Extend WiFi to Garage – Barn – Shop – Any Access Point

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Connect and Extend WiFi to any building, detached garage or shop, or another home instantly, connecting literally any building within hundreds of feet to any WiFi Access Point you have the ability to connect to. Very Simple WiFi connection kit, allows you to connect to ANY Access Point, anywhere, extending your home network to your entire property. Simple, quick programming makes connecting as simple as possible.

Connect  or Extend WiFi signal – Rebroadcast in your barn, shop, office or any building

Connecting to any remote WiFi Access point, Home WiFi Router, Starlink Router or any Wireless Network, is now simpler than ever. The Radiolabs o2Surf WiFi Connection System is a complete, dedicated system you ONLY have to Install on the building you need WiFi in. This Complete Kit, contains all the hardware required to permanently link and supply internet to all WiFi enabled devices, such as laptops, tablets, cell phones, video cameras, etc. This kit, simply mounts on the building you need internet in, on any pole, then points at the building or location which has WiFi Internet in it. Often called a “WiFi Extender”, this kit, will instantly and securely connects any building on your property to your home’s WiFi router or internet source. You can even connect to any cable company access point, RV Park, Marina, hotel, or literally any Access Point, Router or hotspot, then, our powerful long range WiFi connection kit creates it’s own, independent private, remote network and secure access point in minutes!

Extend and Connect WiFi to any building instantly!

How to get WiFi Internet Into your Remote Building – (Detached Garage, Barn, or Shop)

The RadioLabs “o2Surf WiFi Connection System”, is a very powerful kit, contains every single piece of hardware you need, including ethernet cables, to connect to any remote access point or source of Wireless internet, within a large radius (up to 5 miles possible to a strong outdoor hotspot or access point), and even includes your own localized high power router for connecting any WiFi or hardwired devices you own. WiFi Mounting Pole is NOT INCLUDED, but we do sell a low-cost mounting pole if you need one. This system has been developed over the years, with very specific programming to allow our users to immediately log in to our interface, find your home router, or source of WiFi, select it, enter the password to your home network, then activate. This will instantly extend WiFi to your shop, garage, barn or other outbuilding on your property in a seamless, dedicated and reliable way, that no other kits quite accomplish. This method is not possible with any other hardware, except a full dedicated bridge. This WiFi Extender system, is actually 1/2 of our popular WiFi Bridge Kit, plus our most popular 1-watt high power router, but programmed in a unique way in which nothing else in the market can do.

Unlike other kits on the market, the RadioLabs “Extend WiFi” connection system kit, is a real point to point directional link, which allows you to connect directly to any source of internet, then our system takes control and creates a fully separate independent wireless network, supplying a fast, high speed internet connection to any WiFi enabled device. One single WiFi connection to any access point and our system will provide internet and private network access to as many wireless or wired devices as you own. No other kit or device on the market does this, and the speeds are FAST. Up to a blazing fast 150 MBPS network speed. Connection distances over 1 mile or more line of sight have been achieved, and with the high power outdoor o2Surf and RadioLabs own Backfire wifi antenna, you can even penetrate some trees and obstructions and still maintain a strong connection to the internet.

Link your shop, Barn, Garage or any building you need to extend WiFi

This kit will Extend WiFi to ANY WiFi Internet Source, regardless of IP address, then provides routing for your own local, private WiFi System.  Simplified version for those not so technically inclined ..

Connect your shop, barn, garage, or home to ANY WiFi Network. Works at long ranges, up to several hundred yards depending on router

Basically you can connect to any WiFi source you have permission to access (password or free public WiFi) , then light up your entire home and every single device you have which require internet, wired or wirelessly, in minutes, with RadioLabs Ultra Simple quick connect instructions. Once you install this kit, you’re only 3 simple steps away from having your own full home network or any area you need complete WiFi coverage, just like you had dug a long trench and buried cable. RadioLabs receives hundreds of customer emails and calls per month for this kit, and while we’ve had versions of this amazing WiFi kit always available at RadioLabs, it was never this simple or robust of a system. With our simple fast connect and login feature, you can setup and program our o2Surf Connect kit in minutes, log in, find your source of WiFi and once you select and apply settings, every single WiFi or ethernet enabled device you own can be instantly connected.

In a nutshell, this single high power WiFi kit will connect to any wireless (WiFi) network source available, such as

  1. Extending WiFi to your shop, barn, office or garage to your home WiFi Router or source of internet.
  2. Connecting to a public network and creating your own personal, secure private network.
  3. Connect to hotels, libraries, airport or other source of free WiFi with a stable secure network link
  4. Connect homes within range, to a centralized access point for cabins or guest sharing.
  5. Connecting multiple buildings on a large property, for high speed wireless networking.
  6. Connect long-range network cameras to a centralized access point for network storage (NVR or DVR)

This kit, literally connects to any WiFi Network internet source, then provides your own localized, fully secured high power router, allowing you to not only connect to the web, but also provides instant, full network access to your entire home, garage, anywhere you put the included router, allowing for up to 250 wireless or wired devices to instantly become internet enabled.

RadioLabs High Quality WiFi Mounting Poles is NOT INCLUDED, but are now for sale at an ultra low price!

The YouTube Channel glenn4alldfun did a great, independent review on our kit. Click below to watch the Extended version of our WiFi kit installation and test.
Glenn’s YouTube video of the Extend WiFi kit

Connecting to Cable Company WiFi with RadioLabs o2Surf Kit!

