Wireless Point to Point Bridge -300MBPS | Connect WiFi to any building!


The ZipBridge2.4, is an amazingly, Simple, FULLY CONFIGURED, Plug and Play Reliable Wireless Bridge System. RadioLabs’ NEW, ZipBridge, Point to Point Wireless Bridge, allows you to use one internet connection, and get internet to any outbuilding, shop, garage, barn or home on your property, instantly reducing broadband costs! The ZipBridge2.4, is a high performance, wireless/WiFi, 300 MBPS, MiMo, digital internet/true network bridge system, specifically designed to provide a powerful, self-tuning WiFi link to any building on your property, at ranges up to 3 miles Line of Sight. The ZipBridge, is the easiest WiFi bridge system in the market to install. It arrives at your door, working out of the box because our technicians custom program it for your own network. This is the fastest wireless bridge on the market and bridging speeds above 300MBPS on 2.4 GHz are not possible. Compared to any bridge in it’s price range, there’s no comparison in the market on a true, dedicated wireless bridge, pre-configured, plug and play! There is no faster, pre-configured bridge system on the market! Avoid high IT costs, or a complex setup process our competitors offer! Now you can cut the cost of all your cable or DSL bills to any building on your property! Give us your router’s IP, we do the rest! Find your Home WiFi router’s IP Address HERE!

 Wireless Point to Point Bridge – ZipBridge 2.4

Get Internet to any detached Building – Garage, Barn or Shop-Instantly up to 3 miles – 300 MBPS WiFi

The ZipBridge2.4, is a high performance, FULLY CONFIGURED, Plug and Play, Line of Sight (or Short Range Non Line of Sight) Wireless/WiFi Bridge. It is designed to give ultra-fast, 300 MBPS, MiMo (multiple antennas and channels) to any building. Instant WiFi connection to any home, shop, farm, detached garage, or outbuilding. Wireless Bridge connection ranges varying between a few hundred feet, up to 3 miles are possible. Even distances out to 5 miles have been reported, but RadioLabs’ has other Point to Point Wireless bridge systems more suitable for long range wireless bridge connect. Several installations of these bridge systems, have been at 3 miles Line of Sight. We are aware of a few rural installations of our ZipBridge 2.4 GHz WiFi bridges have been installed, where penetration of dense trees at short ranges have worked very well, from customer reports. However, RadioLabs has a host of more powerful bridge units designed for longer range applications, which are specifically designed for direct shot, Line of Sight, or Non-Line of Sight applications.
This is the simplest WiFi bridge you can ever order or install and gives you the power, range and speed, that our competitor’s bridges can only dream of for the price! That’s because, each bridge, is hand configured by one of RadioLabs’ IT Technicians, to give you a full plug and play bridge, that allows true networking. You can literally be in the remote location connected to the far end of the bridge, and print a document off in the main house or location where the broadband comes from. Full network access to all devices, and even transfer files from one computer, to another computer or device at the far end. The ZipBridge, is a Wireless bridge system, that acts like you’re literally connected to the main home router. Only RadioLabs’ professional IT products offer this level of performance, range and seamless integration to your own home network. Of course, if you want to privatize the remote location, that’s no problem. Once the bridge is installed, you can simply log in and make the far end of the network private, allowing internet through, but chop off the Wireless Sharing to disallow network sharing at the far end.

Fast, Fully-Configured Wireless Bridge – Plug and Play- No IT knowledge needed!

Fast 300mbps wireless bridge to detached Garage or building

Stop paying cable bills for each building! – Fast 300mbps wireless bridge, links your internet to each building on your property. Low Cost! Fully Configured to your network!

