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Power Over Ethernet, 24 Volt, POE. These high quality POE injectors, operate off of 110 or 220 VAC, and are the standard power devices for most WiFi or Wireless devices. These high quality, UL / CE Approved power injectors, allow you to instantly power most WiFi devices off, direct from CAT-5. Powers all RadioLabs, Ubiquiti, Engenius, and other manufacturer’s devices.

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24 Volt – .5 Amp Power Over Ethernet ( POE ) Wireless Power Supply

RadioLabs Standard 110, or 220 VAC, 50 or 60 Cycle Power over Ethernet system, is a standards compliant Power Over Ethernet adapter, which fits all Wireless Products, from all manufacturers. These powerful, yet reliable 24 VAC Power Over ethernet adapters, are capable of powering most WiFi equipment on the market, and perfectly satisfies the power requirements for all WiFi devices.
Our 24 Volt POE adapters are built in a rugged ABS Plastic Case, with standard 3-prong AC Power Cord which plugs directly into AC Power (Mains) for instant POE Connectivity to your device. These are the same, ultra-reliable POE devices that power the majority of RadioLabs Equipment, from the o2Surf, to the popular GS-3000 as well as our new Ultra Fast little GS5000 AC speed bridges.

Power Over Ethernet – Changed the Wireless / WiFi industry

RadioLabs opened our doors in 2002 and entered the world of WiFi. Bridging didn’t exist at the time and RadioLabs was one of the first companies on the market to release a Wireless / WiFi bridge. Things were done quite differently back then, requiring bridging routers, coaxial cable and antennas, but coax was required, to move the signal from the indoor router, to the antenna, which was generally mounted on the exterior of buildings.

Coaxial cable for WiFi / Wireless is expensive, has some RF losses going through the cable. POE revolutionized the entire wireless industry, because now you can put the RF transmitter / Receiver, (WiFi Device) right next to the antenna, or incorporated into the Antenna, then send power, plus data to the device through the ethernet using the POE, Power over Ethernet devices. All non power wires in these devices are simply passive, meaning the CAT-5 Wires are all passed through our POE injector without modification. This allows you to plug almost any standard ethernet cable into the LAN port, and these POE injectors send power, plus the data to the far end of the network.

These 24 volt power over ethernet boxes, include a 110 volt standard, 3-prong power cable, allowing you to plug directly into any standard 110vac wall outlet, then plug the power cable into the POE to instantly apply power to the POE injector. These POEs also run off of 220 vac 50 or 60 cycle, with simple change of the power cable. ( not included)

Please note, that the majority of Wireless Network equipment, powers from 24V POE. There are multiple standards for the Power Over Ethernet systems, from passive 12v, to 24V, up to 48V supply. The entire wireless market has mostly settled on the 24 Volt POE standard for power.

24 Volt Power over ethernet system for RadioLabs products – Also works with most other vendors for standard 24 Volt POE.

Note: if you are using a non-standard wireless product or require POE for your system, please check specifications to ensure it requires a regular 24 volt POE.

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