Extend WiFi to Garage – Barn – Shop – Any Access Point


Connect and Extend WiFi to any building, garage, shop, home instantly, connecting any building to any WiFi Access point you have connection to. Simple connection kit, allows you to connect to any access point, anywhere, extending your home network to your entire property. Simple, quick programming makes connecting as simple as can be.



Connect  or Extend WiFi signal – Rebroadcast in your home, office, building

Connecting to any remote WiFi Access point, router, or any WiFi network, is now simpler than ever, with the Radiolabs o2Surf WiFi Connection System. Often called a WiFi Extender, this kit, will instantly and securely connect any building on your property to your home’s WiFi router, connect to any cable company access point, RV Park, Marina, hotel, or literally any Access Point, Router or hotspot, then, our powerful long range WiFi connection kit creates it’s own, independent private, remote network and secure access point in minutes!

Extend and Connect WiFi to any building instantly!

This extremely powerful kit, contains every single piece of hardware you need, including cables, to connect to any remote access point or source of Wireless internet, within a large radius (up to 5 miles possible), and even includes your own localized high power router for connecting any WiFi or hardwired devices you own. This is quite IS the ‘Holy Grail’ of WiFi connection kits, allowing almost any single WiFi function to be performed and allows you to do almost any imaginable task.

Unlike other kits on the market, the RadioLabs WiFi connection system, is a real point to point directional link, which allows you to connect directly to any source of internet, then it takes control and creates a fully separate internet connection. One single WiFi connection to any access point and our system will provide internet and private network access to as many wireless or wired devices as you own. No other kit or device on the market does this, and the speeds are FAST. Up to a blazing fast 150 MBPS network speed. Connection distances over 1 mile or more line of sight have been achieved, and with the high power outdoor o2Surf and RadioLabs own Backfire wifi antenna, you can even penetrate some trees and obstructions and still maintain a strong connection to the internet.

This kit will connect to any WiFi Source, regardless of IP address, then provides routing for your own local, private WiFi System.  Simplified version for those not so technically inclined .. Basically you can connect to any WiFi source you have permission to access (password or free public WiFi) , then light up your entire home and every single device you have which require internet, wired or wirelessly, in minutes, with RadioLabs Ultra Simple quick connect instructions. Once you install this kit, you’re only 3 simple steps away from having your own full home network or any area you need complete WiFi coverage, just like you had dug a long trench and buried cable. RadioLabs receives hundreds of customer emails and calls per month for this kit, and while we’ve had versions of this amazing WiFi kit always available at RadioLabs, it was never this simple or robust of a system. With our simple fast connect and login feature, you can setup and program our o2Surf Connect kit in minutes, log in, find your source of WiFi and once you select and apply settings, every single WiFi or ethernet enabled device you own can be instantly connected.

In a nutshell, this single high power WiFi kit will connect to any wireless (WiFi) network source available, such as

  1. Connecting your shop, barn, office or garage to your home WiFi Router or source of internet.
  2. Connecting to a public network and creating your own personal, secure private network.
  3. Connect to hotels, libraries, airport or other source of free WiFi with a stable secure network link
  4. Connect homes within range, to a centralized access point for cabins or guest sharing.
  5. Connecting multiple buildings on a large property, for high speed wireless networking.
  6. Connect long-range network cameras to a centralized access point for network storage (NVR or DVR)

This kit, literally connects to any WiFi Network internet source, then provides your own localized, fully secured high power router, allowing you to not only connect to the web, but also provides instant, full network access to your entire home, garage, anywhere you put the included router, allowing for up to 250 wireless or wired devices to instantly become internet enabled.

Connecting to Cable Company WiFi with RadioLabs o2Surf Kit!

Many of our customers have been looking for the perfect solution to allow them to connect to the cable company hotspots available in most cities. Most kits on the market similar to our’s will not work because they are missing the specialized programming RadioLabs provides. Our system, will connect to any SpectrumWiFi, CoxWiFi, Comcast, Brighthouse, Centurylink, or any paid subscription based high speed wifi network. This not only provides high speed WiFi to your home, it literally lights up your entire house, just like you dug a trench and buried a wire all the way to your home. From that point, RadioLabs Access Point ( Included in full Kit ) takes over, and provides seamless high speed WiFi to your entire home, shop, or wherever you want it.

This kit still does so much more. To authenticate and log into the cable company WiFi, you simply open up a browser on any device, whether it’s a tablet, phone, PC or Mac, enter the cable company supplied username and password, and every single device on your network is instantly connected.. no need to log in on every single device with the RadioLabs o2Surf Connect System.

