WiFi Antenna Mounting Pole – Large Mount


The RadioLabs LAM ( Large Antenna Mount ) is a 24 inch pole, with heavy duty steel bracket, powder coated for long life. These adjustable poles can swivel or mount to any surface, and adjust to literally any position. Whether it’s rooftop mounting, wall mount or any imaginable mounting position, these sturdy, weatherproof poles can be installed in a snap for long life and easy deployment of your WiFi System.

WiFi Antenna Mount – Pole for Omni or Directional Antennas

Installing your WiFi Antenna or RadioLabs WiFi Kit, is a snap, with these low-cost WiFi Antenna Mount poles from RadioLabs. After you receive your WiFi Antenna, or outdoor WiFi access point, you will need a quick, simple solution for installing your WiFi Antenna. RadioLabs provides these large or small antenna mounting poles, at a very low cost. Available in Large, or small size,  these poles mount to any structure, in any position.

Installing WiFi Antennas – Mounting poles

The easy installation bracket on the bottom, allows for an easy install by simple lag bolt or screw installation to a flat structure, rooftop, or eaves of a house. Multiple mounting positions, as well as a full 90 degree adjustment, allows you to install these mounts above or below your shop, barn, garage, or other structure, giving you a very stable pole to install our antennas or kit. Whether directional, or omni-directional, you can use these antenna mounts to side-mount on any building.

Durable Mounting Poles – Antenna installation

These low-cost antenna mounting poles are the best way to mount any of our WiFi / wireless antennas or bridge systems. Whether you are using a Directional WiFi Antenna or Omni-directional Antennas, or sector, this large series, 30 degree angled antenna poles will install directly on the siding, eaves or even rooftop mount.

These poles are a very simple, cost effective way to install any of our WiFi Antennas, or WiFi bridges. For Wireless bridge installation, you will need 2 of these mounts. These mounts are used by RadioLabs here in North Carolina, to point your antenna and/or wireless bridge system antennas at remote buildings.

Also, to answer recent questions regarding the price. Yup, these are the same exact WiFi mounting poles, our competition sells for $79. Why? We honestly don’t know. RadioLabs does not profit from proper installation hardware. We want our customers, to be able to install our WiFi products using the proper hardware, which will last as long as our WiFi bridges. We want you to have the easiest installation possible. If we charged the same amount, our customers would cringe and skip buying the proper mounting hardware and would be much more difficult to install their WiFi products without a pole. If you’re questioning buying this pole due to the added price, we’d advise just spending the money so when you go to install your Wireless – WiFi bridge, or Extend WiFi to building kit, you have the proper hardware.

Note: After long term use, you will get a bit of corrosion on the mounting hardware. After 3 years on the side of a building, the nuts and bolts were easily removed however. The slight rust under the bolt, was only superficial and in no way affects the steel. The pole had a very small area of corrosion on the outside because the powder coating was nicked or damaged during installation. This is very minor, but like all RadioLabs’ products, we give you our honest opinion on product quality. For the price, they are excellent! We just want to inform our customers that if you’re installing these in high corrosion areas, you may want to opt for purchasing stainless steel hardware, and double paint these poles to ensure corrosion free installation for life.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in


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