DC WiFi Power Over Ethernet Adapter- 10 to 36v Input to 24v


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WiFi, DC POE Adapter 24 Volt – 10 to 36v Input – With Power Backup

If you are Running any WiFi Access Point or Wireless Bridge off of DC Power, including Solar Panels, this is the BEST DC Input POE we use. Powering your outdoor WiFi devices, is much different than traditional, low cost adapters. The RadioLabs 24DC input POEs, not only include a solid, clean, true 24v POE output from one single 12v battery, but also work on Series batteries.

Proper Power Delivery, Literally any Power input, from 10v to 36v input WiFi Requires a CLEAN Power output, to ensure proper current delivery. Any DC Input, to outdoor Access, is a critical process, of providing clean, solid power for all WiFi devices. These, are the best DC to Power over Ethernet output, for any 24v powered WiFi device.

Not sure what to purchase? Don’t requires a Very reliable and very specific POE Power Adapter.
RadioLabs DC to 24v Power Over Ethernet 

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1.5 in


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