In a nutshell, The ZipBridge2.4, are for those who need a rock solid, dedicated bridge link, with a fast 300 MBPS Wireless connection speed, into any building, Farm or Ranch, Video cameras, with plug and play simplicity. Sharing internet to all outbuildings, barns, shops, garage or homes on your property is now a plug and play event. Stop paying for individual cable bills to homes or buildings on your property! We have helped customers save thousands of dollars in broadband fees, who have been paying $100 or more, per month, to just get internet service to another building on their own property. Our bridges, pay themselves off in very little time.
This Wireless bridge system, is a true, point to point, WDS Bridge link, which is similar to our Extend WiFi to Garage/Barn/Shop WiFi extender, but adds a PRIMARY WDS ACCESS POINT to the broadband (Primary) side, allowing you to have BOTH a high power, long range WiFi access point outside, but also does not use your existing home router as the other half of a wireless bridge. This is a huge benefit to our customers, as it gives you the ability to connect and add Security Cameras to the WiFi signal outside, as well as giving you WiFi coverage, right where you need it outdoors. RadioLabs’ uses this same basic bridge system, to run our entire business every day, day in, day out.

ZipBridge – Wireless Internet Bridge Features

  • Seamless connect, instantly bridging up to 1 mile or more.
  • Fast, 300MBPS, MiMo Wireless Bridge System. (twice the speed of competitor’s bridges at the same price point). Fastest Video and Internet streaming!
  • Most sensitive receiver in it’s class. Latest advancements in wireless technology allows for weak signals to be received, at distances never before possible.
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) means 1-Wire CAT5E UV rated cable carries Power, Plus DATA.
  • Excellent Security, features latest and most secure WiFi connection, using encryption technology that is unable to be hacked or cracked! WPA, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, Enterprise, Radius server authentication.
  • Simplified OPENWRT firmware, can be configured in minutes, using simplified wizard guided setup. (not that you have to worry about it. We provide the setup for you)
  • Integrated MiMo Technology, has not one, but 2 WiFi bridge transmitters, receivers and antennas in the front of the ZipBridge 2.4
  • Installs to any mounting pole, or Flat-Mounts on a wall in minutes
  • Simplest, yet rugged and tested mounting straps, allow you to instantly attach the ZipBridge to any pole, or any flat surface in minutes. 

No Matter what router, modem or internet connection you have, the ZipBridge 2.4 GHz Wireless/WiFi bridge system, will be programmed by our IT staff, into a TRUE Wireless Network! 
Why is this important and what’s the difference? 
Most wireless bridges on the market, give you generic instructions, or you hire a Mobile IT installer to come out to your property and install a bridge. Instead of having to teach our customers a crash course in IT, or, giving you a manual where it’s very generic, chopping off all networking ability and a generalized guide on programming, RadioLabs configures our bridge systems and all associated devices, to give you the same connectivity at the secondary (Remote) location, as you’d have just connected to your home router. You can literally install our bridge, drive to the far end of the bridge, 1 mile or more away, connect to the router on the far side, and do everything at that side, as you can do on your home router.. you can print off a document, right onto your home router, you can send files, share files, share photos, videos, you name it, all from the remote side of the bridge! This can easily be shut off if not desired, yes, but most of our customers are using this for their own buildings, or have other uses.

Internet and Video Wireless Bridge! Fully Configured

NVR and video recorders, require very special setup and configuration. Very few homeowners or buisiness owners, want to learn how networking works. With the ZipBridge configured, getting video from any far location, like a gate or putting cameras around your other buildings, is now as simple as installing a ZipBridge at the far side. All devices, including cameras, WiFi devices, printers, storage drives, etc, are all Securely connected and on the same exact network as your home router, in seconds! No more hiring mobile IT to come out at $150-200 an hour, to configure your bridge systems. No more hassle trying to figure out what IP to put your wireless bridge on. We do this all for you, by placing the ZipBridge on the proper IP Addresses for all common routers.
All we need to accomplish this task, is the IP Address of your home router. Click here, to find the IP Address of your home router, using an iPhone. Once you place an order for a ZipBridge, be patient, as our IT department will then take the time, to physically mock up your network and configure your Wireless Bridge, to your own home router’s IP, just like you’d hired an IT installer to come out and do this for you.

brings a level of performance never seen before in small wireless bridge systems. The ZipBridge’s WiFi capability, range, sensitivity and direct plug-and-play install is like nothing in it’s class. This is the first in a series of new, high performance, small Line-of-Sight bridge systems, we are releasing to the public after wide-scale testing. Wireless line-of-sight and even short range Non Line of Sight (NLOS Wireless Bridge) performance testing over the last 6 months and the actual long term field testing of WiFi performance by our security installers, IT integrators and Wireless video surveillance, and some of our customer’s who’ve purchaed them, instills conidence that they are everything we say they will be and more! 

