o2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!

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The most powerful, Sensitive, WiFi router in the industry. The o2Air-Go, is the highest power, 1-watt output router, with Trusted, non-Chinese based Atheros processor, designed to give your home, office, or business the power and range required for the best, long range WiFi performance in the industry. This powerful Mu-MiMo, 2800mbps router, gives you the power and flexibility of endless network configuration required by even the most demanding home or office requirements. This will be the last router you need, for a VERY long time.

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Highest Performance WiFi Router in the Industry – Longest Range WiFi Router Possible!

Introducing the long-awaited, o2Air-GO. A 2800mbps, a High Power WiFi Router, gives you the longest range possible in the industry! Home, Industrial, Commercial grade networking! The o2Air-Go WiFi Router, boasts Mu-MiMo WiFi technology. We have full scale Custom OpenWRT Luci Operating System – already installed!!

Longest Range WiFi Gigabit router

A full 1-watt output, the o2Air-go is the highest powered WiFi-5 Mu-mimo router in the industry

RadioLabs invented the long-range WiFi market, back in 2001. During that time, WiFi was a very new technology and was only meant to have slightly more range of bluetooth, giving you Wireless internet at slow speeds, and generally no more than 50 ft inside of your home. It was a struggle to get any more distance, primarily due to the complex electronics of the time, only capable of low power amplification, with no more than 33 mw ( or, 33/1000ths of a watt) of power output. The greatest speeds possible when we entered the market, was the original 802.11b, at a blazing fast 11MBPS. Boy have times changed, and RadioLabs endlessly strives to keep up with the technology trend, giving our customers, the most powerful possible equipment, at the greatest possible realistic speeds which devices can achieve. RadioLabs’ latest generation routers, boast new advancements in Wireless chipset and amplifier technolgy, which was never thought possible when we entered the WiFi industry. Huge leaps in manufacturing processes, latest low noise amplifier design, and a host of other factors, all merged together at one time, to make RadioLabs’ entire generation of products possible.

REAL TEST RESULTS: The o2Air-Go, has enough WiFi power and range, to successfully replace 6 MESH WiFi units, which cost the customer $900, with our o2Air-Go!
Literally our one, high power, FAST, WiFi-5 phase steering advanced WiFi router, was sensitive and powerful enough to give more range, speed and successful 2.4 and 5 GHz dual band range, than 6 individually placed Mesh units from another Big Box brand name company around a customer’s home! 

No other WiFi router on the market, at this time, will provide as much reliable range, inside of your home, office or business, as the o2Air-Go.

NDAA Compliant WiFi Router

NDAA and TAA Compliant, trusted, Non-Chinese chipset router, you can trust.

o2Air-Go WiFi Router Features:

  • Dual Band Ultra Wide Mu-MiM0 – 2800 MBPS WiFi connectivity!
  • High Performance, Trusted Atheros Wireless Chipset, provides stable, reliable FAST performance.
  • 2.5GB Ethernet ports, for future high speed networking
  • Advanced WiFi tool set, allows for infinite configuration and programmability for highest performance.
  • WPA3 (WPA2 and backwoards compatible) gives you the latest in secure WiFi connections.
  • WiFi-5 – Latest, stable dual band technology using most advanced Atheros Chiposet available.
  • Remarkable, high speed, sensitive WiFi throughput at longest ranges possible!
  • OPENWRT-Luci Firmware, gives most advanced functions possible, pre-installed.

Longest Range WiFi Router in the industry! – 2800 MBPS WiFi connection speeds!

The o2Air-GO, is the highest performance router ever from RadioLabs, and features specifications and range, that nothing else we have tested, compares to. However, the only way to explain Range and transmit/receive capability, is to go into a VERY basic explanation of how WiFi actually works, and the limitations of WiFi, and why the receiver inside of RadioLabs o2Air-GO, ultra long range WiFi router, is in many ways, more important than the high output power. Range is so good, that 2 of our o2Air-Go routers, with 1 Watt Output, have been bridged together, at distances greater than 2 miles, with excellent connectivity in Mu-MiMo mode. This is incredible range, but please note, that this is not going to give your low powered cell phone, or laptop, 1 mile or greater of range. It will however, give much greater range and connectivity than anything else available on the market, but the weak link to any Wifi system, is the low performance device connecting back to our routers. We do stretch the limits of what’s physically possible with WiFi, but we cannot violate the law of physics. The ultra high performance receiver inside of the o2Air-Go, along with the highest performance, Qualcomm/Atheros chipsets the o2Air-Go utilizes however, stretch our performance to the limit, making up for the low power devices as much as physically possible at this snapshot in time. The ultra-low noise floor in the o2Air-Go, as well as the Mu-MiMo technology, work together, to provide excellent, stable WiFi signals, to the largest sized homes and even performance outdoors, to greater ranges than we ever expected.