Many of our customers have been looking for the perfect solution to allow them to connect to the cable company hotspots available in most cities. Most kits on the market similar to our’s will not work because they are missing the specialized programming RadioLabs provides. Our system, will connect to any Spectrum WiFi, Cox WiFi, Comcast, Brighthouse, Centurylink, or any paid subscription based high speed wifi network. This not only provides high speed WiFi to your home, it literally lights up your entire house, just like you dug a trench and buried a wire all the way to your home. From that point, RadioLabs Access Point ( Included in full Kit ) takes over, and provides seamless high speed WiFi to your entire home, shop, or wherever you want it.

This kit still does so much more. To authenticate and log into the cable company WiFi, you simply open up a browser on any device, whether it’s a tablet, phone, PC or Mac, enter the cable company supplied username and password, and every single device on your network is instantly connected.. no need to log in on every single device with the RadioLabs o2Surf Connect System.

Connect to Local Public WiFi and provide access to your home

The o2Surf Connect System, provides instant “Whole Home” coverage, off of one single connection to a remote access point. This means, once you connect through our quick connect guide, RadioLabs o2Surf Connect System automatically enables sharing and provides an SSID allowing access to the internet, to every device you have.. phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, alarm systems, cameras systems, anything that can connect to WiFi will instantly have permanent WiFi connect.

As with all outdoor antennas and radio products, we recommend using lightning arrestors, to protect from Thor destroying the sensitive receivers inside of any and all radio devices. We sell multiple lightning arrestors and types of specific lightning devices to help protect from this happening.
RadioLabs has small inline CAT-5 plus inline coaxial style MOV devices, to help prevent lightning or nearby static strikes and lightning strikes from taking out the receiver and transmitter on your WiFi barn/shop/garage extender. Please inquire and we can give you pricing, as well as a specific product for your needs.

Connect all buildings on your property, ranch of farm to one WiFi source! 

If you have a large property, like a ranch, farm, compound or remote ponderosa, and wish to connect all your buildings to one internet source, the o2Surf Connect System, allows you to bridge every building, back to one single internet source. If you are within range of your home wifi router or source of internet, you can easily bridge every single building on your property, seamlessly to one router. No need for costly individual cable or DSL routers and internet connections to each building, when our system will save you buckets of money in the long term and have the same high speed connection. Share your single connection, with every single building on your property.

In Addition, since every single building on your property will be bridged with the RadioLabs o2Surf Connection Kit, you can suddenly provide high speed internet, cameras, printers and all network functions will operate just like you wired it in. This feature is possible, because RadioLabs o2Surf system allows every device on your network to be tethered to a single source, allowing for full networking functions without the hassle or endless programming to open up ports.

Limitations to the o2Surf Backfire Kit:

Since we are supplying our customers with one half or our wireless bridge system, this kit generally works for 99% of nearby situations, between 100 and 1500 feet and with at least a few of our customers, using one of our high power WiFi routers at the primary (home) location, using this kit to connect at over 1 mile. This system is as powerful as it gets when it comes to WiFi, and it is 1/2 of our long range, 5 mile bridge kits. RadioLabs is only supplying you with the remote building side of this kit, so we only know the specifications of the half we supply. In certain circumstances, customers have installed or tried to use this kit in circumstances where they were not able to get a connection to their home router:

    1. Distances over 1000 feet – where large trees, buildings or obstructions block the bridge path. Our kit will penetrate the trees or obstructions (excluding metal, more on that later) but the home router is nowhere near as powerful as our kit. So, while we may be able to get a signal to the low power router, the router is not capable of making the return trip back to our system.
    2. Metal buildings – This kit, is designed to simply install on the remote building. Since o2Surf and antenna in our o2Surf/backfire system, are designed fully weatherproof and very rugged, the 2 components will go outside of the building. Metal or steel siding, Stucco, or walls which contain metal in them, will not matter on the remote side where your barn, shop, garage or out-building are located. We simply run a cable into the building which supplies data plus power to that remote location. However, metal siding on the home or structure where there is metal siding of any type, will stop the signal of your home router, plus our kit. Metal is WiFi’s worst enemy. In this case, even at shorter distances, you will need our complete Point to Point Wireless Bridge Kit. This is simply the full bridge system, which incorporates the hardware, plus the bridge programming necessary to get past metallic siding. This simply includes the other half of our bridge, with a powerful primary antenna and o2Surf, as well as associated cable and hardware.
    3. Trees and Obstructions – RadioLabs has sold so many of these kits and we are fairly confident that any home-owners’ buildings within a few hundred feet, will work and connect easily to their home router, but in certain circumstances, there is simply no signal path. If you have extremely dense trees on your property, you will likely need to install the other half of the bridge. Out here in North Carolina, our own kit however, transmits through 80 fee t of trees, then 700 feet, to our primary location. The signal still has to penetrate through 7 walls, a large stainless steel refrigerator, where it finally gets the signal to a very low power, Spectrum cable company supplied router. Even with that very low power router, which provides the weakest signal we’ve ever encountered, we still have 60% signal strength. The Spectrum router is honestly so weak, we cannot see it’s signal a mere 45 feet away through a glass door, yet our o2Surf building connection kit, can connect to it just fine from hundreds of feet away through obstructions. In this case, you may need to add the additional “Bridge completion kit”. We do not list this kit on our website yet, as the circumstances where the bridge completion kit is needed, has been so rare, it is not worth our time to create the webpage for it. However, when the obstructions are simply too great for this building WiFi Connection kit to work, we simply supply our customers with the option to create a powerful omni antenna kit, giving full, 360 degree access to the antenna with our WiFi Omni Access Point kit for outdoors, or, our ultra-powerful 12dB WiFi Access Point System. Either of these kits, contains all the hardware, plus the programming to complete the bridge, plus gives our customers the added ability to connect any of their WiFi Security cameras, cell phones, laptops or virtually any WiFi enabled devices, within hundreds of feet of the antenna. Customers can also purchase the items separately to complete the bridge package, by getting our powerful, directional BackFire WiFi Antenna, plus, our o2Surf, high power outdoor Access Point.
  1. RadioLabs’ created this kit, to save our customers time, money and time, by providing the most powerful, single building network connection system ever released. We can assure our customers, that there is no other networking system on the market which is this powerful, easy to program, fully configured, and operates off of a single network plug, giving you the ability to install hardware, log in, scan for your home router, select, enter the password and connect. Nothing else is this easy, and we know if it cannot be done with this simple kit, there’s nothing else in the entire market that will. 18 years in the industry, has allowed us to fine tune, the most powerful WiFi system, that customers with zero networking experience can program in a snap. If there are obstructions or limitations listed above and for some reason this powerful networking system doesn’t work, we will recommend the additional products that will work guaranteed. Out of the hundreds of systems we’ve sold, very rarely do we ever have a customer who ever needs the extra parts to complete the bridge link on their property.. However, sometimes this is outside of our control and the Primary router we are linking to is simply too low power to make it work, the obstructions are too dense, or metal is a factor. We strive to give our customers the best possible chance to install 3 small parts on any building and put a solid WiFi signal into any building. Nothing is as easy and you don’t have to spend $200-300 on a mobile IT technician to install hardware costing hundreds of dollars more.

