Protected: Ultimate Starlink Wireless Bridge System -5 Ghz plus 2.4 outdoor WiFi

Connecting, or extending your Starlink Internet system to all of the buildings on your property is easy! RadioLabs has wireless bridge systems designed to connect one detached garage, shop or building on your property, up to 10 or more buildings, homes or guest houses, instantly connected wireless to your Starlink Internet. RadioLabs’ offers plug and play, instant bridge systems, even through dense woods or trees, to remote buildings using our NLOS (Non Line of Sight) bridges.
We manufacture Wireless/WiFi Bridges, from low-cost, including our re-broadcast WiFi router into a shop, or completely saturating an entire RV Park using Starlink Internet! 
Our solutions, are easily installed by end-users, and we offer the best Wireless Support in the industry, guaranteeing you are connected. On all Starlink internet systems, we know the IP Address out of their router, right into our Wireless Bridge. You supply the Starlink system, we do the rest!

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