High Power 802.11AC WiFi Router802.11AC Router FeaturesHigh Gain 5dB and 7dB gain WiFi antennas

Advanced WiFi Routers require Advanced tools! OPENWRT Luci Already Installed out of the box!

The Best, long range wifi router for your home.

Up to 12,000 sq ft home, full coverage WiFi router

RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go, incorporates the most desired wireless Firmware in the industry. OpenWRT-Luci, gives you not only a very capable wireless hardware, but embedded, customized OPENWRT-Luci Firmware, which gives you Industrial / Business class features and an almost unlimited modern networking capability. With this powerful Firmware installed, very advanced features, only available in $1200-2000, Enterprise Class routers allow you to do anything imaginable. Standard VLAN, advanced routing, Multiple advanced SSIDs, WPA-3 security, as well as backwards compatibilty. Connect, manage and build even the largest networks, using RadioLabs Advanced WiFi RF scan tools, give you the best WiFi tools available to rapidly diagnose your network’s WiFi and radio functions, to find the most open and available channels. Instantly scan for all WiFi devices within a huge radious, helps our customers determine what the best channel to park their router on, to avoid traffic, neighbors and then optimize performance on all bands. This “Channel Collission Avoidance” is also automated, but we Always recommend our customers use our tools embedded inside of our equipment, then fine tune their WiFi router’s Channel manually, to allow their weaker WiFi devices to get past competing traffic. This amazing function alone, gives our users the ability to move to the most open channel, allowing their weaker devices the most open channel possible. However, if you don’t want to hassle with that, RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go’s advanced wireless chipset, will constantly monitor, scan, find interference and reprogram itself to avoid this traffic. We have always had these advanced functions inside of our routers, but our new, advanced wireless interface, gives users the real-time ability to visually see the interference and modify their WiFi channels, bandwidth, speed, and power output, to allow even your weakest WiFi devices to transmit back, in the most stable and fastest operating mode possible!

NDAA Compliant (889 Compliant) Wireless Router – Digital Trust for Government agencies, and YOU

Most important, our chipsets are fully trusted, and NDAA Compliant, meaning we do not contain specific Chinese based chipsets, specifically banned by US Government, which caused major problems in the tech industry.

With All WiFi / Wireless devices, the weakest link, has always been the transmitter and receiver capability of the lowest powered device communicating back. ALL WiFi is all DUPLEX, 2-Way communication, meaning every single transmission sent from either device, requires not only a transmission, but also a receiver packet, telling the devices on both ends, that a successful transmission of packets has

Advanced Dual-Band chipsets (processors) allow for any operation

Twin, independant chipsets, give you remarkable wireless capabilities. Ability to operate each band, independantly for separate WDS bridging to additional routers, as a Mesh network, ability to link onto other routers or access points in Client mode, then re-broadcast independant wifi on both bands. This remarkable function, can be configured by the user, or RadioLabs’ IT Techs can remote in and assist with virtually any fuctions to program your network as basic, or as advanced as you desire.

Independent receivers, SSIDs and highly sensitive receiver specifications, allow for robust programming, to serve as many guest SSIDs, VLan gateways, independent VPN traffic and an almost unlimited amount of customized programming, thanks to our robust OpenWRT Luci interface.

In development for over a year, this remarkable, high power WiFi, Mu-MiMo router, boasts the latest technology available, with the most desired firmware available on the market.

Now Features all original , WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA2-AES (CCMP) and the new WPA3 Security, and an almost unlimited amount of updates in the future, allow you to have the latest technology thanks to a feature rich firmware, allowing you to always stay up to date on your firmware.

WiFi Router Security is CRUCIAL – Beware of Chinese based WiFi Chipsets

Like all RadioLabs Products, nothing we make is in China, and all of our chipsets are based in either the US, or Taiwan, and we are an 889 Compliant company, which sells to top level military, government and corporations, which have safety checks in place. This means, your sensitive data, is from a TRUSTED source. Very few WiFi companies, can claim they do not use any Chinese chipsets. The ultra low cost routers you see in the market, use Chinese Chipsets. Beware of ultra low-cost routers on Amazon, Ebay, and from overseas companies if you’re worried about your sensitive data. A substantial amount of Chinese based Wireless or Data companies, are owned and funded by the Chinese Government, and nothing you can do, including hacked firmware can get past the backdoor embedded in their WAN Gateway. This has been confirmed by numerous tests, leaking data, bandwidth monitors and government agencies. We will be releasing an article on this soon, showing evidence that data leaks are happening, stealing everything, unless you have trusted Chipsets by trusted companies, running firmware which cannot be hacked. RadioLabs’ routers, Bridges and Access points (Any active product which connects to the internet) is in use by all branches of the US Government, which have been meticulously combed through for security, and passed their tests. We are 100% trusted.