We can’t state how powerful this system is,  you just have to see it to believe it. Customers who’ve questioned the power of our o2Surf / Backfire connection system, have always been amazed at how far they’re able to connect, how simple the system is, and by following our simple instructions, you have instant, fast, dedicated WiFi to any building on your property, or any application where you need internet instantly and permanently.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 5 in
CAT-5 Length

25 ft, 50 ft


o2Surf Backfire Kit
Device Specifications
IEEE Communication Protocols 802.11B / 802.11G / 802.11N / 802.3
Frequency Band 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz
System Information Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS
Memory Information: 16MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
Regulatory/Compliance Information Wireless Approvals: FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210
RoHS Compliance Yes
2.4Ghz Receiver Specifications
Receive Sensitivity (Typical) 802.11B/G/N:
-83dBm (+/-2dB) @ 24Mbps
-80dBm (+/-2dB) @ 36Mbps
-77dBm (+/-2dB) @ 48Mbps
-75dBm (+/-2dB) @ 54Mbps802.11N:
-96dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS0
-95dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS1
-92dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS2
-90dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS3
-86dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS4
-83dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS5
-77dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS6
-74dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS7
Transmitter Specifications
Avg TX Power 0dBm – 28dBm (-/+ 2dBm)
TX Linear output Power up to 800mW / +28 dBm
Channels 11 for North America, 14 for Japan, 13 for Europe, 2 for Spain, 4 for France
TX/RX Switch Time < 1µsec
Channel Width Up to 40Mhz (HT40)
User Interface
Diagnostic LED

Power: ON/OFF – Transmit/Receive –
Signal Strength Indicator

Configuration Interface
Configuration via web browser on any device or platform. Atheros firmware capable of connecting to all Access Points, instantly, no software to install, no updates. Works on all browsers and can be programmed from any device with wifi, a screen and a keyboard.
Power Requirements
DC Supply Voltage Kit operates on 12v or 110vac with included adapter – Access Point inside of kit, produces and provides all power for operation. Can be run essentially off any power provided. – Main o2Surf Radio operates on standard 24v POE.
Max Power Consumption 7 Watts
Wireless Security and available network security features IEEE802.1x / RADIUS Client (EAP-MD5/TLS/TTLS)-AP mode
WPA – Wi-Fi Protected Access
PSK (Pre shared key) with 64/128-bit WEP Key
EAP-MD5/TLS/TTLS authenticator (AP Mode)
MAC address filtering (WLAN)
Hide SSID in beacons
Layer 2 Isolation
Mechanical Specifications
Data Connector Type RJ-45 10/100 Category 5
RF Connector Type Integrated N-type Male Jack (connects directly to antenna)
Enclosure Characteristics Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
Enclosure Size 15.2cm. length x 3.1 cm. height x 3.7cm. width
Weight 0.18kg (enclosure only)
Operating Temperature -40C to +80C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Condensing
BackFire High Gain WiFi Antenna
Frequency Range
2400 – 2500 MHz
<1.5 @ 100MHz bandwidth
50 Ω
15 dBi
Half power beamwidth
E-Plane beamwidth = 32°
H-Plane beamwidth = 32°
Front to Back Ratio
Max. Power input
50 Watts
Direct Ground (not required but advised)
Connector type
9.75″ diameter x 4 1/3″ depth
2 pounds

Wind load area

.299 feet square or (.028m2)
Maximum wind velocity
 130 MPH (210 km/h)
Supporting pole
¤30 ~ ¤60mm
Dome Material
UV-Resistant ABS


  1. Question: I purchased an Extend WiFi System for my remote building and bought a new home router, or installed Starlink and my remote building dropped. How do I get connection back?Answer: This is our most often asked question on systems we’ve sold. It’s quite simple! Get your original instructions, and simply follow the 10-steps again, to log back in, find your new WiFi router and reconnect!
    The kit can connect to ANY WiFi source with internet, so you’ll be back up and running in minutes.
    If you lost your original instructions, you can download a similar copy HERE . The WiFi Password will be different, but it’s simply the Serial # on the bottom of the router. (Case Sensitive)
  2. Question: How Powerful is this System – What is the range you can extend between your barn and your internet source?