Connect to Local Public WiFi and provide access to your home

The o2Surf Connect System, provides instant “Whole Home” coverage, off of one single connection to a remote access point. This means, once you connect through our quick connect guide, RadioLabs o2Surf Connect System automatically enables sharing and provides an SSID allowing access to the internet, to every device you have.. phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, alarm systems, cameras systems, anything that can connect to WiFi will instantly have permanent WiFi connect.

Connect all buildings on your property, ranch of farm to one WiFi source! 

If you have a large property, like a ranch, farm, compound or remote ponderosa, and wish to connect all your buildings to one internet source, the o2Surf Connect System, allows you to bridge every building, back to one single internet source. If you are within range of your home wifi router or source of internet, you can easily bridge every single building on your property, seamlessly to one router. No need for costly individual cable or DSL routers and internet connections to each building, when our system will save you buckets of money in the long term and have the same high speed connection. Share your single connection, with every single building on your property.

In Addition, since every single building on your property will be bridged with the RadioLabs o2Surf Connection Kit, you can suddenly provide high speed internet, cameras, printers and all network functions will operate just like you wired it in. This feature is possible, because RadioLabs o2Surf system allows every device on your network to be tethered to a single source, allowing for full networking functions without the hassle or endless programming to open up ports.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 5 in
CAT-5 Length

25 ft, 50 ft


o2Surf Backfire Kit
Device Specifications
IEEE Communication Protocols 802.11B / 802.11G / 802.11N / 802.3
Frequency Band 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz
System Information Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS
Memory Information: 16MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
Regulatory/Compliance Information Wireless Approvals: FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210
RoHS Compliance Yes
2.4Ghz Receiver Specifications
Receive Sensitivity (Typical) 802.11B/G/N:
-83dBm (+/-2dB) @ 24Mbps
-80dBm (+/-2dB) @ 36Mbps
-77dBm (+/-2dB) @ 48Mbps
-75dBm (+/-2dB) @ 54Mbps802.11N:
-96dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS0
-95dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS1
-92dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS2
-90dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS3
-86dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS4
-83dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS5
-77dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS6
-74dBm (+/-2dB) @ MCS7
Transmitter Specifications
Avg TX Power 0dBm – 28dBm (-/+ 2dBm)
TX Linear output Power up to 800mW / +28 dBm
Channels 11 for North America, 14 for Japan, 13 for Europe, 2 for Spain, 4 for France
TX/RX Switch Time < 1µsec
Channel Width Up to 40Mhz (HT40)
User Interface
Diagnostic LED

Power: ON/OFF – Transmit/Receive –
Signal Strength Indicator

Configuration Interface
Configuration via web browser on any device or platform. Atheros firmware capable of connecting to all Access Points, instantly, no software to install, no updates. Works on all browsers and can be programmed from any device with wifi, a screen and a keyboard.
Power Requirements
DC Supply Voltage Kit operates on 12v or 110vac with included adapter – Access Point inside of kit, produces and provides all power for operation. Can be run essentially off any power provided. – Main o2Surf Radio operates on standard 24v POE.
Max Power Consumption 7 Watts
Wireless Security and available network security features IEEE802.1x / RADIUS Client (EAP-MD5/TLS/TTLS)-AP mode
WPA – Wi-Fi Protected Access
PSK (Pre shared key) with 64/128-bit WEP Key
EAP-MD5/TLS/TTLS authenticator (AP Mode)
MAC address filtering (WLAN)
Hide SSID in beacons
Layer 2 Isolation
Mechanical Specifications
Data Connector Type RJ-45 10/100 Category 5
RF Connector Type Integrated N-type Male Jack (connects directly to antenna)
Enclosure Characteristics Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
Enclosure Size 15.2cm. length x 3.1 cm. height x 3.7cm. width
Weight 0.18kg (enclosure only)
Operating Temperature -40C to +80C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Condensing
BackFire High Gain WiFi Antenna
Frequency Range
2400 – 2500 MHz
<1.5 @ 100MHz bandwidth
50 Ω
15 dBi
Half power beamwidth
E-Plane beamwidth = 32°
H-Plane beamwidth = 32°
Front to Back Ratio
Max. Power input
50 Watts
Direct Ground (not required but advised)
Connector type
9.75″ diameter x 4 1/3″ depth
2 pounds

Wind load area

.299 feet square or (.028m2)
Maximum wind velocity
 130 MPH (210 km/h)
Supporting pole
¤30 ~ ¤60mm
Dome Material
UV-Resistant ABS



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