Side Note: The delay in launch of this router, during the 2020-2022 timeframe, primarily due to Covid, had RadioLabs’ sales team backed up on endless customer requests for this router. But, we are proud to announce it’s finally here and works better than we ever imagined.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 14 × 4 in


o2Air-Go – High power WiFi Router Specifications

Chipset CPU: IPQ8064
Switch: QCA8337
RF 5 GHz 4×4: QCA9980
RF 2.4 GHz 4×4: QCA9980
Standard 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n
Flash 256 MB
RF Speed 5 GHz 11ac: 1833 Mbps
2.4 GHz 11n: 800 Mbps
Interface 1x WAN; 4x LAN; 2x USB 3.0
Power Source 12 VDC, 3A
Environment Temperature Operating: -20 °C to +55 °C
Storage: -40 °C to + 80 °C0
Environment Humidity Operating: 10 % to 90 %
Storage: 5 % to 95 %

RF Specifications

2.4 GHz
11 Mbps 27 dBm 14 dBm 27 dBm -85 dBm
2.4 GHz
54 Mbps 29 dBm 16 dBm 29 dBm -72 dBm
2.4 GHz
800 Mbps 29 dBm 16 dBm 29 dBm -66 dBm
5 GHz
54 Mbps 26 dBm 29 dBm 26 dBm -70 dBm
5 GHz
800 Mbps 27 dBm 28 dBm 26 dBm -70 dBm
5 GHz
1833 Mbps 27 dBm 28 dBm 26 dBm -57 dBm


o2Air-Go WiFi Router Features:

  1. 1 Watt (30dBm) Power Output on 2.4 and 5.8GHz
  2. OPENWRT Luci – Advanced Firmware Installed! Tons of Memory!
  3. 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC – WiFi 5 Mu-MiMo
  4. Advanced QoS enhancement-WMM multimedia capable
  5. TCP/UDP/ICMP/ARP protocol stack
  6. Virtual DMZ, Port forwarding and port filtering.
  7. Highest power and sensitivity on the market.
  8. 4 x Gigabit LAN and 1 x WAN Port for multiple connections at 2.5 Gigabyte transfer rates
  9. 2 x USB ports – Shared Memory Storage
  10. RF output power adjustable on each independant band
  11. Firewall, URL/IP/Port/MAC filtering
  12. Support Gateway, Bridge and WISP mode – Any Wireless Mode possible!
  13. Use each independant band, as it’s own, separate programmable WiFi bridge, Client, AP, WDS, or simultaneous adjustable high power radio.
  14. Will link to any WiFi AP, or bridge, link to the signal, then repeat, or even use originating signal to repeat out any band, route, firewall, or virtually any wireless function imaginable.
  15. Use RadioLabs o2Air-Go, to manage entire RV Parks, businesses, or support up to 2000 or more simultaneous devices connected and managed through this business/enterprise level router. Or, just use it in your home, knowing you have the best router available in the market.
  16. Multiple SSIDs, up to 8 completely separate broadcast signals for guests, network only or internet only traffic allows
  17. for the best possible control of networking traffic possible.
  18. 1-Touch WPS security

Quick Start

O2Air-Go Quick Start Guide

The o2Air-Go, is an incredibly advanced, 2800mbps Gigabit, HIGH power (1 watt output both bands possible) using incredibly advanced WiFi-5 (WiFi-6 Compatible) router. The router itself, is as capable as any of the highest performance Home, or Office routers on the market. The incredibly advanced interface, allows for TX Beamforming, precise power adjustment, enhanced receiver functionality for maximum sensitivity or channelizing your router and output power for maximum range and speed to any device. Knowing how to use the tools in our router, is critical for optimum performance.

High Power WiFi Router Rear Port Diagram - Button layout for o2Air-AC Fast Gigabit LAN/WAN

Gigabit Port and button layout diagram for the o2Air-Go, High Power WiFi Router.

The Default IP Address of the o2Air-Go router, is, as shown on the label.