    Answer: This is the most commonly asked question regarding this revolutionary kit. The distance will vary depending on the type of WiFi router or access point you are connecting to. Ranges reported are anywhere from 500 feet, where customers have very low power routers in their home, up to 5 miles, if you’re using one of our Outdoor WiFi Omni Antennas- Access Point Kits, or another o2Surf outdoor WiFi Access Point, with directional antenna at Primary side. This kit, is essentially 1/2 of our popular WiFi Bridge system, but adds a very simple interface to connect to any access point available.

  3. Question: Where does this kit install? Where do I place this equipment?

    Answer: This kit fully installs at the remote building, where you want internet. Most people want to “Broadcast WiFi” to an outbuilding, to get it in their shop, barn or garage. This is not the way WiFi Works. The problem is the low powered devices, such as cell phones, laptops, security cameras, etc, have very low powered cards. Our Kit, contains a specialized access point (which looks like a router) inside of it, which provides a high power WiFi signal in the remote building, allowing your low power devices to connect local. The o2Surf and directional antenna which mount outside, provide the real horsepower behind this kit, connecting and providing a solid link between your home router, XFinity WiFi access point, or any WiFi signal with internet.

  4. Question: What if this kit doesn’t work or my home router isn’t powerful enough?

    Answer: You can simply purchase the other half of a bridge kit, to put in a true, point to point Wireless Bridge. At that point, you have some excellent options, for either installing a simple Directional WiFi Antenna with proper connector and one of our o2Surf Radios, or you can install a full-property Omni Directional Antenna kit with o2Surf, giving you the ability to broadcast the signal all across your property. RadioLabs new location in North Carolina, uses this same o2Surf WiFi Connection System, which we have connected to a central Omni-Directional WiFi Antenna kit, with our o2Surf. This puts in a very solid bridge link, plus gives us the ability to connect to WiFi within several hundred feet, and up to 1500 feet (farthest we can go before hitting trees) to cell phones or virtually any WiFi Device. Our Powerful Wifi Omni Kit,  has excellent coverage, a very sensitive WiFi receiver and can connect most devices within 1000 feet, or until you go behind heavy tree cover, or enter a building.

  5. Question: Can the Signal name “RadioLabs-Ultra” be changed?
    Answer: The short answer to this is yes but not recommended. Due to the complex technical nature in which we program this kit, keeping it very simple for our customers to quickly log in and connect, we do not recommend changing the broadcast signal name, or even recommend attempting to change this.
    Note: Many people have “IT Specialist” friends, who you may reach out to, to try and modify this amazing kit.. It may look simple, but our IT Engineers, designed the programming of this system, in such a brilliant way, inventing a new WiFi mode, that what seems simple, isn’t so. We do not have a manual and do not disclose how we program our system, because technically it’s a “Trade Secret”. On the bright side, there’s no charge for this brilliant software we put on this kit. Nope.. we literally don’t charge a configuration fee. We make this kit brilliantly simple and intuitive for our customers, so anyone, regardless of their IT knowledge, can follow our simple 10 step instruction sheet and instantly connect to any WiFi network in the world. Nothing else does this, and we’re happy we can give our customers this amazing kit for such an affordable price. Yes, the RadioLabs-Ultra network name and individual password, all hand coded for each customer is required.. We can change items later to give you a password and individual unit in the future.. but once you see how amazingly simple our system is, and how fast you can connect to any WiFi system in the world, you’ll agree it’s best to just use our name and our password. All of our passwords are unique and you can rest easy at night, knowing that your router is the only one in the world, with this unique password.Due to the way our technical support is handled on this unit, modifying the WiFi SSID (Signal name) rebroadcast router is not recommended unless a very qualified IT technician makes this modification. It is not intuitive and the result is generally messing up our very nice software. So, if you want to customize this kit, yes, you can do it. RadioLabs can also modify this via Remote Support after purchase for a fee.

    We cannot modify the name or customize this kit for you, as it also requires a heavy modification of the paperwork and all documents. Due to the fact RadioLabs does not even charge for the fancy configuration and our software with the sale of this kit and the way our techs configure this, we won’t change this at time of purchase, even with a fee. The reason for this, is that our technicians have a very easy way of assisting customers who need assistance during initial install, and customizing the entire interface for each customer, would consume too much time. Also, any attempts in the past, doing customers a “Favor” and modifying the broadcast signal name and password, always resulted in a less than desirable outcome. It’s safe to say, that the only problems we’ve ever had with this kit, is when customers want to customize it to begin with.. each case, turned out to consume significant IT time. We install this amazing software for no charge.. enjoy it and just get use to connecting to RadioLabs’ name every time, or, wait until the software warranty is void and give it a shot yourself. Our networking software is fantastic, it’s free on initial install, and nothing else in the world, does what this kit is capable of!!
    If you’d like to customize this kit, it’s best to simply add another router on the output of our kit, and then customize that router, leaving our system working like factory.. We also have a much more complex manual, showing step by step, how to connect to a WiFi system. This manual is listed under our downloads page.
  6. Question: What if this kit doesn’t work or my home router isn’t powerful enough?

    Answer: WiFi operates in the 2.4 GHz band. It is susceptible to interference, shielding from metal siding or other objects and the signal will stop, almost instantly when it hits metal siding. If you have Metal siding on the primary building (Where the home router and source of internet is), you will most likely need a full bridge kit, or, you can simply move your home router to a window, facing the direction where the o2Surf / Backfire kit is installed. You can also purchase one of our o2Wind, high power 300mbps, 1-Watt routers for your home, giving you a HUGE signal, then simply run CAT-5 ethernet cable over to the o2Wind Router. We can never guarantee the distance our o2Surf connection system will operate, because of HUGE variations in the power and strength of different home router. Some are adequate to allow our kit to bridge thousands of feet, others, are so weak, that they barely provide WiFi inside of your home, let alone penetrating the siding on your house, multiple walls, and get to a kit hundreds of feet away.

