N Male Connector – Wifi – Wireless cable


N Male Connector for RL or LMR 400 coax. These rugged connectors are crimp style, ultra low-loss design, incorporating a gold plated pin, crimp ring, and allow for wrench or finger tightening to any coax, or wifi / wireless radio. Perfect for all outdoor applications, which require N Male connection. Works on all RadioLabs WiFi Antennas.

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N Male Connector – WiFi – RL or LMR-400 Cable

N Male Coax Connector for RL-LMR-400 Cable

N Male Crimp style connector for RL – LMR-400 type coax cable

RadioLabs offers the highest quality N Male WiFi Coax Connector for LMR 400 or RL-400 coaxial type cable. These N Male connectors are the standard, crimp type connector, which will not fall off your coax. These are the most desired connectors available and are made of corrosive resistant materials.

These connectors fit all 400 Style cable from RadioLabs. These ultra-low loss wifi / wireless coax connectors, are threaded N-Male and include the crimp ring, center pin, and outside crimp barrel “Ring”. The center pin is soldered on to secure connectivity between the connector and the cable and is the perfect connector for multiple objectives. The pins can be crimped onto the center conductor of RL-400, or LMR-400 style cable, but copper can corrode over time, so it’s best to securely solder the gold plated pin, onto the center conductor of the coax.

N Male Connector for Wifi / Wireless Applications - Coax

Low Loss N Male Connector for LMR-RL-400 style cable. Crimp style

N-Male connectors, are the most common type used for WiFi / Wireless coax, and are considered a standard for all outside applications. With excellent low-loss characteristics in outdoor wireless up to 6 GHz, these weather-proof N-Male Connectors are common for direct connection to all RadioLabs WiFi Antennas.

These N Male style connectors will adapt all 400 type coax cable, to all outdoor wifi antennas we sell.

NOTE: You cannot install these connectors, without the proper tools. You will need a soldering iron, as well as a 400 cable style crimp tool. You will also need a knife or stripping tool for the coax, a pair of cutters or “Snips” Trying to use other methods for crimping the ring, will end up with a very loose connector, which will fall off. RadioLabs recommends using our crimp tool, available separately. Please contact us for information regarding our crimp and installation tools.

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LMR 400 N Male Coax Plug Connector

  • Crimp Style
  • Threaded Inside
  • Raised Solid Pin
  • 17.8mm Outer ring diameter
  • 7.9mm Inner ring diameter
  • Gold Plated Pin

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions .75 × .75 × 1.25 in


Model # NM400
N Male Plug Connector
Impedance 50 Ohms
Frequency Range DC ~ 11 GHz
Voltage Rating 1500 Volts Peak
Dielectic Withstanding Voltage 2500 Volts RMS
Insertion Loss .20 dB Max.
Mating 5/8-24 UNEF Threading Coupling
Mating Torque 15 inch pounds (170 N.cm) Max.
Cable Attachment Hex Braid Crimp
Center Conductor Cable Attachment Crimp or Solder
Cable Retention 60 lbs. Pull
Body Nickel Plated Brass
Contact Gold Plated Brass
Insulator TFE
Ferrule Nickel Plated Brass
Temperature Range -55C(-67F) to +85C(+185F)
Temperature Cycling MIL-Std. 202 Method 102
Weatherproof Yes
Moisture Resistance MIL-Std. 202 Method 106
Corrosion MIL-Std. 202 Method 101
Vibration MIL-Std. 202 Method 204
Altitude MIL-Std. 202 Method 105
RoHS Compliant Yes


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