First, connect to the router, either by WiFi, or by Ethernet cable to a laptop. Windows, MAC or Linux computer, or anything with WiFi, a keyboard and a screen can be used to set the router up.
Enter the IP Address of the router, into the address bar of any Browser, ie: Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
Type ‘‘ then press the Enter key.

Enter IP Addres as shown into Browser Address bar to get into router

Enter IP Address of Router into ANY Browser Address Bar

The o2Air-Go, by itself, is the most powerful WiFi router to date, but even more important, has the best receiver we’ve ever had in a WiFi router, making up for your low powered WiFi devices, to some extent.

NOTE: WiFi is disabled by default, unless you requested customization from RadioLabs’ tech support prior to purchase. To enable WiFi, continue to Quick Start Section below:
Make sure that you screw on all 4 RadioLabs antennas to the proper RP-SMA Antenna ports.

Quick Start

Make sure you plug router into power first, but leave power button off (button out) and no lights on.
On first setup. Plug your internet source into the WAN port.

The WAN Port, is the Yellow Port labeled above. This is only for internet input from a Modem, or a router. Except in very rare instances, your modem will only go into our WAN port labeled above.
IMPORTANT: It is best on first start-up, to turn your modem off.
Next: Turn both the Modem (Internet Source) and the RadioLabs o2Air-Go on simultaneously. Wait for full boot of both your modem and the router. Your Modem, or Internet source, and the RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go router will bond together, giving internet output and enabling full routing on the o2Air-Go router.

On Initial Start-Up, you can then proceed to configuration to enable WiFi, and all other functions.

Next, Plug a Laptop, or PC into any one of the 4 x o2Air-Go router’s LAN Ports.

At this point, you should have internet out on the computer you’re using to set up the system.
Open an internet browser window (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge browser, Firefox, etc)

In the Address Bar, type in: then hit <Enter>

Menu will display. You only need to activate WiFi, from both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz bands, by hitting the enable button on screen.

Enabling WiFi and adjusting all other functions are quite simple at this point from the Network>>Wireless Menu Dropdown tab. If WiFi is not enabled, you can hit the Enable button on both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz band, to turn on the transmitters. The Default SSID is RadioLabs2.4AP and RadioLabs_5GAC. There will not be encryption at this point. Enable Encryption by pressing the EDIT button on Wireless, for EACH band. We recommend WPA2-PSK Encryption or the WPA3-WPA2 if your devices have the newer WPA3 algorithm in them. Most devices do not, so we just recommend using the (medium security) function, for best speed and compatibility.

The o2Air-Go, uses the most desirable interface available on the market, called OPENWRT Luci. This robust, high performance interface, allows you to do virtually anything that is possible with WiFi.

Our simply quick start guide here, is just to get your router up, operational and working, but the robust interface is capable of running almost any network, public or private possible. It is the highest performance WiFi home or business class router you can get. The WiFi, utilizes the highest performance chipsets on the market, with the highest sensitivity and powerful 1 watt power output. This gives you the best range possible in WiFi, but tuning is the trick! If you tune the o2Air-Go router to an open channel and apply proper power settings, no other router in the industry can compete.

Setting Security on your Router

Log into the router first, by the IP Listed above. From the Menu, select Network >> Wireless.

From this page, you will see the 2 active WiFi signals, default being broadcast.

Each band will have to be modified to ensure you have the WiFi password correct or to your liking. Other networks for guest use, etc, can be added or modified on this Wireless Editing page.

From the 5 GHz band up top, you will hit the “EDIT” button, to modify this wireless interface.

You will then see the Security tab at the bottom. We recommend either Medium (WPA2-PSK) or the Strong (WPA2/WPA3) Encryption for more modern devices. Our security on our routers are actually more advanced than most cell phones or laptops have at this time.

From the “Passphrase” box, you will enter or modify your desired password, 8 characters or more. We recommend not using special characters ( %&#$@ etc) in your password, as some devices will not recognize them or will not pass them through. While our router is more than capable of using these special characters, we’ve found some cell phones by certain companies, do not like  using these types of passwords.

After you modify or add a WiFi password, or another broadcast SSID (Signal name) press the Save, then Apply changes from the blue button at the bottom. The changes will be applied, the WiFi band will be rebooted, then you will be able to use the new WiFi password, or the new SSID.

There are no limitations to the amount of SSIDs you can add, and there are even much more advanced methods of utilizing our powerful wireless tools, for Access Point, or Client, or even WDS modes to link directly to our bridges, without even linking our bridges via a CAT5 cable for faster wireless performance.