    We use this kit out here in NC, as the primary system to get internet into our company. The o2Surf connection system, combines a POWERFUL WiFi Client Radio, plus, one of the strongest antennas you can get, a 15dB BackFire antenna, to steer, or direct the signal right at your home router, capturing and locking to your home router. Once you go through our simple connection instructions, you are linked to your home router full time and it bonds to your router permanently.  Unless you turn our system off or break this link, it will not disconnect on it’s own. This system, gives our customers the ability to get internet from any source, and forms your own fully functional WiFi system, capable of supplying internet to up to 252 devices. It is a high speed, powerful WiFi System which nothing on the market compares to. This is not a repeater. RadioLabs does not sell an actual repeater.

  7. Question: What is the CAT-5 Cable Length? What do I need?
    Answer: This is up to you and depends on where you plan on installing the kit. The cable, runs between our white o2surf radio and backfire antenna outdoors. This one cable, is all that’s required, to provide power, plus data to the wifi “Radio” outside. This single cable, provides stable POE (Power Over Ethernet) voltage to our system outside, and a high speed data link between the two devices. The CAT-5e cable we provide, is a very reliable, UV protected cable, which will not crack or degrade due to weather.
  8. Question: Is there a lower cost solution?
    Answer: No, for what this kit does, it’s actually a very good bargin, to say the least. All competition, requires a full wireless point to point bridge system, generally costing a lot more. up to three times the price of this kit with most competitors.
    RadioLabs knows our performance is to such an extreme WiFi Level or signal strength, that our Kit can make up for this by only using 1/2 of a wireless bridge (the o2Surf Connection System shown here) and it’s very sensitive, high performance receiver, combined with our powerful, true, 15db gain high gain Backfire Wifi Antenna, allows for a direct shot, straight to the source router where internet is coming from. That means, we know the levels of performance of our kit, and we know generally how far it broadcasts/receives from other routers, and know that our performance is so good, we literally go through walls, linking directly to most decent home Wifi routers. Not all routers are as high performance or high output power as RadioLabs’ Routers. We know this. But still, even with weak, to moderate range WiFi routers, we simply punch through walls, getting right into the house or building, straight to the WiFi source. No other company can do this, because of one thing.. high levels of performance, and the ultra sensitive WiFi Atheros based chipsets.
    Worst case scenario, if you have too much obstruction, too low of an output power from your home router, or metal siding, you needed a point to point bridge to begin with. RadioLabs’ doesn’t punish our customers in this situation, and can provide you with one of our directional high power access point systems. These APs are very easy to set up and will always put in a 100% signal strength to our kit at the far end, fixing any weak router issues. Another reason, the customized WiFi Mode RadioLabs’ invented, making this possible to begin with. We have the only operational method, allowing our system to act like a completely separate network, removing the advanced setup, or IT requirement out of the equation, allowing our customers to set our system up, off of 1 simple instruction sheet.. yup, you don’t need to know IT at all, just follow a simple sheet and simple instructions. 
    Our system, is approximately 50 times or greater powerful and sensitivity than a standard home WiFi router. This means, you can literally punch through walls, connecting directly to the home network. If the outdoor AP is required, the price of the Extend Wifi kit, along with this AP, essentially equals the same cost as a bridge.. plus or minus $10 or so plus shipping. So, we make it easy in this case and can resolve any circumstances where a true WiFi Bridge system was needed in the first place. Not a big deal. Contact Us for more information regarding adding the other half of an AP. As of this writing, they are not available on the website, because they are such a good value, that customer’s would simply buy them for other purposes and we reserve these for the rare situation where it’s truly needed. Thanks


21 reviews for Extend WiFi to Garage – Barn – Shop – Any Access Point

  1. mikebob (verified owner)

    I decided to buy this kit which is 1/2 of a bridge kit to try and see if I could connect my shop to my home WiFi. My router in my house was in the worst possible location and I had almost no signal at my shop. I connected it all up and didn’t have a good signal so I called in to RadioLabs and they fixed me up with everything I needed to complete the bridge, and also configured it for me. I had previous called their tech support several times before I purchased and they have always been very helpful. I think it good products, good people. Mike E, Perry, OK

  2. mobrien03 (verified owner)

    Our garage is ~100ft away, from our house, but we don’t have a clear line-of-sight due to another (wooden) building in the way. The location of our existing AP Wireless router is on the opposite side of the house from the garage. …and, to make matters even worse, there is quite a bit of interference from neighbors on all of the wireless channels in the 2.4ghz range. And finally, to really push this solution to the extreme edge of its capability, I can’t put any antennas on the exterior of either the garage nor my house — all antennas *must* be out-of-sight! So, the garage antenna, which is pointed back towards the house is *inside* the garage.

    Purchased this kit and installed without any issues. Surprisingly, I found that the SSID in my home *is* visible from the garage; however, the signal strength is in the -90dbm range. Considering that for my use, I would really like to see the signal strength in the -60 to -70dbm (minimum), I will need to either a) Increase the Wi-Fi signal strength from the house AP SSID, or b) purchase the other 1/2 of this bridge system and put the house antenna in the attic pointed back at the garage. For now (see Side Note below) I will go with option a) replacing my existing AP router with a new RadioLabs o2Wind router. I know that it’s possible that option a) may not still solve the problem and that option b) is always there as a fallback — which I’m confident will work. Once option a) is installed, I will report back on how this is going.