These are not a new product to us, but this is the first time RadioLabs has offered these to our customers. Due to the Excellent feedback from our Wireless IT installers and integrators has instilled confidence in our company to finally offer these to our Customers, knowing that this is a true product that works better than advertised. 

Fast, Simple, Reliable. RadioLabs’ NEW, ZipBridge, is a high performance, short hop 300 MBPS, MiMo, WiFi/Wireless bridge system, specifically designed to provide a powerful, self-tuning WiFi link to any building on your property, up to 1 mile or more. These easy short hop bridges, are the key to instant wireless / WiFi bridging, using one single internet router, to provide a direct link, inside of the same network to any location.

Extending WiFi to out-buildings at long distances

Instantly and seamlessly connect 1 or more buildings or locations, with these remarkably FAST, ultra-reliable, simple and dedicated wireless bridge. Customers have been asking us for a low-cost, high-performance solution to get instant internet into buildings, Sharing WiFi with family or in-Law homes, rental homes, guest houses, boat houses, through WiFi and want the fastest, simplest and most reliable connection possible. Thousands of customers, have enjoyed the capabilities of our “Extend WiFi to Garage/Barn/Shop” kit, and with a good router, line of sight, within a few hundred feet, this kit works Excellent. We’ve had endless customer compliments on that kit, and it truly works as designed. In fact, it is the best solution for cost and simplicity. But with it, comes limitations of performance for the customer’s existing Home Router, or source of internet. We cannot control the power, quality or range of their home router, and that kit, is also limited to the speed and power output of that router.
Based on the range of the customer’s home router, we needed a faster, stable, single installation bridge, capable of going further, with more reliable range and speed. Introducting the NEW ZipBridge2.4, instant WiFi Bridge Ssytem has been so popular with our wireless integrators, IT Network Installers, IT Video Surveillance companies, we have not released them to the public until now. Yeah, we’ve been keeping a secret from you.. sorry. Due to inventory issues because of demand, we just couldn’t sell them to our customers, until we stepped up production.

Now in full production for over a year, RadioLabs “ZipBridge2.4” Wireless/WiFi bridges, have every key feature our professional installers wanted and more.

Getting WiFi to your Garage, Shop, Barn, or an Additional house on your property, or sharing internet to another family member or friend in a guest house, we can get you permanent fast WiFi into any building on your property, or even to your workshop.

Available in both 2.4 GHz, shown here, or our ZipBridge5G, 5 to 6 GHz bridge, these incredibly powerful, short hop, point to point systems are designed to provide a low-cost, extremely high performance Line of Sight bridge which gives our customers fast, reliable throughput day in, day out. In custom point to point links, where getting around obstructions, or, bridging to multiple out-buildings or homes is required, the ZipBridge 2.4, fits every demand for lightning fast, ultra-low latency performance, at a price point our competitors can only dream of.


