coax seal


Coax Seal, is an all purpose weatherproof tape, that keeps your coax, CAT5 or any cable, problem free and still remains flexible at any temperature. This is the sealant tape we all to all of our customers, at cost, for keeping your WiFi cables, CAT5, or literally any cable sealed for life! Weather proofs any outdoor installation, instantly. We sell this at our cost to help our customers install our WiFi Systems properly!

Ratchet Style – Marine Antenna Mount RV WiFi


Marine – RV WiFi Antenna mount – This standard, 1 inch, 14 thread mount, is a rock solid, corrosion free mount allowing you to mount any RadioLabs Marine / RV antenna to your boat or RV quickly, securely and in the best manner possible. This nylon impregnated polymer mount, uses stainless steel bolts and hardware, and a UV resistant synthetic polymer allowing you to simply screw on any of RadioLabs Marine or RV antennas in a flash.

Lightning Arrestor WiFi – Wireless CAT-5 in-line POE 24v or 48 volts

Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $45.95.

The Best PROVEN Lightning Protection for your WiFi – Wireless Bridge, Outdoor Access Point, or Ethernet POE Camera!
RadioLabs POE Compatible lightning / surge suppressor for CAT-5 or 6 network cables, Provides EXCELLENT protection to all 8 wires of your ethernet, provides instantaneous protection, works at literally light speed, to suppress every network cable to ground, the moment lightning hits!
If you do not have inline lightning arrestors or, protection on your outdoor wireless bridge or Access Point, it’s time we discuss this! RadioLabs outdoor bridges, access points and network equipment is so utterly reliable, the #1 Cause of our systems going down within 10 years, is a nearby lightning strike. We highly recommend, you install these, regardless of your location. Lightning can hit within 1/4 mile of your system and STILL blow it out! But it, Install it properly, and your bridge system will be protected as good as engineering will allow! 

SaleRadioLabs 24v POE WiFi – Wireless 110V or 220VAC input

RadioLabs 24v POE WiFi – Wireless 110V or 220VAC input

Original price was: $21.95.Current price is: $16.95.

Power Over Ethernet, 24 Volt, POE. These high quality POE injectors, operate off of 110 or 220 VAC, and are the standard power devices for most WiFi or Wireless devices. These high quality, UL / CE Approved power injectors, allow you to instantly power most WiFi devices off, direct from CAT-5. Powers all RadioLabs, Ubiquiti, Engenius, and other manufacturer’s devices.

WiFi Antenna Mounting Pole – Large Mount


The RadioLabs LAM ( Large Antenna Mount ) is a 24 inch pole, with heavy duty steel bracket, powder coated for long life. These adjustable poles can swivel or mount to any surface, and adjust to literally any position. Whether it’s rooftop mounting, wall mount or any imaginable mounting position, these sturdy, weatherproof poles can be installed in a snap for long life and easy deployment of your WiFi System.

WiFi- Wireless Coax Cable- RL-LMR-400


RadioLabs WiFi Antenna Cable

RadioLabs’ Custom made Coaxial cable is one of the most important, and often overlooked aspects of any WiFi installation. RadioLabs RL-400 cable, combined with the connector you need, provide the ultimate in low-loss WiFi for 2.4 or the “lossy” 5-6 Ghz band. RadioLabs’ technicians, cut, solder and crimp your coaxial cable, solder, then use high end hydraulic crimp tooling, along with heat shrink, to the exact length you require. Our low-loss cable, is 0.400″ diameter for the lowest loss cable in the industry. Identify the connector you need, or ask for assistance if required. All RadioLabs’ coax cables will have an N Male connector on one end, unless you call to specify a custom connector on that end. We have built hundreds of thousands of feet of WiFi cable over the years, to our customer’s requirements. Ask for volume pricing.

900 MHz bridge Parabolic Reflector (dish only)


Replacement Parabolic dish for RadioLabs 900 MHz bridge. This parabolic reflector is the same OEM parabolic dish included in all of RadioLabs complete 900 MHz NLOS bridge systems. This powerful, yet compact antenna, provides an outstanding 13 dB gain, at 902 – 928 MHz and is suitable for use with other brands in the market. This dish works with all Single and MiMo bridge systems, to provide a powerful beam forming parabola. Please Visit RadioLabs Wireless Accessories page for more WiFi / Wireless spare parts.

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