WiFi Pigtail Coax Cables – Wireless Pigtails


WiFi Pigtail cables – The perfect solution for adapting any wireless card, access point, router or wireless network device to a universal coaxial cable. RadioLabs offers 12″ pigtails for connection to your wireless product. Wifi pigtails are a common way of adapting any wifi device or different cable diameter by adding flexibility to your wifi or wireless cables. AP, Antenna, etc The wifi pigtails are made with high quality coaxial cable (LMR-100 or RG-316 or Equiv) connectors, for simply adapting N Female or N Male to your wireless card, amplifier or injector.


LMR-100 WiFi Pigtail Cable

These small, flexible wifi pigtail cables are required if you have a small antenna connector, such as a USB WiFi Card, Wireless Router, WiFi Access Point or if you need to adapt any “N Female” type coaxial cable connection. Using either a lightweight LMR-100 or RG-316u cable, we hand make our pigtail connections to the highest standards possible.

WiFi Pigtail Connector types and sizes

We made a wide selection of pre-made and custom made pigtail cables for all applications. Our standard cables, have an N-Male connector on one end standard, and will fit the majority of N-Female cables, or N-Female antenna jacks. Our pigtail cables are generally 4 to 12 inches long, and have the following connector options:

– N-Male to RP-SMA Male
– N-Male to RP-SMA Female
– N-Male to RP-TNC Male
– N-Male to RP-TNC Female
– N-Male to TNC Male or Female (Custom)
– N-Male to N-Female
– N-Male to MC Card connector
– N-Male to MMCX Connector
– N-Male to MCX (Apple airport style connector)

These are simple examples of the pre-made cables we manufacture, however, we can and will make any combination or length of pigtail cable you need to fit your application, using any wifi, wireless, cellular or other standard connector available.. Therefore, if we don’t stock it standard, we will make it for you.

Wireless Pigtails – Coax and connectors

WiFi Pigtails, are cables which are pre-made, small diameter inter-connection cables, generally to go from the WiFi card, with a certain connector, and adapt to a larger, low-loss wireless / wifi cable with a different connector installed. These are typical in wireless devices. RadioLabs pigtail ables can also be used to go between a WiFi USB Card and amplifier injector, allowing for a short run of flexible coax (pigtail) to be used between the card and cable, card and injector, card and larger cable. Length of the pigtail is generally as short as possible to eliminate coaxial loss, because the LMR-100 or equivalent mil-spec coax generally used, is much higher loss than traditional LMR-400, RL-400 or coax made and intended for use at microwave frequencies.

WiFi Pigtail cable information

The LMR-100, or RG-316 coax pigtail cables we manufacture at RadioLabs, are built with very low loss connectors, gold plated where applicable and are the lowest loss cables on the market. Available individually, or in bulk pack, we keep adequate stock on hand for all your cabling needs. We manufacture pigtail and standard low loss microwave cables every day. We can make any cable, standard or pigtail to your specifications, in single pack, or in large bulk quantities.

Most of our cables come with a type “N” Male connector, a short run of coax (4 inches to 12 inches) and a connector of your choice. Please choose your connector carefully. (See wireless connectors below) We only offer pigtails in 12″ maximum length to reduce coaxial line loss.
Special Note:
 Finally, RadioLabs recommends that you do not use pigtails over 12″ in length or significant reduction of wireless signal may result. Due to the amount of connectors possible, our standard cable selection is limited. We can make Custom pigtail cables, based on your exact specifications, allowing up to 10 ft of LMR-100, RG-316 or equivalent coaxial cable. Please see our Custom Pigtail Adapter Cable page.

For custom cables and custom pigtail pricing, please contact us for quantity and lead time.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × .5 × .5 in
Connector Type

RP-SMA, SMA, N-Female, N-Male, RP-TNC, TNC, MC Card, MMCX, U.FL