5 GHz Wireless Bridge – Point to Point WiFi networking

In today’s wireless world, a significant need for fast, reliable 5 to 6 GHz wireless bridges and backhauls is a necessity. With the success of WiFi, the 2.4 GHz band is completely saturated, and the need to move up or down in frequency is a must. RadioLabs 5 Ghz (also known as 5.8 GHz) bridges, cover the entire operating band from low 5 GHz, to near 6 GHz band. These high power, robust bridging solutions allow you to create a FAST, high speed bridge at an upper frequency limit of wireless, providing dedicated point to point, and point to multi-point 5 GHz systems. When used in conjunction with RadioLabs 2.4 GHz Access points, or direct shot, building to building, or providing high power, line of sight, or Non Line of sight access, we have a bridge for any possible situation. Blazing fast data rates up to 1200 mbps, or long distance bridges, up to 20 miles or more can be achieved. 

5 GHz Bridge- Long Range NLOS Wireless Bridge5 GHz Bridge- Long Range NLOS Wireless Bridge

5 GHz Bridge- Long Range NLOS Wireless Bridge


Simply the BEST, long range, extremely reliable Near or Non Line of Sight 5-6 GHz, adjustable bridge system ever made. Phenomenal performance, extremely stable, powerful, long range 5 – 6 GHZ wireless bridge system. This amazing bridge kit, has been the most successful bridge ever developed, hands down. The GS-5800, 5.8 WiFi / Wireless bridge system, is a high gain, commercial Non-Line-of-Sight bridge with 24dB integrated high gain antenna. Used in many high end commercial applications, the GS-5800 can be used as a backhaul, with adjustable packet and range adjustment from a few hundred feet, up to 40 miles or more. This high power bridge is the backbone of many high power wifi links, and utilized as a high gain point to point bridge in many commercial applications for data, internet, video or networking.

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