    Regarding support, I can say that it’s excellent. Prior to purchasing this setup, I had quite a few technical questions, and they were always answered promptly. Post purchase, I have also had other technical questions requiring support, along with one (serious) problem that was self-induced (oops), and again the response has been excellent — even for fixing my self-induced issue!

    (Side Note: I’m replacing my existing AP router with the o2Wind not simply to gain wireless transmit power strength, but equally important is the flexibility the o2Wind has with configuration, particularly with multiple AP SSID’s and the ability to limit the traffic on secondary SSID’s to either WAN or LAN or both. Very cool features – especially in this day of increased hackers on the prowl!)

  3. iliketennis (verified owner)

    I’m surprised that this product hasn’t had more reviews…it is awesome! I needed to get wifi to our metal barn 300-400 feet from our house and had already tried an omni-directional antenna without success. So I bit the bullet and ordered the o2Surf Wifi system. I’m not a techie guy so I was a little hesitant about installing this on my own. As it turned out my worries were unfounded as I installed it without having to contact tech support (later contacted them to get info on possiblility of getting cell phone service into our barn also).
    Not only has this system been easy to install (mounting onto a satisfactory pole and drilling a hole into our metal building to get the HDMI cable inside was the hardest part), my wifi signal is as strong (if not stronger) as it is at our house 300-400 feet away.
    I seldom do reviews (just too busy), but am making this exception because if you are a farmer/rancher like myself and need wifi to an out building you need to drop $300 and buy this system.
    It works as advertised, is priced right, and the people are in the USA and are friendly. I would give it 10 stars if it were possible!!
    Bob W

  4. m.powers (verified owner)

    I recently added the o2-Surf WiFi Connection System. The system was used to complete a wireless bridge from my house to my garage. The bridge is 130 yards in clear sight. Up until purchasing this system. I was having nothing but problems making the connection work without loosing the signal. After purchasing this system I had a few problems configuring. I contacted Chris and after a breif discussion about my set up. He was able to help me and get the bridge up and running in no time. I am very happy with the results. The bridge works perfectly. My customer service experience was great. Chris even e-mailed me some info to help me connect my tractors over my entire 80 acre farm. He was more than helpful. I am very satisfied. I just wish I had made the decision to use the pre configured Bridge from the start, instead of trying to save money using inferior equipment. It would have actually been cheeper and a lot less head aches in the long run. Great Job RadioLabs and Thank You Chris. Sincerely Mark Powers

  5. Ronwinchester (verified owner)

    You couldn’t ask for a better product for this application. The people you deal with at Radio labs are more then helpful and are right on top of their product. After receiving the product it took less then two hours to have it up and running. RadioLabs had pre programmed all they could and what I had to do was minimal and easy to understand from their two short page instructions. I extended my WIFI apprx 150″ from my all metal house to my all metal shop and ran over 50′ inside the shop to a office that positioned my new wireless router provided in the package. After turning it all up my wife who has a office on the far side of the shop had perfect WIFI wireless signal in her office. Great product, great support and great to find a company that their product do what they say they do.

  6. jeffdke (verified owner)

    wow great product just “bite the bullet” and buy it! you’ll be glad you did. I’ve had this system up and running for about 3 weeks now; crazy strong signal. My shop is about 200 feet away from my house. Thought about running a Ethernet cable that far, but decided there would be to much up keep if the cable got damaged. I had the chance to do a web chat with Chris; (the Mastermind @ Radio labs ) I use to think I was a solid 4 with techy stuff. NO I’m maybe a 2 at best. I felt like a caveman hitting rocks together, trying to create internet:) he is very knowledgeable. Rest assured the support is there after the sale!! I had asked them to create one network for me. (additional fees apply) they took over my computer and did it remotely. I now have one network for my property, I love it I can now print from my house to my shop, This stuff is over my head like a 777 flying at 26000 feet… This stuff is a walk in the park for the employees @ Radio Labs.

  7. jeff.schrunk (verified owner)

    I purchased this to extend the WiFi from a house I just built to a “mother-in-law” cabin that we stayed in while building the house and previously when it was just a glorified deer camp. We had HughesNet for internet and it was horrible to say the least. Was able to get significantly better internet at the house so wanted to dump the HughesNet. This provided a perfect solution to my problem. It was super easy to put together and get up and running and the user interface on the router is a snap. Answer a few basic questions and you are up and running in less than 10 minutes from powering the unit on. The speed in the old place is significantly better than the old internet and now all my services flow back through our primary internet provider and I was able to kick HughesNet to the curb. I HIGHLY recommend this solution. I recommend it so much I’m going to buy another one and put it in my shop since it is an internet black hole with all the metal walls and roof.

    The only reason for a four star is that the power cord/plug unit died in under 20 days of use. It just quit as there weren’t any storms or power surges in during that time and it was the only thing impacted. I contacted the support and sales emails and was just told to keep calling until someone answered the support line. Patience isn’t my virtue so I got on Amazon and found a replacement that had the exact same specs and bought several for less than $20 just in case it happens again.

