o2Air-AX1800 -WiFi 6 Router- Long Range-Dual Band-High Power-802.11ax | w/24v POE

Original price was: $169.95.Current price is: $139.95.

If you’re looking for a high performance WiFi 6 Router, 802.11 AX Home router, that has top level Security and not Chinese manufactured, this is it! This Extremely Fast, High Power router, is perfect for Home or your Office and offers the ultimate in ultra low Latency. It’s Perfect for the fastest Gaming, HD (High Def) Video, in homes up to 3000 sq ft. Delivers fast Video Streaming to Multiple devices, Security Cameras delivers all the features you’d expect in WiFi routers costing much more. We use the Latest dual band technology offering Mu-Mimo and all the advantages that WiFi 6 AX has to offer. WiFi Performance up to 1800 MBPS wireless Speeds! Even Better, adding MESH, or the ability to WDS BRIDGE to any Other WiFi router, or wireless bridge another network add high level functionality for anything. POE Port, will even Directly power any RadioLabs Outdoor Bridge, Access Point, for direct 1-Wire Connection to add an outdoor WiFi Access Point for Security Cameras!

WiFi 6 AX Speed Router, with 1800 MBPS Dual band Speed, MESH Capable and Excellent Range!

Are you tired of slow, unreliable WiFi in your home or office? Do you suffer from “Dead-Zones” in your home? Are you experiencing buffering while streaming videos, lag during online gaming, or weak connections in certain areas of your building? If so, you will benefit instantly with the o2Air-AX1800 WiFi-6 Home/Office Router. RadioLabs even offers a fully programmed Bridged Pair, similar to Mesh, but without the additional dreaded Lag.

This Extremely Fast, Ultra Low Latency AX Router, features Dual band and the ultimate Speed for Video, Security Cameras, and the features the latest WiFi 6 – 802.11ax technology for any home, or business up to 2500-3000 Square Ft. The o2Air-AX1800, is suitable for Home or Office, offering not only range, but Blistering Fast Data rates. This new WiFi-6AX Speed, High Power Router from RadioLabs,  As with all RadioLabs’ Products, we provide our customers with SAFE HIGH Speed WiFi chipsets, giving you the fastest performance possible with no outside foreign interests, having a back-door into your sensitive files or information. The o2Air-AX, covers any size home, 2500-3000 Square Feet, and provides additional coverage by adding a 2nd or 3rd router in rare circumstances in larger homes of 8000-10,000 sq feet. The o2Air-AX1800, offers you the best possible firmware in the industry, Next Generation WPA3 Encryption, as well as linking to any of RadioLabs other products, in a WDS, or MESH bridge, with either instant linking for a “Repeater” of sorts, or, endless high speed linking to all networks! OpenWRT Luci is an advanced firmware other companies simply do not offer. This robust operating system is Stable and is the most advanced, flexibility and fully capable firmware in the industry, which can be explanded as necessary. This adds a massive host of utilities not possible on any other home or business WiFi 6 Routers in the industry. Security and chipsets used in the The o2Air-AX, WiFi 6 AX router, is one of the only, truly trusted TAA and NDAA Compliant routers in this price range, in the industry. This means, it’s a router you can truly trust, as all components sourced from trusted manufacturers! We do not use any Chinese chipsets, which are banned in the industry, and like all RadioLabs Products, we only manufacture our parts in the US, or Taiwan, both, safe, trusted sources in the Wireless Industry.

POE Power Built-In! – Power ANY WiFi Bridge, or Outdoor Access Point, Directly off the o2Air-AX Router!

The o2Air-AX, offers something No other router in the industry at this price range has, 24 volt POE Power Output directly through a LAN Port, to Power any outdoor Wireless Bridge or Access Point, straight out the back of our router! Instantly power any of our WiFi Devices outside, by simply plugging into the powered POE Port, allowing you to link our o2Air-AX WiFi 6 Routter, to, or from, anywhere you desire, with simple Setup. RadioLabs Can program our Outdoor Access Points, or Wireless Bridge systems for you, if you do not know how. We’re masters at IT and provide Full IT Engineering support to help average, everyday customers, business and government agencies.

What is WiFi 6 AX? How is it better than WiFi 5?

We have an Entire Article on this subject here, giving you a brief insight as to Why WiFi 6 AX is Better than WiFi 4 and 5th Generation: Honestly, WiFi 6 AX speed routers, were an answer to a problem, which wasn’t needed for the average home consumer. WiFi 6, adds the ability for more streams ofTraffic for WiFi 4, 5 and 6 AX Speed devices. This, gives you the power to literally flood your home, with Wireless enabled devices for Televisions, multiple high speed streaming of Youtube or social media, Hulu, and more! Even for the high end broadand WiFi household, with everyone watching Netflix, or Youtube, in 4k HD, along with all your Smart Home devices, RadioLabs’ o2Air-AX, gives you the ability to not only stream endlessly, have dozens of WiFi devices, Security Cameras and up to 200 or more Devices. The RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go WiFi Router provides better range, if you havea home or business of 7500 sq feet or more. So, there are 2 RadioLabs’ routers to choose from. Looking for the best Range Possible, our o2Air-Go has the most incredible Transmitter and Receiver possible, giving you the same performance and range, out of 1 single router that takes an entire 6 unit Mesh system to produce the same results.
So, whether you need full coverage of your home or business, at very high speed WiFi 6 AX, or, the ultimate in range, with RadioLabs’ o2Air-Go, we have a router to fulfill your requirements!

o2Air-AX-1800 WiFi 6 AX Router Features, you never thought Possible out of a Router in this price range!!