  • True WDS Network Connectivity – We custom configure these, to be on the same network, EVERYWHERE.
  • Auto-Adjust for channels and latency! RadioLabs ZipBridge2.4, scans, monitors and continuously fine tunes its transmit and receive functions, including the distance calculator (packet latency) to adjust for interference, new WiFi routers that can cause interference, and constantly monitors the system to adjust speeds! Nothing else in the industry is capable of this level of consistent adjustment.
  • Plug and Play – We set it up to your own router’s IP.
  • Automated fine tuning, constantly looks for interference and will adjust bridges as necessary.
  • OpenWRT Luci firmware, the most robust and capable bridging software developed! (Included)
  • Real-Time network monitoring of all devices, plus speed used by each device.
  • True traffic monintor, showing real-time throughput on Wireless, plus Ethernet ports.
  • A TRUE WDS Bridge – Like all RadioLabs’ bridges, we run real WDS, allowing our bridge to act as an outdoor AP at the same time as seamless partnered bridging interface.
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) in, and out, allowing you to run 1 single CAT5 for power, to run one or more RadioLabs’ Bridges.
  • Includes all CAT-5 Cables, POE, Power Cord, Mounting straps.
  • Multiple methods of installation, including flat mount to any wall via Keyslots.
  • The fastest, most capable short-range wireless bridge system for links up to and beyond 1 mile.
  • Like ALL RadioLabs products, we do not make ANYTHING in China. Yes, all of our production is inside the USA, or Taiwan at our circuit board production facility, and we are 100% China production free. We comply with all US Military, US Corporate demand, and don’t even think about using a single “Non-Friendly” chipset source. Even our cables are made in the USA or Taiwan, or both. (Why is this important? Look up the Huawei Chipset ordeal to know) If our Fighter jets get copied, it’s not because the data leak came from a RadioLabs product, we assure you that.

RadioLabs ZipBridge Series, high performance wireless bridge systems, create an instant, custom WiFi bridge link for short hop, fast, MiMo Building Bridges are designed to put in a full-time, dedicated and reliable network connection to:

  • Connecting stable WiFi to your out-buildings, Garages, Shop, Sheds, Warehouse, barn, etc
  • Video Camera systems in a different location for security or monitoring. Works with ALL WiFi cameras, NVR or complex DVR video surveillance systems, etc. Will pass all IP addresses invisibly through our bridge system, even if it’s on another network IP.
  • Network / Internet links, to your Gate Controller, Office or Workshop, or commercial use, for combining network traffic between two buildings.
  • Using one internet connection, to serve internet to multiple buildings. Stop Paying the cable company hundreds of dollars per month, for internet to your own buildings! Our ZipBridge, will instantly get your family members, or anyone on your own property, instant connection. Our customers, have been saving thousands of dollars per year, cutting the cable on separate internet connections to their own buildings. Don’t do that.. RadioLabs’ Bridge systems, provide the most reliable data connection to tens of thousands of customers worldwide.
  • The “ZipBridge” is the perfect Line of Sight or short range, NLOS bridge, for point to multipoint bridge links, using one single internet connection, and providing internet in 3 or more buildings. We have supplied internet for up to 20 buildings before, in a point to multipoint configuration, splitting one internet connection, to cabins or rentals.
  • Use our GS24 Primary, as both a bridge, and a high power outdoor WiFi access point at the same time!
  • Advanced and robust, OpenWRT Luci software, allows for the most advanced, unlimited functionality in the industry. Anything you want to do is possible with OpenWRT Luci, from advanced VLAN traffic, to WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 Encryption. These are truly a commercial Wireless bridge, at a consumer price. Tested in all weather conditions, these robust, durable UV protected point to point bridge systems, are a lower cost option than our GS-3000, MiMo NLOS Bridge. Ultra secure firmware, keeps up with the latest WiFi technology, and our interface is hard to beat. Don’t pay thousands of dollars for an enterprise level bridge, when the ZipBridge or other RadioLabs OPENWRT Luci interface bridge systems, have every networking requirement built-in. Seamlessly pass all VLAN Networks, or even the most advanced networking function can be performed.