    • admin

      Hi Jeff,
      We don’t know why the POE died, and we are sorry. We are constantly on the phones here answering calls. We don’t put anyone through voicemail, and answer our calls direct. On every page on our website, there is an “Online Support” in the bottom right hand corner. There are multiple people on that, and it is answered for 12 hours a day. We answer within seconds.
      Your POE would have been covered under warranty, but this is the first time we’ve had anything die. In fact, port #4 on our router, is a POE output, and you can power the kit direct. In fact, you’re not even supposed to use our POE at all.. we have discontinued using it, and you probably just received an extra. It may have been blown out, if you had POE into another POE. Our instructions clearly state to plug the blue cable , from the o2Surf, directly into Port #4 on our router. The POE is not even included now, but you didn’t have to purchase anything. You could have tossed the POE in the trash and plug it in as stated.
      Thank you for the excellent review. It truly is an excellent product and is what we state and advertise. I’m glad you kicked your internet service provider to the curb and saving money using our high power kit.
      Also, we have POEs for sale, very low cost on our website. They are located here for much cheaper than you purchased on Amazon. I’m sorry you had problems. We truly do our very best to service every single customer.
      I would recommend not using the POE, into another POE. That may cause problems. Simply power the system through our PORT 4.
      If you’re plugged into Port 4 on our router, with another POE inline, it may cause issues with the other POE.. So, I’d suggest simply removing it out of the system completely. Sorry we gave you an extra POE that you really didn’t need. You just happened to get an extra part you didn’t need. Have a great day, and please reach out to us on the live chat window. Even if we are away from our desk, the live chat rings to our cell phones during business hours.
      24 V POE – WiFi | From RadioLabs

  8. grsaec1 (verified owner)

    I had to replace the wired Ethernet feed to my shop as it degraded after time. It was ran underground in conduit and is 400 feet from the house to the shop. I run a plasma cutting bench off of a computer in the shop that needs to communicate with the office computer. I was planning on pulling a new feed out there, but opted to try this wireless option instead for several reasons.
    1. I have NEVER been able to use my cell phone in the shop due to the weak signal strength and metal shop walls. I wanted to utilize a wifi calling feature of my phone.
    2. Even before i lost the internet to the shop, signal strength was spotty. its a long distance for cat5 wire.
    3. I had tried a WAP unit in the past and it was always needing to be reset. I had others try and get wifi out there piggybacked to my Ethernet..all to no avail.
    4. Just wanted something simple

    I should have ordered the mounting post that your shop offers, but did not see it when i placed my order. I had to manufacture my own. no big deal. Have 2″ EMT laying around so i welded up a wall mount post and painted it.

    That took more time than the rest of the install. After mounting antenna and control unit outside (under overhang), the rest of install only took 5 minutes. The unit comes out fully programmed. My Ipad found it and after following very easy instructions, i was up and running.

    Hooked the Phone, Ipad and shop computer into the wifi signal. All was flawless. Speeds are the same as inside the house.

    And here is the kicker. I can use my cell phone within the shop for the first time ever. Great signal and no dropped calls.

  9. dhomant (verified owner)

    I’m not sure I can say more than the other reviews in terms the happiness that I have with this system. I have a metal office trailer as an outbuilding which houses our French Bulldog breeding business. We not only could not get a signal through the metal walls but we live out in the country. I had tried several other technologies which I had purchased at the “big store” online. None really worked and I had lost hope.

    Finally after a year I tried again. I was tentative as I had gotten burned before and I have a complex system of outbuildings and trees in between to boot. But I found the support knowledgeable and willing to help. I took the plunge and ordered the system. WOW! So easy to install. So accurate. My wife and I are happy as I was also able to add the cameras that I need to keep an eye on the puppies.

    We will be ordering another system down the line here for one of our other outbuildings. Thanks guys for all the help.

  10. KellynKal

    If you are looking at getting wifi into any out-building on your property, seriously, just buy this kit. Installed this kit on a rainy day in December and went through their manual. I do not know anything about wifi and still honestly don’t. RadioLabs simple manual, easy install and manual, gave me a solid signal to both my detached garage and into my barn. We only ordered 1 kit to start and after seeing how easy it was, we ordered a second kit for the barn. Install was fast because we already had a pole mounted on the garage. The barn, we bought one of RadioLabs mounts.
    Setup was easy and we are still surprised at how good this works. We have parties out in the barn and everyone is able to connect easy on all devices. The garage is 600 feet from our house and the barn is a little farther in the opposite direction. Signal strength is excellent and connected to our router fast. In fact it was so easy, we lost our instruction manual on the first kit, but come to find out, after doing this 2 times we don’t even need the instructions. Nothing could be faster or simpler. Another company told us we needed a bridge, and IT tech and would cost us over a thousand dollars per building. This was absolutely not the case and this kit is highly recommended. Some friends of ours have purchased the kit now as well and had excellent results getting wifi to their mother in laws’ house on their property. This was one of the best investments we ever made because we thought we had to dig a trench and run wires to each building. Their techs were very helpful and recommended this. We now have video cameras on all our buildings. Thanks!

  11. michael4 (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product. I live about 10 miles from my barn and needed to get internet to the barn – for mare stare. I did not want to have to buy internet a second time for my barn. I use xfinity for my internet and they have several hot spots near my barn that i can log into and use as a part of my account. I got this unit from RadioLabs and it had no problem picking up and logging into my internet account. The setup was super easy, just have to make sure you plug the Ethernet cord into the PoE port on the router as that is what powers the o2surf receiver. Now I have internet at the barn and do mare stare from home. Internet at a remote site without having to pay for a second account – this unit paid for its self in 4 months in savings. Customer service (Chris is the best!!) was amazing to work with, from adding extra items to my initial order, setup support and afterwards when I had questions specific to my situation. I would give this product and RadioLabs 10 stars if i could – a product that works like it is supposed to, easy to set up and huge cost savings. Truly amazing!! Thanks for a great product.