  1. Highest Speed data transfer for more devices, streaming 4k and 8k video with countless devices
  2. Excellent Range, for any home, up to 2500 Sq Ft, with ultra-sensitive receiver for your low-powered WiFi Devices
  3. Endless connections, to as many devices as you’ll ever need in your home or Office, makes it the best Medium to Large home, or SOHO Router!
  4. Lowest Latency possible. Packets sent and received, through high speed Qualcomm Atheros Chipsets, giving you almost ZERO delay for gaming, video and more!
  5. Connect and feed high speed data, for older 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC and the latest WiFi 5 and 6 AX enabled Devices!
  6. Lowest power consumption in the industry for multiple Devices
  7. Transmit Beamforming – Locks to the precise location of your wireless enabled devices, and digitally “Steers” the signal, at light speed, towards your devices.
  8. MESH to additional o2Air-AX1800, or o2Air-Go, or any RadioLab’s devices, giving you the capability of real-time wireless connectivity, directly to ANY RadioLabs or other WiFi devices you may already have!
  9. Use the o2Air-AX1800, as a digital “Repeater”, instantly linking the router to any existing internet source, then directly re-broadcasting that signal, privately, right inside of your home, shop office or hard to reach area in the back of even the largest home!
  10. Flexible tools, giving you every single Wireless Configuration utilities possible, all wrapped up in one router! OPENWRT is the way to go!
  11. Link to any existing WiFi network, use that signal as your internet source only, then broadcast it inside your home, shop or office under your own network name, capturing that distant signal and utilizing it privately, under your own network structure! (No other router in the industry has this capability, instantly rolled up in one package!
  12. Up to 26,000 add-on packages, allows you to customize, add Quality of Service protocol, to give priority service to any device, or limit data to low-priority devices!
  13. Almost unlimited amount of WiFi Security cameras can be added around any size home, giving you excellent stream quality, and a receiver that’s unmatched in the industry!
  14. SAFETY! As discussed below, ALL RadioLabs routers are TAA Compliant, NDAA Compliant and 889 Military compliant, using no Chinese parts, chipsets you can fully trust, and our assurance, that your data, remains your Data! If other routers in the market look too good to be true for the cost, they probably are! Our fully trusted Qualcomm Atheros chipsets alone, cost more than most of our Competitor’s entire router. Make sure your data is safe, and search your favorite search engine for the company, followed by “Chinese Chipset” to find out information you probably never dreamed was possible.

RadioLabs has Next Level WiFi WPA2-3 and Encryption and DATA Security Inside our Routers!

RadioLabs’ o2Air-AX, offers the latest, Next Generation WPA3 encryption, fo ryour WiFi Sucurity. However, all of RadioLabs Wireless/WiFi Products, are TAA certified, NDAA and even 889 Compliant for high level Business, government or  Military Agencies. People are always worried about their “WiFi Security”. What does that mean? All RadioLabs’ routers, provide you with the ultimate Wireless security possible. We even provide our customers with WPA3 Certified Encryption, and backwards compatible, for any Wireless/WiFi Devices, no matter how old. Wireless Security, has never been the problem, as we’ve always offered the top encryption technology possible and our signal is considered “unhackable”, by all industry standards. Wireless Encryption has never been the problem, nor have any of RadioLabs’ high end WiFi products, as we’ve always used 100% trusted chipsets and verified our customer’s security since the beginning. No, the problems are much deeper than just your wireless signal and starts the minute you plug a WiFi router into your broadband serives. The biggest problem the WiFi and Wireless Router industry faces, are ultra-low cost Chipsets which are banned by US Government agencies, corporations and even right down to the consumer level, when MUCH larger problems happened, that don’t even involve encryption. No, this problem is far worse than you know, and it all happens the moment you plug your router into the Ethernet. RadioLabs’ has always given our customers the safest possible solutions, with the highest level encryption possible, some, even vastly superior to what your cellular or laptop WiFi can achieve. But, we are a forward focused company and assure our customers, that if you purchase a WiFi product from us, it ONLY comes from a safe source. All of our products, are produced only in the US, or Taiwan, or a happy collaboration of both, over the last 20 years, and we will never change this key factor, to save a dime and sacrifice our customer’s Trust, and their Security!
To see what horror stories have happened since 2009, take a look at some horrible hacks and things that happened with other company’s Products. “The Big Hack”


For more information on the o2Air-AX, please contact our Sales or Engineering department for this amazing new router!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.5 in



Chipset MediatekMT7621A + MT7905 + MT7975
RAM / Flash 16 MB / 256 MB
WiFi Standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Frequency 2.4 GHz 2×2
5 GHz 2×2
Data Rate 802.11g: up to 54 Mbps
802.11n (WiFi 4): up to 300 Mbps
802.11ac (WiFi 5): up to 867 Mbps
802.11ax 2.4 GHz (WiFi 6): up to 574 Mbps
802.11ax 5 GHz (WiFi 6): up to 1201 Mbps
Ports 1x Gigabit WAN
3x Gigabit LAN
Antenna 4x fixed external antenna (External Antenna Ports on o2Air-AX-Pro
LED 1x Power
1x WAN
3x LAN
1x 2.4 GHz WiFi
1x 5 GHz WiFi
Button WPS (Mesh) button, Reset button
Power Supply 12 V DC / 1 A
Temperature -25° C – 75° C
Dimensions 185 x 116 x 40 mm
Weight 247 g


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