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globe, or local stations. Our selection of Shortwave portables, have been tested by our engineers, to achieve high performance signal strength. We don’t just list any radio, we test them, use them, make specific notes and run them through sensitivity testing, assuring our customers receive the highest quality possible. We never sell anything to our customers, that we have not used ourselves.

Shortwave and AM FM Coverage 

RadioLabs, has over 75 years combined, of engineering, testing, and designing AM, FM and Shortwave Receivers. Our Chief Engineer, was one of the youngest ham radio operators, receiving his license at 7 years old. That’s back when Morse Code was required. There’s nothing we know more, than radio itself. We do not sell our customers, anything we would not use ourselves.

OUT OF STOCKRadioLabs – Sangean 909X ClearMod – AM/FM/SW ReceiverRadioLabs – Sangean 909X ClearMod – AM/FM/SW Receiver

RadioLabs – Sangean 909X ClearMod – AM/FM/SW Receiver


RadioLabs popular Sangean ATS-909X – ClearMod , is a modified version of the new Sangean ATS-909X, providing both increased clarity and sensitivity. Our amazing filter modifications, performed by skilled technicians, significantly reduces noise, static and adjacent channel splatter. While the 909X is already a very sensitive receiver, our custom receiver modification takes the AM & SW bands and supercharges them for greatly improved worldband and AM performance.


Kaito KA-500L AM FM SW Emergency Radio


Reliable, self-powered Emergency Radio – The Kaito KA-500L, charges the internal Lithium ion, standard 18650 battery off of multiple power sources, including wind-up, solar, DC input, etc. AM, FM, Shortwave, NOAA Weather radio, alert you to emergencies. This is the emergency weather radio you want before you’re trapped and need it. Makes the perfect gift for your loved ones who live in earthquake, hurricane or tornado prone areas. Easy to use and built-in flashlight make this a great radio to always have on hand in your home, car, RV or boat.

Sangean ATS-405 AM/FM/Shortwave Portable Radio

Original price was: $94.95.Current price is: $79.95.

Sangean ATS-405 Shortwave Receiver

The Sangean ATS-405, portable receiver, is a high performance AM FM and full Coverage Digital Radio.  It was designed for who wants full coverage AM/FM shortwave and world band full coverage. In our tests, we have compared sensitivity to all other receivers, and it’s AM and FM is amazing. Shortwave coverage is excellent of the whip. The 405 is a great emergency radio for worldwide listening.

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