Weather Radios, are the best way, to stay in tune with the local weather. Weather alert feature, allows you to get immediate notifications of impeding weather related emergencies, such as tornadoes, flood, even fire. RadioLabs carries a full inventory of weather and weather integrated radios.

Kaito KA-500L AM FM SW Emergency Radio


Reliable, self-powered Emergency Radio – The Kaito KA-500L, charges the internal Lithium ion, standard 18650 battery off of multiple power sources, including wind-up, solar, DC input, etc. AM, FM, Shortwave, NOAA Weather radio, alert you to emergencies. This is the emergency weather radio you want before you’re trapped and need it. Makes the perfect gift for your loved ones who live in earthquake, hurricane or tornado prone areas. Easy to use and built-in flashlight make this a great radio to always have on hand in your home, car, RV or boat.

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