  12. rebeccastransportllc (verified owner)

    We ordered this to extend our wifi to my mother-in-laws home in order to install Nest cams on the property and for her to have internet access. We also ordered the Omni-Directional antenna and when the antenna didn’t come configured, I jumped on here in Chat with Chris Justice and he accessed the antenna remotely using TeamViewer and made sure that it was working successfully before he left TeamViewer and today after installing the o2 Surf wifi extender, I again got on Chat because while it worked perfectly, we had some questions about plugging other routers into the router that came with this unit, and Chris was my Chat support again today, and he actually called me and talked to my husband about how to extend our wifi and even got to know us on a personal level! We have never had another company to have an employee like Chris that actually shows that he cares about his customers and the products they receive by talking to them not just about the products that RadioLabs sells, but also talking to you like a best friend. Did I mention that Chris speaks fluent English, so there is no language barrier? Lol. RadioLabs has gained us as a lifelong customer due to Chris Justice and the product lines that RadioLabs offers. RadioLabs customer support is unlike any other company out there! Thank you to Chris Justice for all your time and help, and thank you RadioLabs for offering the products that we need at reasonable prices!

  13. jarand1 (verified owner)

    We have a metal building which we have a small business we operate that is about 80 feet from our existing home router. we were having problems with very weak or no Wifi signal, not enough signal to let our wireless cameras or laptops work. Decided to try the o2Surf-Wifi connection system, was my wife and I amazed after I got the system installed in less than a hour and we got the router set up. Our signal is showing 93 out of 94, my wife said this is amazing. Wireless cameras and laptops are working great now. I want to thank RadioLabs for this simple fix to our problem.
    Keith Simmons

  14. Sheryl Proft (verified owner)

    I just received our kit from RadioLabs yesterday and we are up and running today! It was super easy to install. We ran into a glitch when we were installing the software but a call to tech support solved our problem right away. We have an iMac and we were trying to set it up using Safari but it got stuck in a loop. When we switched to Firefox it worked without any problems. Our guesthouse/shop is about 150′ from our main house and we could never get our wi-fi to work out there. We installed the antenna inside the guesthouse attic so we don’t have to see it. It works fine there. We are even getting a full signal. I spent months on the internet trying to research our best option for getting wi-fi to our outbuilding. Most everything I read said that an underground line was our best option. I am so glad I came across this alternative from RadioLabs!

  15. sdevert (verified owner)

    THIS WORKS! Everything about this company and their product is first class. I spoke with great people, my product came faster than I expected, the packaging and instructions were fantastic, everything was programmed and ready to go! The installation was fairly easy! I am beyond pleased! The only recommendation I would have for others is that they use an iPad for the installation vs. a cell phone. Much easier on old eyes. THANK YOU CHRIS! And Jane. 🙂

  16. mikebob (verified owner)

    I have had my Radio Labs Bridge for almost two years now and was updating my review. I have had to replace a router and a radio on my Internet Provider side, but have not touched my Radio Labs Bridge. The only thing I regret is not getting it sooner. B M Ewy Perry, OK

  17. joey.rosenfelder (verified owner)

    This product is fantastic. I have a detached metal garage with a finished room that I always wanted to extend internet service to to create a home office, however I was under the impression that an expensive bridge system was needed to pick up the wireless signal from the house. I was somewhat skeptical that this product was as easy to set up as the instructions indicated and worked as well as the reviews indicated…boy was I wrong! This was extremely easy to install and works perfectly!

  18. kmaycock (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. We use it to provide internet access to a large ranch headquarters and never have any issues. We have been able to connect to fast internet from anywhere that we’ve tried. The product was easy to set up, and the RadioLabs crew has been great at answering any questions that arise (which are few and far between). As far as I can tell, this is the best product you can get to provide rural wireless connectivity. We’ve used it now for over a year and never have any issues.

  19. hensonobx (verified owner)

    I have had the O2Surf WIFI Connection System for about 3 years and it works very well. We have a summer residence and instead of paying the local cable company for a separate internet service that we would only need for approximately four months, we ended up utilizing a family members internet signal across the street and enjoy full WIFI internet at our place now and just split the internet cost with them in the summer. Before we ordered, we contacted customer service to let them know that the signal we would be using was over 1,000′ away and had many trees in the way so took their expert advice and ended up upgrading to the Panel 19 flat antenna and it works very well. We just place the antenna in the front window pointing to the internet source and it works even without it being mounted outside the house.

    We were so happy with our system that we recently purchased a second system for my parents house down the street from us. They are elderly and since the cell phone coverage is very poor at this location they are now able to utilize WIFI calling through the router in all parts of the home and detached garage using this system which gives us piece of mind knowing they have full phone coverage. They just asked just their neighbour if they would mind splitting the cost of the internet for the short time they are there instead of having their own internet installed as they are only seasonal residents and it works out great. My Mom is also now able to enjoy watching Sunday mass, checking her email and seeing what is happening on Facebook all from her iPad so she is very pleased.

    Online support has always been great as well. Chris has been very responsive with any questions that I have had while setting up the systems.

    Would highly recommend this system to anyone that wants to extend their WIFI to another structure without going through the hassle and cost of installing a separate internet service.

  20. SierraBASE LLC (verified owner)

    Top notch products and technical support, it does not get any better anywhere. System has worked flawlessly since installation and then a problem developed with my Access Point losing speed that ended up being caused by a change Starlink made that affected some settings. Finding the problem ended up taking WAY longer than first thought and the owner, Chris, was gracious enough to not only reduce the cost of the remote repair, but while he was at it, he fine tuned the whole system that included a wireless bridge and that increased the speed even more. Hard to beat this kind of service and products.

  21. milos evan (verified owner)

    This system works perfect for my shop on back of my property. Very strong signal, just wish that WIFI password could changed for some less complicated phrase. LOL

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