Linking RadioLabs Bridge to the o2Air-Go (Advanced)

RadioLabs’ new bridges, like the ZipBridgeDuo, the GS-5000Pro NLOS bridge and the incredibly powerful new GS-6200 NLOS long range bridge, use the same operating system and the same high-end chipsets, for wirelessly bridging our o2Air-Go router, straight to our bridges without cables. This is a more advanced method, but are capable of performing this at 867 MBPS transparent WDS Bridge mode on the 5 ghz band for the ultimate, wireless bridge speeds and performance. This function can also be accomplished on the 2.4 Ghz band, at 300 MBPS if desired. The same task is accomplished using our WDS Bridge tools. Using RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go router, in combination with RadioLabs’ wireless bridges, give you the ultimate in speed and performance for the fastest bridging possible on wireless. Linking either 1 remote building, or 20 buildings or more, with RadioLabs’ bridge systems, can literally bridge entire Farms, ranches or rural locations, or if you own a large property with many buildings, you can link them all to the same single incoming internet utilizing our simple, fully configured bridge systems. For more on this, contact RadioLabs’ engineering team to help you design your wireless system.

Tips to Fine-Tuning your router.

The o2Air-Go, has a unique traffic scan function for both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz bands. By using these tools, you can find the most open and available channel to park your WiFi router.

Once you log in, you instantly have the option of using a host of different tools, available with OpenWRT Luci, like the Channel Analysis function below. It’s critical to make sure that your router is on the most open and available channels possible, for both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz band.
By hitting the Channel Analysis tool on the Status menu drop down, you can instantly scan both bands, to find all traffic available in your area.

It is critical, for optimal performance, to disable or shut off any WiFi devices that are close to the o2Air-Go router. The advanced QUALCOMM Atheros processors and pre-amplifiers used in the o2Air-Go router, are extremely sensitive and any nearby interference from routers or devices, will clamp off the receiver, and optimum performance cannot be achieved. Any nearby Printers or anything which are not in use, including your modem/wifi router from the Cable, DSL or Fiber Optic Company must be disabled, or it will decrease receiver sensitivity significantly.

From the tabs, you can see both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz bands, which do a full scan around your entire area, giving you all available channels in use, allowing you to put your router where no other WiFi traffic is. Or, you can simply select our Auto Channel feature, allowing the smart router interface put your router on the most open and available channel possible.

Advanced Setup Support is Available

The router is shipped to our customers, in default configuration mode, unless requested with customized programming through our IT services. If you need to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your o2Air-Go Router, without combining through tons of OpenWRT Luci functions, (We can also fine tune and maximize the WiFi performance of your router through our online IT Web services) our technical staff can do this for you, at a very fair price.
Note: We cannot ship the routers in this optimized mode, because every router we sell, ships around the planet, into very specific locations our customers install them. Each location changes. Some customers are in a dense urban area, receiving dozens of other WiFi signals, and some routers are shipped to very rural areas, with little to no interference from competing interference. Each instance is completely different and it’s impossible for the router to sort this on it’s own, so some level of human intervention is required for the best fine tuning of any router.

If you’d like to seek assistance from RadioLabs’ technical staff, we are here to support you. Remote support on PC or MAC is available using remote support software. Some fees may apply. Contact us for this service on our website at

2 reviews for o2Air-GO – Longest Range WiFi Router 2800 MBPS – AC-5GHz – 2.4-1 Watt Output!

  1. gbfdcapt4b (verified owner)

    I had a chat session with Chris and after going through my problems with my existing mesh router system he suggested I need a different router. I purchased the O2Air-GO. Setup was easy and worked good. I then had Chris fine tune the router in a remote session. This single router replaced a 6 node mesh system, amazing! It works great reaching out to the O2 Surf unit I have on the storage garage. Don’t waste you money on an expensive mesh system when this single router will cover your whole house and beyond.

    • admin

      Thank you for the excellent comments on the o2Air-Go. It is the best, high performance router on the market. Sorry your mesh system failed you. I am currently writing an article on Mesh, and why all Mesh or “Repeater” type routers fail in the industry. We appreciate your feedback and if you need anything at all, please let us know.

  2. JohnBa*

    Router is better than advertised. I’m getting more range than I had out of the last Nighthawk as well as my entire Eero Router system.
    I just replaced a Eero, which 3 units barely covered my home and no signal outside at all.
    The o2Air-Go, with one single router, is outperforming anything I’ve had in the past on both of my homes. Unsure how RadioLabs does it, but I will not have to deal with Mesh routers ever again. Greater speeds, both bands and even coverage out to my backyard pool. Everything they said it is and more! Thank you

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