Fast 300 MBPS Wireless Bridge Kit – MiMo WiFi System

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A blazing fast Wireless Bridge System, designed to penetrate trees, foliage and obstrcutions. RadioLabs NLOS antenna technology and a HUGE 1-watt output power, ultra sensitive Atheros based receiver in the GS-3000, allow it to send and receive blazing fast 300 MBPS, Non line of sight internet for internet, security cameras or data over distances surpassing past 5 miles. The 15dB NLOS MIMO panel antennas, with built-in high power long range Atheros based architecture, allow speeds never before possible with other equipment. Ability to stream up to 20 or more 4k HD cameras, and excellent internet connection speeds. This is the highest power, most reliable bridge in the industry, for rural locations and provides you with 10x more power, than low cost bridge systems you find on budget minded websites. We have a ZERO percent return rate and is literally the most impressive bridge we’ve ever had.

Wireless Bridge – 300MBPS WiFi MiMo WiFi Point-to-Point Link

Wireless Bridge - High Speed Mimo 300 MBPS

Point to Point NLOS Wireless Bridge – RadioLabs GS-3000

This NLOS Wireless Bridge system, has been out for 7 years now, and is on it’s 4th generation of design. When it comes to penetration and brute force through obstructions, trees and connectivity, the GS-3000, is the by far, the most impressive, highly refined bridge system for Rural locations ever designed. We literally never get returns on these bridges. They simply work. The RadioLabs New GS-3000-HP (4th Generation) wireless bridge is a, Point to Point, outdoor, Weatherproof, blazing fast wifi bridge system. This powerful long range Non-Line of Sight bridge has an amazingly fast 300 MBPS wireless throughput. It can work as a dedicated point to point, or in larger networks as a point to multi-point wireless bridge system. The GS-3000 Wireless Bridge System can also work has an ultra fast wireless client or CPE (Client Premise Equipment) for ultra high speed Wireless Internet Service Providers. With FAST Wireless speeds, high power output, and an integrated 15dB panel, a HUGE 1000mw (30dbm) output power, the GS-3000 produces bridging speeds over 2x as fast as competitor’s products and power the competition can only dream of. The GS-3000, offers seamless transmission of high definition video cameras, fastest network throughput possible on the 2.4GHz band. With dual WiFi channel pass-through, and fancy network features, our GS-3000 system is a robust commercial grade bridge system, at a fraction of the price of comparable systems. In fact, the GS-3000 is in a class of it’s own. Easy, instant deployment of the GS-3000 wireless bridge is possible, providing power plus data with its built-in Power over Ethernet system.
The Industrial Grade, Outdoor, IP67 Housing, is completely weatherproof and will not fail due to anything mother nature can throw at it.

NOTE: The GS-3000 is TAA and NDAA Compliant Wireless Bridge, with Next Generation, WPA3 Security, trusted by corporations and government agencies. This means, we do not use any chipsets which are banned by the US Government. Our Security, is the BEST in the industry and we are ALWAYS ahead of the technology trend. We’ve always held our customer’s secuity as our #1 focus, for the last 25 years.

WiFi Point to Point MiMo Bridge system:

Fastest possible 2.4 GHz Wireless Bridge System - RadioLabs GS-3000

Bridging up to 5 miles, with RadioLabs compact, FAST, 300 MBPS Wireless Bridge

With the new RadioLabs 4th Generation, full OPENWRT LUCI interface, RadioLabs Wireless point to point bridge systems, make setting up a high speed video network, or combining business buildings is a snap. Transferring large amounts of data through this wireless network, the GS-3000 NLOS bridge system is so fast, you would never know you’re connected to a WiFi network. With dual antennas, transmitting both vertical and horizontal polarization simultaneously, the GS-3000 network bridge is so fast, you’d think you’re on a wired network. Having been known as one of the top companies for reliable point to point wireless bridge systems for over 15 years and having provided our customers with enough wireless bridge systems to circle the globe 3 times, we are proud to offer our newest generation bridge system, with up to 5 miles range at such amazing speeds. Backwards compatible with all previous bridge systems we’ve produced, the GS-3000 is a highly tested bridge system from the moment we introduced it to the market. Our wholesale customers and installers, have been using the GS-3000 bridge systems for over a year now, and have put them through extensive testing, and we have never released a product so reliable, so fast and with such capabilities. 

Having manufactured and produced some of the first wireless bridge kits introduced to the market over 15 years ago, today’s 4th generation Qualcomm Atheros chisets, with RadioLabs’ amazing receivers provide you with the fastest network throughput ever before accomplished on wifi frequencies. Circular Polarization and MiMo Phase steering, penetrate through obstructions, trees, foliage and other Wireless traffic, that our competition simply cannot achieve. Reliability, is unmatched, and our hardware lasts literally a lifetime. The first bridges using this hardware, 15 years ago, still look like new, except for spiderwebs and minor discoloration, but our Wireless bridges, the manufacture quality and Stainless hardware, is unmatched in our industry. 

