WiFi Antenna Connectors – WiFi Cable 

RadioLabs, offers a full assortment of wifi connectors. All our wifi antenna connectors are for specific access points, and provide a low-loss connection to your Home Router, Outdoor Access Point, or bridge system.

WiFi Connectors, are the antenna / RF connection, that goes between a WiFi Access Point, Router, Client or other WiFi device with an external antenna, and with the proper WiFi Cable, allows you to install a low loss cable between your WiFi device and your antenna. Cable is very important. Low loss cable minimizes the signal loss, not only on transmit, but more important, on very low receive signal strength incoming. This signal level on the received level, is very low, measured in micro-volts and at the very high frequency microwave signals used in WiFi and wireless communications.
RadioLabs low-loss RL-400 (LMR-400 Style) and RL-100 cable achieve the lowest loss possible without going to very expensive, very hard to install hard line or waveguide.

For a complete list of wifi antennas and connectors, go here.

N Male Connector – Wifi – Wireless cable


N Male Connector for RL or LMR 400 coax. These rugged connectors are crimp style, ultra low-loss design, incorporating a gold plated pin, crimp ring, and allow for wrench or finger tightening to any coax, or wifi / wireless radio. Perfect for all outdoor applications, which require N Male connection. Works on all RadioLabs WiFi Antennas.

RP-SMA Female – WiFi Coax Connector | 400


RP-SMA Connector for RL-LMR-400 style coax. These high quality, crimp style connectors are the highest quality available, made of solid metal, plated, with gold plated center conductor pin. These connectors are the same style we have used for over a decade, on thousands of customer bridges, omni antennas and almost any imaginable WiFi – Wireless installation.

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