Fully configured, Plug and Play Wireless Bridge System

When RadioLabs configures a wireless/WiFi bridge, we do it EXACTLY THE RIGHT WAY. There are no shortcuts. RadioLabs was the 2nd company, manufacturing WiFi bridge systems for the market. In 2001, we defined the term WDS and it became known industry wide. So, saying that we’ve been doing this a long time is an understatement. Our love of Wireless and taking WiFi to the next level, has slowly evolved to make us a key player, in the Point to Point wireless bridge market and we take great pride in doing it the RIGHT way. For example, most wireless companies or simple “Resellers”, take off the shelf equipment and leave you with a non-configured Wireless bridge, leaving you to either take a crash-course in WiFi and IT, learning about networking, learning default gateway, dns, and how to diagnose and put something into the network… or, spending more money to just have a Mobile IT company arrive, spending more money on IT labor, than any of our Wireless Bridge systems cost.

RadioLabs’ unlike our Wireless competition, provides you with a true WDS Network bridge, which is inside of the SAME network. This means, behind the scenes before you even receive your bridge, our Wireless IT Technicians, take the time to fully configure your bridge, to the proper IP Addresses so it is GUARANTEED to work out of the box. The term Plug and Play, is overused in the industry, because that just means something is user friendly.. in our case, no, we painstakingly spend the time, to get the proper IP address from our customers, then hand-configure each bridge inside of our complex network, ensuring that your bridge, is truly inside the same network!
Why is this important? Because in a true network bridge, any building or remote location needing internet or network, will literally be part of the SAME NETWORK. You can take one of our bridges out of the box, plug the Primary side of the bridge, into your existing home router, go to the far end of the bridge, a mile or more away, and still print a document off on your home printer, or, connect a video camera system that has an NVR in it for video recording, or any task, which requires you be on the same network. That means, you do not have to hire a mobile IT company, to come out and fully re-program a bridge into the network the proper way. Anyone familiar with IT or Mobile IT companies, instantly knows how much this costs. With a $150 to $200 charge, just to show up, and a 1 to 2 hour minimum fee, of $150 or more per hour, one single call to a mobile IT company, easily costs more than the bridge itself.

RadioLabs’ provides these short range bridges, fully programmed to 2 basic IP Addresses, all configured properly, to your existing router’s IP address. All our customers have tod

These fast, 300mbps MiMo wireless bridges, have so many applications, it’s hard to list. We have been selling them exclusively to our Security IT installers, for Video Surveillance, to our wireless Solar monitoring, for point to multipoint bridge links, providing internet to several buildings on the same property, and for video networks, giving ultra-low latency wireless network connectivity to 12 or more full 4k HD video cameras, all connected to one NVR (Network Video Recorder).

Installing FAST Wireless Bridges – Quick, Easy, instant MiMo Performance

When you receive your Wireless MiMo 300mbps bridge, that you are just minutes away from having your link working.
The Primary (Master) bridge unit, installs at the main broadband location and plugs into one of your Router’s LAN Ports. Setting up the bridge, is all handled by RadioLabs IT Technical staff, so it’s truly a plug and play experience, and your bridge, properly sits in the network, not in some invisible location, nor do you have to go to Wireless IT college for 3 years to learn how to set them up. Should you ever need to set it up from scratch, well, that’s still not too hard, and there’s dozens of videos, showing how this simple configuration is handled.
Power is delivered through a small POE (Power Over Ethernet) supply or, if you’re using RadioLabs, High-Power, Long Range WiFi Routers, we provide the power output, on a specifically designed port, that supplies all of the power to the bridge. Yes, even our routers are specially designed to power our bridge, without even having to use the POE Power supply, making for an even easier plug and play experience.
The ZipBridge2.4, is the best solution, for rural, or semi-rural connectivity. Since they operate on the 2.4 GHz band, there is a substantial amount of WiFi traffic and due to WiFi channel overlap, and due to the immense popularity of WiFi, the amount of access points and channels in use in dense cities, will limit the number of open and available channels you will find. We have our ZipBridge5G available, with 4 times the amount of channels available, and for dense URBAN bridging, the Zipbridge5, operates over the entire 5 to 6 GHz band. Even in the most urban locations, the ZipBridge5G always finds an open channel, as we utilize the entire, almost 1 GHz of bandwidth available. For more information, Contact Us for assistance, wireless system design, or help with your exact requirements. The Majority of the Wireless / WiFi equipment you see on RadioLabs’ website is not directly available on our website. We have a substantial amount of Wireless equipment, which is new and not on our website at the time of this writing.