Our built-in network monitoring interface, instantly shows the connection status, signal strength and speed of the wifi bridge system at a glance, and a handy signal strength meter displays, showing the full network throughput at a glance. You can monitor the other end of the link, or multiple WDS (Wireless Distribution system) at a glance, and see the estimated throughput, real-time, to show your estimated network speeds.

Fastest WiFi Bridge kit on the market:

Data speeds and wireless performance, has slowly been increasing, since Wifi Technology was developed. New, wider bandwidth and faster transmission methods have been developed gradually over the years, as well as wireless compression. This has resulted, in what can only be described as a phenomenal jump forward in what’s possible today. Using traditional, single channel wireless, meaning one antenna, one radio, and the fastest transmission standard mode available, wireless “N” speed, has been boosted to a blazing fast 150 MBPS per channel. This means, that the center transmission frequency may be channel 1, but the channels overlap each other, and as the speed increases, bandwidth does as well. The fastest wireless speeds possible with today’s current technology, is 150 MBPS, with proper error correction, high transmit and received signal strength, and no interference from nearby wireless (Wifi) routers or access points broadcasting on the same, or near by channels. The less interference, the more throughput our GS-3000 wifi bridge system can deliver.

NDAA Compliant WiFi Router

NDAA Compliant, trusted, Non-Chinese chipset router, you can trust.

Non Line of Sight Wireless Bridge System:

The data in and out of the RadioLabs GS-3000, is handled with 2 antennas, for a MIMO, dual antenna, fast 300 MBPS Wireless transfer speed. These two antennas, use dual polarization for cross channel traffic handling. The fact that all data is sent in and out, simultaneously, allows for excellent dual phase transmit and receive. Technical mumbo jumbo aside, this means the RadioLabs GS-3000 bridge system is capable of transmission through and around minor obstructions, and true Near line of sight can be accomplished through either polarity, or both polarities at the same time. Your speeds may diminish of there are obstructions, but this is standard on any bridge system.

For best NLOS bridging, minimum obstructions are always the best way to handle any point to point link, but in case there are a couple of trees in the way, or a corner of a building, or a small rise in terrain, this bridge kit will handle it. If you have any questions about bridging between locations, please Contact Us and we can diagnose your point to point link and look at your entire bridge distance using both satellite and terrain obstruction software. Full wireless network engineering is available, with a non-refundable fee. However, the full engineering fee will be applied to system cost after ordering.

Simple WiFi Bridge System Setup:

Order our GS-3000 Wireless bridge system, and configure it yourself with our online manual (Easy Setup), or, we recommend having our technicians Pre-Configure the bridge system for you. Our technicians can setup your bridge on your existing router network, or, set our basic passive configuration, and the RadioLabs GS-3000 Wireless / Wifi Bridge system will work with your existing router.

Wireless Bridge Configuration Information:

IMPORTANT NOTE: RadioLabs will configure our bridges to any IP, and any IT requirement. However, there are standard IP Addresses we configure our bridges to. We will configure to a host of the most standard IP Addresses in the industry, but we require we check, verify and confirm your wireless bridge is configured properly, prior to it shipping. Any strange IPs, require we configure other routers into the system, as well as setup routers to simulate your custom network. We also have to modify all paperwork included. This leads to extra costs, time delays and a lot of extra work for our IT Staff. Below, are a list of the most common IP addresses of routers in the industry, and we have set up our company, to configure and verify the IP Addresses on certain networks. Also note, that we do not have to configure our bridge systems into the network. Our bridges are designed to pass all networks through the system in an Invisible NAT fashion and if you are adding our bridge to a network, only proper programming of the remote router or network on the far side is required. So, even if your bridge is programmed into the incorrect network, it will still pass your entire network through it. The only thing that will require a modification, is if you need direct access into our bridge interface, from your network. Then, you will have to set a STATIC IP, into the network range, and access our bridge directly. 

The IP Addresses we will configure to, for the standard networking cost, is:
192.xx networks:,,,,, and
10x networks:, and
You may want to call with any special network IP, as they may not be included in the list.
If your router has special network requirements, we may already have the router listed. 
If you would like your network in the 172.xx, 10.xx.xx.xx range, or other commercial IT ranges, or into a strange 10.xx network range, additional fees may apply, and IT delays will be necessary.
Please do not put in an order on a Monday, then call the next day asking status on a custom IT network requirement. Our Networking staff is overloaded with special networking requirements. If you are in a rush, please have your bridge configured to a stanard IP Address, where we set all networking IPs, fine tune your wireless radios for latency, for channel conflict and ensure the radios are functioning as they should, then you can receive your bridge and set your proper, custom network functions.
If RadioLabs programs your bridge at default, you can simply set a static IP address on your lan port, log into both sides of the bridge and modify your LAN and GATEWAY as needed, very fast, under our Interface/LAN network tab.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 18 × 8 in
CAT-5 Cable Length

