate the walls of their home, to get their Nest, Ring or Blink (insert all WiFi camera manufacturer’s name here)

Pro Tip – For larger ranches and properties, this omni antenna kit, makes an excellent, high power AP to extend WiFi to out-buildings, shops, garages, barns or any building on your property, to ensure a strong signal at extended distances
To make matters worse, the signal is even weaker when you’re trying to connect your cell phone’s WiFi, or a laptop outside and get WiFi. If you installed video cameras outside, chances are you’ve come to this page looking for the best way to enhance your WiFi signal outside, to security cameras, mailbox cameras, wireless gates and even getting wifi outside to your pool or yard. In today’s connected world, we need WiFi almost everywhere, because so much of what we own relies on a WiFi signal to our devices. RadioLabs customers have been asking us for a way to extend their WiFi out to their outbuildings for years and we’ve provided them with the best solution to extend WiFi to their shop, barn or any out-building on their property. But we have a Better Solution here for most applications around your property! Why not just turn your entire house and surrounding property into a big, high power WiFi access point?

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does not come with the Large WiFi Antenna Mount – This mount is sold separately for a VERY low cost.

WiFi Range Extender for Security Cameras or all WiFi connected devices

High power access point, allows WiFi security cameras and all devices to connect anywhere around your property


Don’t get scared of Wireless Setup! – This kit, is COMPLETELY Configured, setup, and secured. Our technicians will take your router’s base IP Settings, and we will set a user name, broadcast signal name, plus, a unique password for your system. You can think of this kit, as not only buying the hardware, but having an IT professional set the system up for you. If the system is not working directly out of the box, we will assist you via Remote Support, to get it working, guaranteed! If you do not know your Router’s IP, simply select the “Don’t Know” box, and we will call you regarding this information, or we will help set it up via Remote Support

Extending WiFi to your Security Cameras

While our building extension kit may work inside of your buildings, getting a Strong WiFi signal outside to your security cameras can be a bit tougher, because we not only have to create a high power WiFi system that is powerful enough to get a strong signal outside, we have to make up for the weak WiFi signal coming out of your Security camera. Our WiFi Security Camera booster, (shown here) is an excellent, low cost way to saturate your entire property with WiFi, not only giving you a huge boost in WiFi signal to your Cameras, but also giving you a whole-property WiFi signal for getting WiFi outside. You can think of this outdoor access point, as a direct extension of your home router, because any device tethered to this kit, can perform any function in WiFi.

Pro Tip: When extending WiFi to your security cameras, NEVER use a repeater. Repeaters bottleneck traffic, having to cache and buffer traffic to your security cameras and to your Router. Repeaters, act as an intermediary, having to juggle a tremendous amount of packets. Use of repeaters, will cause delays, cause significant lag, drop packets and reduce the speed of your entire WiFi network down to almost minimal speeds, and in worst case, crash your entire network. RadioLabs does not produce or sell any repeaters. We are against them. They’re low cost for a reason, and the #1 complaint of our customers after buying other company’s Repeaters starts off with ” I bought this repeater thing”.. it’s never good.’

Connecting and extending the range of your home router, for connection of WiFi Security cameras can be tough, until RadioLabs created this powerful new, outdoor security camera WiFi system, allowing you to connect any and all WiFi Cameras to our powerful, weatherproof WiFi system. This robust kit, includes everything you need to provide a powerful WiFi signal outdoors, radically enhancing the range of your WiFi system.

Extends the range of your home WiFi network

Works and extend the WiFi transmit and receive range for not only your security cameras, but all WiFi devices, such as electric gates, motion sensors, remote outdoor lighting control, irrigation systems, solar panel monitoring, pellet smokers and materbuilt smokers, and literally any WiFi enabled device which requires a powerful WiFi Signal.

Ring, Blink, Google Nest, Night Owl, and all of your WiFi enabled security cameras – This powerful kit, also gives you extended range WiFi to all of your devices. Customers report that they can easily connect to this powerful WiFi Access Point system, at over 1/4 mile or more, and we have had reports from our customers of ranges up to a mile on laptops and other slightly more powerful devices. Our system is fully , 100% WPA / WPA2 CCMP (AES) Secured in an un-hackable encryption algorithm, which is as secure as, or even more secure than your home router’s WiFi. We actually include, top level, WPA2 Enterprise Encrytion and is compatible with Full Radius Server authentication. (which most normal customers don’t have, as this is used by the US Military, large corporations, top level colleges, etc). Our high power WiFi access point, literally saturates your entire property, allowing connection to all devices, not just security cameras, so you can install once, connect to your home router and have a permanent high power WiFi Access Point around your entire property!


PLEASE NOTE: This kit is MANY times more powerful than most cameras or standard WiFi devices on the market. In some cases, you may have to add eternal antennas to weak or very low power WiFi devices to get back to our Omni WiFi antenna kits. We only provide you with the most powerful WiFi Omni directional system on the market, not the cameras. Camera range varies from 300-1500 ft or more depending on brand and type. Customers report they can easily see our broadcast signal out to a mile or more, but don’t control the WiFi on your camera. Best advice is buy a camera which specifically discusses offering long range, or get a camera with an external antenna jack if possible if ultra long range is necessary. In some cases, if you simply have a camera too weak to get back, RadioLabs also manufactures a powerful WiFi kit, allowing you to connect back at longer ranges (up to 2 miles line of sight possible) with our WiFi Building Extender Kit.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 4 in
CAT-5 Length

25, 50

Configuration Options

No Configuration (no charge), Configured to Router (add $25), Configured to Router (add $25), Configured to Router (add $25), Configured to Router (add $25), Configured to Router (add $25), Configured to Router (add $25), Custom IP – (Additional Fees May Apply) (add $25)

1 review for Outdoor WiFi Access – Security Camera Range Extender | RadioLabs 8dB

  1. mike18419 (verified owner)

    i bought this kit to help my wifi cameras the staff was very friendly and answered all my questions the unit arrived i installed it everything was pretty much plug and play i had them set it to my router b4 shipping it. i had a few questions after my install which chris took the time and explained everything to me.i am totally satified with the product and the people behind it

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