Mounting and installing a Wireless Bridge

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How hard is this to install”. When we send it out fully programmed, there is nothing you need to do. Our technicians are very skilled and we get it right the first time. Till this day, the only problem we’ve had with the ZipBridge, is because someone hired an “IT Technician”, who reset the bridge back to default, or, a customer accidentally broke a wire on our cable feeding it through the wall. Out of the hundreds of ZipBridge2G and ZipBridge5G we have configured and sold, we have a 100% success rate, and so far, as of this writing, out of the dozens and dozens of professional IT installers and homeowners we have sold these to, we have never had a return due to any fault of manufacture,   We’ve made this bridge system so easy, if you know how to plug in a CAT5 cable, follow the simplest instruction sheet ever, know how to use a Zip tie, there is literally no thinking involved. We take all the guess work out of installation. The industrial zip ties we provide, have been holding our Wireless equipment to a pole now for over 4 years, through 4 hurricanes and they’re still holding tight to the same mounting pole till this very day.
Key slots on the back of the bridge, allow for flush mounting against any wall. We recommend not flush mounting to a metal sided wall, but instead, using our Large Antenna Mounting Poles, to stand the bridge off of the metal surface for best performance.

Gate Remote – Gate Video Wireless Bridge– Video and remote controlled gate bridge.

Have a remote controlled gate and want video, plus remote gate opening one your property? These are the perfect solution, allowing for a point to point link or as an Access Point, directly to a wireless gate, or outdoor WiFi systems, such as landscaping sprinklers, Security camera systems, etc.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in
CAT5 Cable Length

25ft, 50ft

Router IP Address (Common),,,,,,,, Don't know Just make it work!


Model RadioLabs GS24GAC – ZipBridge
Qualcomm QCA9531
Wireless Standard IEEE 802.11 n/g/b
Frequency 2.4 GHz WiFi Band
Flash/SDRAM 16 MB/ 128 MB
Ethernet Speed 10/100 Mbps
Interface 2x Local Area Network ports
1x Reset Button
1x mini USB – Programming
1x mini PCIe slot
Channel Width 5 / 10/ 20 / 40 MHz
Data Rate up to 300 Mbps Wireless Speed
Power Requirement 12V – 24V Passive Power Over Ethernet
Operating Temperature -30°C~ 60°C
Storage Humidity 10 % ~ 90 % (Non-condensing)
Dimension(mm) 300 x 80 x 30 mm
Weight 0.4 kg

RF Specifications [Tolerance ± 2dB]

Data Rate TX RX
MCS15 23 -74
MCS14 24 -78
MCS13 26 -79
MCS12 28 -84
MCS11 29 -85
MCS10 29 -90
MCS9 29 -93
MCS8 29 -95
 MCS7 23 -72
MCS6 24 -77
MCS5 26 -83
MCS4 28 -84
MCS3 29 -90
MCS2 29 -92
MCS1 29 -95
MCS0 29 -96
11g 54M 25 -75
11b 1M 29 -98


Question: How Far will this bridge go?
Answer: Generally in a rural location with no WiFi interference, it will go 3 miles or more line of sight.
the ZipBridge primary antenna can also be used as an access point, to Cameras, Phones and all WiFi devices.
excellent ranges reported out to 1500ft or more connecting to the primary!

Question: Why is the ZipBridge better than the competition?
Answer: All RadioLabs’ bridge systems are made with high end, non-Chinese components and utilize the highest quality components, Atheros based chipsets and an ultra sensitive receiver. Our ZipBridge and ZipBridgeDuo systems have longer range, better connectivity, higher power output and use OpenWRT Luci Firmware, giving you the ability to Bridge further, and use our Primary as both a bridge, and an AP!
Also, our bridges give you a POWERFUL outdoor access point at the same time!


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