25 ft, 50 ft


Non-Configured, Fully Configured


– High Power 300 MBPS MiMo Wireless Bridge System-
-Point to point Wireless Link –
GS-3000 Specifications (Gen2)
Bus Type CAT-5 – 10/100 Standard network (Gigabyte compatible with proper switch or router)
Maximum CAT-5 cable length Up to 100 meters (330 feet) of CAT-5 cable may be used with RadioLabs 24v POE Injectors
Wireless Standard 802.11B, 802.11G – 802.11N – 300MBPS MiMo connection spees. Complies with all 802.11x protocol
Operating Frequency 2400 to 2484 MHz (Ch 1-11 US)
International Version Available by software settings
Data Rate

802.11b: 11Mbps/5.5Mbps/2Mbps/1Mbps (with automatic adjust)
802.11g: Up to 108Mbps/54Mbps/48Mbps/36Mb/24Mbps/28Mbps/9Mbps/6Mbps(with automatic adjust)
802.11N: Up to 300 MBPS data rate. Backwards compatible with B and G technology for bridge or repeater standards
HT20/40 Throughput – Fully Adjustable for maximum bandwidth and throughput
Bandwidth Sharing feature – Allows for seamless point to multipoint hops, dividing bandwidth as needed for all remote WDS Client connections

Modulation 802.11b: DSSS (Direct Sequence
Spread Spectrum)
802.11g: OFDM (64-QAM/16-QAM/QPSK/BPSK)
802.11n: Standard, 150 / 300mpbs MiMo bridging standards.
Operating Power 110VAC Direct AC Power (12v POE option available)
Average Current .8 amp @ 24v POE input
Peak Current .6A 24v POE input
Transmit Power (ERP)

802.11b: 800mW (29dBm)
802.11g: 500mW (27dBm)
more power output available for export versions.
* Total EIRP Limits, at maximum FCC limits.

Receive Sensitivity 802.11b: -98dBm (typical) at 11Mbps
-91dBm (typical) at 6Mbps
802.11g: -94dBm (typical) at 54Mbps
-96dBm (typical) at 1Mbps
802.11n: (typical) at 150 or 300 MBPS MBPS -92dBm
(not including antenna gain)
Integrated MiMo Dual directional antenna, increases gain by 15db across spectrum.
Working Range Outdoor:
@11Mbps, 5820 ’ (5Miles) @
1Mbps150 – 300 MBPS link up to 5 miles with packet adjustment and direct line of sight.
Ranges up to 15 miles or farther have been reported from our customers, however, specs guaranteed at up to 5 miles line of sight, rural locations. Urban transmission and receive distances will vary depending on terrain, obstructions and interference.
Security All Encryption methods

WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, WPA-Enterprise with Radius authentication.

Antenna RadioLabs, 15dB NLOS MiMo, allowing simultaneous
Antenna Vertical Beamwidth 22 degrees
Antenna Horizontal Beamwidth 22 Degrees
Operating Temperature -20 deg C to 45 deg C
Storage Temperature -30 deg C to 70 deg C
Humidity 100%, Non-Condensing fully waterproof units
Dimensions 10.5×10.5×5 for backfire. See dimensions of all items separately.
Color light Gray UV – ABS Radome – UV Resistant
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer warranty

End user is responsible for FCC limitations of power output and antenna radiation if external antenna is used. For more information please see our Wireless Range calculator

3 reviews for Fast 300 MBPS Wireless Bridge Kit – MiMo WiFi System

  1. Mike R

    Thank you Radiolabs! Chris and the whole staff were almost as awesome as the equipment they recommend. We had internet at our business and thanks to Radiolabs I have it now at my house 1000 feet away with almost the same speeds. Tonight we watched Netflix for the first time without worrying about a data limit, life is GOOD with my GS-5000 bridge to internet glory.
    Thanks again!

  2. rhombicblue (verified owner)

    I recently had personal checks stolen from my mailbox and a check was forged against our account for ~$1000. Working through Chris of Radiolabs, I was told how I could install a surveillance camera to monitor our mailbox approximately 150 yards from our house using a NLOS Point to Point Bridge and an IP camera. Chris was extremely helpful working through all of the details associated with this project. He used Google Earth to look at our particular project location and determine the distance, terrain, and any obstacles between the two radio access points (Home and Mailbox). This was a lot of help for me as I didn’t know what equipment would do the job. Chris and I had multiple “chat” discussions about the project until I was sold on the GS-3000/GS-5000 point to point bridge equipment. I asked Radiolabs to pre-configure my radios as I am not very Internet/Ethernet/LAN literate. I received my requested order in perfect condition. The package included the 2 pre-configured GS-3000/GS-5000 radios, 2 fifty foot CAT 5E cables, 2 POE power adapters, and 2 radio azimuth/elevation adjustable brackets which attach to the back of each radio. I decided to bench test the system together with my WiFi router and IP surveillance camera inside my house. The system was plug-n-play! I was able to use my web browser to log into my surveillance camera using the point to point bridge. I have left all equipment configured and powered for the last week without any issues. The video quality as seen over my browser is excellent! The next step is to field the equipment. Chris has provided excellent non-stop technical support for this project!

  3. matt2885 (verified owner)

    Ordered this wireless bridge to be able to connect our entrance building, about a 1/4 of a mile away, to our office network. This bridge worked just like advertised, through a grouping of white pine trees and buildings. Will order again in a heartbeat for similar applications.

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